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Lens quality — in different aspect


While watching the morning sky (8:52 AM  GMT  24-12-2016) I saw a light of an air craft.  I clicked my Nikon D810 with Zeiss Distagon 18mm (for Nikon mount) thinking if the light was captured.


—– With my amazement, not only the light but also the air craft itself was clearly captured. 


It’s difficult to see on the original photo, still on the enlarged image, not just the light but the shape of the airliner was clearly seen.  Yes, this IS what we call the resolution, the quality of the lens.  (May be, the quality reflecting its Thousand pound price, more precisely. —– still, this lens was made by the Coshina, Japan whom Zeiss entrusted.)  (By the way, those photos were taken through the dusty double grazing window, so, they were not in the optimum quality. = I’m not such keen to wide open the window or go cold outside for this kind of shooting. — sorry, lazzy me.)


I found an interest to see the comparison of the lenses.  (Photo above was the same Zeiss 18mm image and its part enlargement of the bottom right — See a crane and its red light behind the tree branches.)


Oh, how sweet !  This image was made by the homemade Mag Lens. — not much details (because of heavy Coma aberration) yet, strangely the image of the tree was somewhat retained.  That was why I love this lens !  If you know any optical filter or digital manipulation which could create same to this effect, please let me know.


This was rather surprising, what I found was some detailed images from utterly cheap (two plastic) Toy Camera lenses ! = faint though, the red light was still visible.  —– This image might impose you a question, in reality, what quality you actually need, with what price ?   Wasn’t that just a useless obsession or vanity to have 40, 50 Mp Hi-resi images = What are you going to do with it ? And after you died, who is going to keep your photos ?  (My photos are destined for a landfill, that why I’m showing them here in 700 x 300 pic size while I can, for somebody to have a fun,  Ha ha ha.   😀 )   (The quality of a photograph is not its sharpness but its context.)


For a comparison, the another thousand pound lens = Canon EF 24~70mm F2.8 was mounted on Sony A7R, fixed as a 28mm lens — though, may be with fully open F2.8 or being as a Zoom lens otherwise because of Canon = showed some details and the red light but far behind the Zeiss’ sharpness.   

So, they were some rough guide to the lens quality. — or I’m saying, toy camera or homemade lens are not too bad.    😀


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