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Thought on OM-D and AA filter



Having had an EOS to Micro 4/3 adapter delivered, I tested it on the

Olympus OM-D, E-M1 with Canon Fisheye and broken 18~55 Zoom lens.

OM-D / C'F 15mm

(OM-D, E-M1 + Canon EF 8~15mm Zoom at 15mm (F4) )


What I found peculiar was, enlarged image in OM-D wasn’t pixellated

but randomly muddled up. = This must be the Olympus’ solution =

Electronically produced AA filter (Low-pass filter) to avoid the Moire. 


Then I realized, that the “Cancellable AA filter of Canon 5D SR”

must be this — otherwise, can you imagine “Physical existence of

filter film suddenly dissapear with a flick of a switch ! ” — No,

I don’t think so.  How the camera able to know the original image,

before the image was muddled by the fiter which was already there !

= It mist be an electronically, digitally produced muddling effect

like OLYMPUS is doing here.  —– Just a choice of one more effect

and selling it £ hundreds more price !   What kind of business ? ? ?  

(This is the reason why I hate today’s  “Consumer’s cameras”= the

image produced by them were too heavily processed = like having

thick cosmetic and heavy makeup = so, the picture is pretty pretty

and looks too beautiful — it is almost a fraud.)


(Canon 5D Mk-III, EF 8~15mm Zoom at 15mm (F4) )

—– So, I tested the same with Canon 5D Mk-III = In fact, the

enlarged image was X400% (a part of the 6m x 4m enlargement)

(Canon’s image process showing white edge — this tendency is

problematic in their HDR process.)


Incidentally, I tested that broken EFS 18~55mm lens again here.TEST(5)-001(Camera was 5D — Photo Left at F4, Middle at F11, Right at F22 )


Considering it IS a broken lens, even without the front element,

the optical quality of this lens is remarkable.



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