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Southbank by Gaudy Lens (1)


Yesterday I went to the Southbank to see my friend and took those

pictures too.   Sun was baking hot and the air was steaming. 

(You might thought, the lens used was yet another pinhole though,

wrong — it was the Gaudy Lens = as I chase the same fuzzy effect,

the image may look the same kind though, the fuzziness of this image

was created by the aberration of the single grass.


Not only the aberration, the hallation on the untreated lens surface

was very strong.  But, that’s what I wanted. 

(If you want clear picture use your Phone camera please.)











And for this kind of subjects, was sharp details necessary ?

I don’t think so. 


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  1. Lemony (Gr)Egghead said, on August 24, 2016 at 01:31

    The “steamy air” comes through with the diffusion of light. I really like the effect of the fuzziness.

    • yoshizen said, on August 24, 2016 at 06:20

      That’s right. Thank you Lemony.
      I thought my eye-ball was boiled.

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