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Chip on the Card


It seems my Bank sends me the new card every two years.  The card got magnetic track and an embedded microchip as well.  This chip seemed to have so much information about my banking data. 

chip-card2-a09a6962(Photo left showed the back of a chip. = You can see those 5 dots were connected to the chip by the gold wires. = Yes, they are a sophisticated electronic device ! —– and, if you collected million cards, you can mine, may be one gram of gold.   😀  ) 

In fact, where ever we go on this planet, as long as the device was on-line, the data contained in the chip can define who I am and my banking.  And the data would link to such as the credit record as well. 

Once before, the Virgin Media double charge me (since they are the merged company, one of their part = Nortel, as well as the Virgin sent me the net-connection bill.  I blocked the direct debit at once then the battle started. 

It took another 6 months for them to realize that they made a mistake (seemingly they don’t know what other part of the company was doing what).  The Virgin kept sending me the so-called outstanding charge then sold the alleged debt to a debt recovery company and the threat of debt recovery by force started, and my bank account was black listed. (= no more direct debit contract)  And the trouble of credit rate lasted over a year while Virgin was saying “Credit company did it not us” and to find which credit rate company did it = we need to pay money to investigate it !   Since then I never trust Virgin, even look at their AD mail.   

So, just check the card, its data can tell all the “So-called trouble” whether they are true or not. = Naturally, I’m very cautious about to give off the data = number etc.  and when I dispose the old card, I not only cut them but also heat them and twist like in a photo on top.   You may say its a paranoia — no, it’s not a joke.   With this kind of guard and never used real name on the net, thanks goodness, I’m virtually free from Spam, Fraud, trickster sales.   🙂



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