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110 Pentax Lens on A7R

OMG, —– I found a EOS 620 body and a tiny Pentax 110 (both of them were broken junk state) for hefty £5 in the odds & ends box of the City Camera Exchange, Strand Shop.  (They got the best junk in London as well as the latest expensive cameras, and if you feel hungly, you can have the best lunch or dinner in the Simpsons, only few steps round a corner.)   😀

EOS body may be used as a display dummy for my (Canon mount) homemade lens, and the tiny 110 Pentax lens, should make a good fun to test it. 

To test this Pentax lens on Sony A7R body was very easy = just mount the tiny lens on an A7R body cap — Infinity focus was happened to be almost straight.  (but there is no Iris as the camera was designed to give an Auto-exposure by Aperture and the Shutter speed combined system.  = So, the lens works as a 24mm F2.8 only lens, and the focus works very well. (If your finger is small enough to pinch its small lens front)   😀

As the lens is rather bright F2.8 = focused depth is quite shallow yet still, the image where focused was very sharp and crisp.   Though, since the lens was designed for 110 Instamatic size, image circle doesn’t cover the 35mm full screen of course.   (and I wouldn’t attempt to make it Retro-focus with a concave lens to spread the image.)

Don’t to be fooled, even if the camera, lens were such small, like a children’s toy,  Pentax seemed to designed its lens with their full force. = image was such crisp = I would say, too prosaic !  The lens showed no chromatic aberration, in fact it got no aberration at all.  (May be in reverse use, lens may work as a pretty good macro lens. —– I’ll test it on future.)

Still, such small lens on the small mirrorless camera is very comfortable and CUTE ! = I wouldn’t complain the dark surroundings.  Its a own character and a part of fun.



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    […] the Pentax design team, not many people has tested this lens on the camera body other than the very Pentax 110 Auto.  And the test result on the 110 Auto was of course by an Instamatic Caset film = may have […]

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    […] and small body, I needed to use such device to stabilise the camera movement especially when I use almost weightless small Pentax 110 lens. —– that was the reason why Sony put the image stablizer in the body for their new […]

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    […] photo above was taken by 110 Pentax 24mm lens on Nikon Z7 — rest of the photos here were taken either by Helicoid (B) or ZM-2 […]

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    […] this post, all the shots were made by Pentax 110 Auto 24 mm lens on Sony A7R4. And looks like macro shots were the heavily cloped small part of the original […]

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