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Aster — (Secondly Photo)



Aster (Aster amellus) must be one of the most common flower here.Its name Aster came from its star shape (why the round shaped star was sheen by such astric * shape  is the other problem ! )  😀


Leave such problem to a neuro scientist to argue.   I did some screen shot of its Aster’s image and created the secondly images.

In my policy, I reject the use of Photoshop or in-camera “Effects” kind, because they were the creations of somebody else. Not mine.

So, whether the artefact of “Hi-ISO noise” is a Digital process or a Character of the hardware is a point of the argument.



On process, the screen shot was made with ISO 25600 setting and during the exposure, the focus was shifted to give a blurring effect.

(Originals were shot by a homemade Mag Lens and the copy was made by Gaudy Lens on Sony A7R)


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  1. How silly ! | Yoshizen's Blog said, on November 8, 2016 at 21:07

    […] A7 and For Nikon (+ adapter) and had the shot of Aster with ISO 25600 setting.  (More artefact noise would appear with longer exposure = dark […]

  2. […] this pretty image in the net.  The original was much sharper, rather normal picture.  When I took screen copy using my homemade Mag lens, in order to avoid a moire, I gave a bit of off-focus.  It was a […]

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