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Deeper into the Zen

Some of you, the keen followers might be wondering what this man is  talking about ?   And what would it to do with Zen ?

—– The fundamental question is, “If the Zen is to deal with the life in the absolutely empty mind =  in Mushin, (completely dispassionate, almost like a machine) —– Hey stop joking, which part of the brain is actuary handling it ? ”  (If somewhere the brain IS handling = with the intention to handle it, IS not Mushin but just not aware what he is doing, it’s a fraud ! )

How I came to here, you may find how our condition of the Guts (and the chemicals of its bacteria, parasites) influencing our “Feeling = Heart = Mind = ultimately the way of thinking”   We are not really in control. (Since this blog IS the live description of the DIY Zen research, I need to see the mechanism what makes the Zen as Zen —– in fact what IS so-called Zen ? = if any at all ?)

Now you must be convinced, that the so-called Zen teaching in the town IS fraud. Zen couldn’t be learned or taught, while saying Zen.  As long as the notion of Zen in mind, even if it was hidden in the deepest unconsciousness.  It IS not Zen.  I’ll show you “The legend = the Archer who try to reach Zen while learning Archery in Japan” in the next post. (If you like to start ahead, find a book and read it before hand = Zen in the Art of Archery : by Eugen Herrigel —– It’s a small book = 100 pages or so in a Penguin books)


PS : I’ll explain you, my utterly strange Lens Making Game.  Do you think is there any complicated theory or creative notion ? —– Non at all.  It was the same process of the cutting a lemon.   In other word, a kind of work of Just Do It with a material I found then —– Imagine, do you think would it be any sophisticated philosophy or scientific theory behind ? = far from it, cutting minute depth of metal barrel to match the focus = IS the ZEN.  (I don’t have a skin thick enough to have a pretense to show-off “Copy the mantra” kind)   😀



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  1. paulclayton said, on April 23, 2018 at 10:02

    Thanks Yoshi, there are always lessons to be learned. I’m a fan of the ‘stomach as the second mind’ which has no direction ( but there is full/empty, bloated/not bloated), but I was told yesterday that it has a memory too apparently. Maybe there is something in understanding what makes us ‘robotic’ and alternatively aware of the internal pressures that make us do things…eprime english is interesting as it doesn’t have the definite article – there is no ‘to be’. Science tends to use it, but when applied personally can change approaches to situations.

    • yoshizen said, on April 23, 2018 at 12:49

      Hi Paul A) in first glance, I found that eprime sound pretty fishy —– on top of Google, 1200000 subscriber looks just made by their robot. Like any prediction when the massage was applied to the personal level, any word can be interpreted for one’s convenience and inconvenient words were just ignored.(We may just need to have somebody else to push our back)
      B) As those chemicals from the germ or parasite wasn’t yet fully known —– so that Thousand years wisdom to talk in stomach or rely on the Qi (said to be reside in the stomach ) is yet more than a wishful thinking.
      Yet still, I’m trying to figure out how and why the Zennists can communicate in one glance.

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