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Fun with Alpha 7R

Alpha Fun(1)-A09A6544

My newly arrived toy, Sony A7R has quite a few advantages to many

other cameras. — Not mention small and light, but it’s remarkablly

thin body and the flexishible control system to accept many kind of

the lenses, gives great opportunity to play with fancy optics =

and have a fun.  😀

Alpha Fun(2)--001

On this occasion, I show you how to utilize junk camera lens.

The Camera came from an Odds Ends box of a shop, was it £1 ?

— I don’t remember.    The lens was literally gauged out from the

plastic body. (Photo Left)     And it was stack to also gauged camera

body cap. (Photo Middle) —– and put onto the A7R. (Photo Right)

Alpha Fun(3)-001

I couldn’t figure out who made this camera, nevertheless,

it’s says focus Free ! = The lens stack on the A7R camera produced a

photo like this = far subjects (Right is the enlarged image)

Alpha Fun(4)-001

And to the subjects less than 1m distance without any change of focus !

(exposure was given by the camera’s AV setting)

Alpha Fun(5)-A09A6541

The camera, A7R gives so-called “focus peeking” and showing it

as the Red lines on the View Screen. (It’s mean, the camera thought,

that area has be in focus.)

—– ? ? ?  Then, I started to wonder “What they mean FOCUSED”

(From now, I wouldn’t trust what they says.   😀  )

Alpha Fun(6)-001

And the trouble of the A7R seemed to appear, they ARE very seceptic

to the camera shake. = this picture was 1/160 sec’ shutter speed with

ISO 1600 —–> Still I needed to use a tripod for the photo one above !

(Obviously, a small and light body with

such noisy shutter creates big shock ! = No wonder, why they needed to

redesign new camera with quiet shutter = My one was a defective !)

It’s not funny.


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