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13th Moon


Well, the full moon will be on the 12th though, it may not be clear sky then = better move when we can.   Last month when I saw the Super Moon I was on the Thames River Boat.  From then already 4 weeks has passed.  😦   — When we have 12 full moons, its mean one year has gone ! = frightening isn’t it.

(The photo here was by the Tamron 500mm lens again.  But unlike before, I did it without open the W-grazed window.  So, the picture quality was worse than the photo over a low quality dusty filter —– still, it’s a Moon. — we mankind has been watching the same moon millions of years while guessing there must be a club or rabbit living there.  Then only those hundreds years, we started to concern the real image of the same moon !    😀    Our understanding of the TRUTH is always changing. — Still, we ARE believing it IS the only truth.  And try to impose its idea to the others.)   Are you sure ? ? ?   😀


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  1. Esmee's Photography Blog said, on February 1, 2017 at 20:38

    Beautiful photo! I can never get a clear shot of the moon with my camera.

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