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Everybody knows what the Coconuts are, still this Nuts (?) Fruits (?) has number of myth or misunderstanding.

Long time I was made to believe that the coco2-dsc03587name Coco was a Hawaiian word of the Monkey as a Coconut got a face like pattern, since I’ve read it long time ago.

But now I know, it was simply a Spanish or Portuguese word means head or skull.

—– Another myth was that the Coconuts spread through the sea current = ride on the wave and reach to the another island.

So that one Japanese song 椰子の実 (Yashi-no-mi) was telling such fancy story of sea voyage though, the counter-proof of such story was well documented on the history.  = When Captain Cook reached to the eastern shore of the Australia, there was even a single tree of Coco palm there to alleviates their thirst. 

Neither Columbus found any Coconut when they reached to the Caribbean Island.  = Coconut was brought by the human hand.

—– There are many Coconuts products, from Coco-drink to Coco-cream, Coco-powder = they are all from the same tree = but a difference was whether it was young or matured. 

(After a while, green Coco’s juice become whitish meat inside)  🙂



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  1. dunxd said, on October 27, 2016 at 20:39

    I love the fact that one eye will always be softer than the others – when you are trying to open a brown coconut, try poking each eye with a skewer or awl. You’ll know the soft when when you find it!

    • yoshizen said, on October 27, 2016 at 21:20

      What a fascinating story, save a spooky image of a guy repeatingly porking the eyes of Coco !

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