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Pinhole Machine for A7R

Alpha 7 P Hole(1)-001

While having Olympus OM body cap handy, which happen to be a

perfect fit to Sony A7, E-Mount, I could easily make a Pinhole System. 

= With or without Fisheye effect and the choice of Single Pinhole or

Double Density Pinhole. (So, I can do it in the industrial scale !)

Alpha 7 P Hole(3)-001

Other than a strange color hue on the peripheral, the pinhole shot was

well-managed by the camera’s AUTO setting = Automatically chosen

ISO 6,400.  Just aim and click.  Single Pinhole, Photo above left. 

Double Density Pinhole, Photo right.

Alpha 7 P Hole(2)-001

And a Mob-phone-camera Fisheye adapter was attached with.

(Since, Foster beer can run out, this time the Pinholes were made

on a Danish variety.   (Photo Top, Right)   😀 

I think, its looks, works pretty good.

* * * * *

Again, to be fair to the paying customers, this is the real staff

Canon Fisheye (Zoom 8~15mm).  With a help of just arrived EF

to E-mount adapter.  —– See the dimensional difference.

(A7 camera’s Focus-peeking worked very well =  able to show

the difference of 10cm on the 15mm image was remarkable !)

= definitely, miles better than my eye-sight ! EF to E_Mount(1) -001

—– Though, am I going to use the Alpha 7 in this way is quite

questionable.  So far, I found the use of the A7 with the Homemade

Toy lens, and the Pinhole machine is very handy and comfortable. 

In addition, I might use A7 for Digitizing the Transparency  and

make another tilting bellows to take advantage of the

A7 camera’s 18mm flange-back.

(Use 35mm film camera’s lens, it can focus from infinity.)



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