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Sony E Macro 30 mm F3.5

It was a funny shopping.  I found this lens in a local junk shop without the camera. (The camera might have gone with a standard kit Zoom. — I didn’t ask.)    Situation was odd and the price was even more odd. = so, I bought it without knowing about this lens. (Even for the same Sony E-mount, the lens could be for cropped image size = may not cover full format. — Funnily enough, when I checked the test shot image on my PC, the lens data said “35 mm camera equivalent of 45 mm” ! = Its mean, the lens was designed for a small format still, it can cover full frame.)  30 mm lens for full frame is rather wide-angle.  And a 1:1 (x1) macro mean, the closest distance will be too close to the lens front = as I found it in deed.  

Sony put a deceptive decoration to cover-up the very small lens (only 14mm size)

While appreciate the use of 90 mm Tamron Macro or 100 mm Canon EF Macro (instead of Nikon 55 mm Macro), I’m not keen to use this lens for x1 macro shot as the lens front will touch the subject, in the same time, it will cover the subject under the shadow. = (Have to use an awkward side light.) 

Nevertheless, the optical quality of the lens wasn’t too bad.   But on practice, with the Sony A7 camera, I wouldn’t give a word of appreciation.  The focus was very quiet though, it was not stable = always hunting forward, backward, forward again kind.   And even worse, it was not easy to use in manual focus.   The finder displays funny focused position indicator though, each time, it goes back to the far position.   What a nightmare.  And the manual focusing ring is not very responsive (rather slow and remote = it seems, the motor is driving the focus even with manual use, and worse still, the controlling soft try to interfere too much (Sony might say “Offering the assistance” — such as, while try to focus manually, the finder image changes to magnified image = suddenly, and erratically !   = Think, when we shoot a busy insect on the flower, in the next moment, insect may have moved, and the hand changed the position. = I’m sure, the person who developed this system never had a field test. = only tested the camera on the optical bench. 

Nevertheless, it worked well for the general subject.  (At moment this is only an autofocus lens on my Sony A7 camera  I wouldn’t complain, considering the money I have paid.)  😀

The lens got quite smooth character, showing very little aberration = good sharpness even when F was fully open, still, with soft, out of focus bokeh.  —– But, what so ever the excuse, couldn’t they design anything better ?    Forget a fish-tin like slippery guise,  give it more functional better grip.



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