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Godzilla of Cicada shell

CowPPkXVUAAnrr8--- Godzira

This is the photo of Godzilla sculpture made by the empty

shells of Cicada.

It came from  >>> http://hayabusa3.2ch.sc/test/read.cgi/news/1470180555/

I don’t think I need to explain what it is. 

(and so far, I couldn’t find who made this)

Anyhow, I’ve just dropped my jaw = lost a word.   😀


My Dragon sculpture made by wire was just a 3D version of the

line drawing = not much new.   (and this one as well)

—– Though, to conceive the idea to make Godzilla by the empty

shells of cicada seems to be far beyond of human imagination and

more importantly, it was not an empty crazy performance = the end

result IS an impressive art piece.

Our human mind could have even more area to fly further.




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  1. […] impressed with the person who took a bunch of hollowed out carcasses (technical term, exuviae) and fashioned them into a reasonable facsimile of Godzilla that’s simultaneously ingenious and the stuff of nightmares (see below, if you […]

    • yoshizen said, on September 7, 2017 at 13:05

      As I thought the same, I re-bloged this image. If you give a close look, Cicada’s carcasse IS a monster. (Since I grown up in Japan, I was pretty familiar with them —– still, assembling them to a Godzilla was out of my imagination.) 😀

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