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Instamatic Macro(1)-DSC06872

Well, as I suggested in the previous post that  25 mm lens of 110 Instamatic camera is suited for macro use = So, I made a lens.

Instamatic Macro(2)-006

No doubt, this must be the most funny looking lens among my homemade lenses, since the material I used was a water bottle for bicycle.  (No problem, it only costed me £1)   The lens was fixed on the cap in the reversed direction, and with its about 17 cm extension, its makes about x6 magnification of the image.

Instamatic Macro(3)-000

Photo left was  a dead mosquito I found in the kitchen.    I’m not happy with its bit blurry image (available light with 1/3 sec exposure —– at moment I’m not using my Sony with flash light = no synchro-socket, nor adapter) —– anyhow, I need to go out to see something small insects or a kind.  (Photography is a kind of life live on the leg. = You can’t do it while sitting.)   😀


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  1. […] : For the Educational purpose,  I’ll show you the scene behind. Photo left was the same mosquito but without having a reflection eliminated.      And the photo right was how the spiral inside […]

  2. Moss | Yoshizen's Blog said, on October 22, 2017 at 10:44

    […] sample of the lenses.  Left was taken by a current Canon EF macro but the right was taken by a lens from a Kodak Instamatic mounted on an aluminium can. — See next […]

  3. Rice Beetle | Yoshizen's Blog said, on March 4, 2018 at 19:19

    […] I needed to use x5 magnification.  I got few homemade macro lens. —– and I chose the Instamatic Macro and a LED illumination.  It was always the case, improvised Hi-magnification macro is very awkward […]

  4. […] utterly free thinking.  (why not approach, such as to use a spray can as a barrel of a macro lensuse a spray can as a barrel of a macro lens or a discarded drink-can can be made a good sculpturedrink-can can be made a good sculpture etc. […]

  5. Cicada ? | Yoshizen's Blog said, on October 9, 2019 at 14:40

    […] The Photo here, the right was the “lens” and the camera Sony A7R used for those shot.(This monstrus lens originally came from the Kodak 110 Instamatic Camera — which was reverse mounted on a can.) […]

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