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Portbello Market / George’s Camerafare


Situated in a bit west of London, Portobello is a peculiar place. 

Because of their fundamental poorman’s mentality, (in comparison to

the French, Spanish, Austria-Hungarian Empire, untill a victory

over the battle of Trafalgar, (and took over the dominance on the sea)

the England was a poor country)  the English tend to keep junk

= try avoiding to buy new one and spend the money for drink. 

Then, when they die, house cleaner emptied the hose and sold off all

those junks.  Junks came to a sunday market kind, such as Brick Lane,

Bermondsey market etc and bought by an antic dealer and the object  

end up Portobello market.   ( = A rubbish sold at Brick Lane  £5 goes to  

a dealer for £10, then bought by an antic dealer of Portobello for £20 

and sold to a tourist for £50 as a collectables  = everybody made a profit,

and happy = life goes on !)


Though, thanks to a TV program such as  the “Antic Road Show” and

people can find the information in the Net then selling it in eBay.   

So that, good salable item has disappeared from the market. And

these days, what was sold in the market were fakes, copied items,

just fancy, strange designed goods (from China, India, Africa etc).


So, the shops were filled with fancy room decorations.



And I found a shop selling the hand painted = customized shoes.


Strangely, Portobello has only two camera dealers. (as far as I know

since 70s = one in Admiral Vernon Arcade and the other open stall.) 

The dealer used to be in the arcade was my friend Brian. 

And after he retired about 10 years ago, George took over the position.

On the 80s, when Japanese got a boom collecting antic cameras, in fact

it was staged by an antic shop “Soul Trip” who started to sell thousand

of old cameras along side the many magazine articles campaign.  

And the supplier of those cameras from England was, the man in

Portobello, Brian.   Old camera boom in Japan made both

Soul Trip (Mr Segawa) and Brian rich.

The man running the antic camera shop now, George is dealing with

much humble items / junk — still unmistakably it is an Aladdin’s cave.

(simply because, the good collectables has been already sold and not

much left circulating on the market.)



In old days, I bought many old cameras from Brian (include modified

Robot camera using Leiz 50mm F1.5) and I translated the Japanese

article about the first SLR with penta prism = Duflex for him.

(I’m going to write about a 100 years old lens I found in this shop.)





When you see the open stalls selling food, vegetable started to appear,

it is the end of So-called Portobello market.  (further down the street,

you may find the open stalls selling the junk from the daily life. 

Cups and pan sort, even a lady’s underwear.




Is it anything to do with IS terrorists, the polis is taking rather hi-profile.


And this must be The John-Bull.  How shiny !   😀

(Except only one Canon Fisheye, lest of all other photos were taken by

a homemade Mag Lens on Sony A7R.)



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  1. Lemony (Gr)Egghead said, on October 2, 2016 at 12:53

    Wonderful fun images from the market!

    • yoshizen said, on October 4, 2016 at 02:47

      ( ? ? ? my comment disappeared ) Thank you Lemony. I was more of the talking with people.
      Not much for photographing.

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