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Big Data — ? ? ?

Obviously, my electricity supplier is very keen to change my old electric meter to so-called smart meter,  though, unfortunate for them, even if the meter was changed, it doesn’t work because the user, me don’t use a smart phone.   In the age of the internet, everything, all the data seems to be connected and exchanged each other through Wifi.  (whether they were sold for the money, or hacked free or spread by mistake.)

The worst culprit is the Google = as they spy on our activity, from the words in the mail, or search record, or net browsing history. = So, they can send a precisely personally targeted AD.   = When my friend sent me a mail saying that he got 70s, then I get the ADs of cheap funeral director, cheap wheel chair, international flower service etc etc.   And, when I made a net shopping of old film camera or rechargeable battery once —– then thy seemed to sold my data to others = I started to receive the same kind of ADs again and again.   “I’ve bought the one already, I don’t need to buy the same again, can’t you understand ? ”    Still, the Googl’s advantage is too tempting and everybody want to get such Data-Power to sell.  So does, the window-10, even the Firefox want to know my phone number with a pretext of “to increase the security of the account” — no thanks.   For my personal data security, I never use my real name on the Net or to login my PC  (therefore, my mail or PC user name never match to my banking data or NHS data somewhere in the Net = useless to hackers) neither switch on the GPS kind of location data even on my camera, and made a setting “Don’t trace me”—– For some people, to feel “Somebody be with me” and find out “I am in” might be a joy though, I don’t feel like that at all. = leave me alone !

So, the electricity supplier got the idea to spy on me through the use of the electricity, and logging its data via smart phone.  (And sell the data to such as to Amazon — then Amazon can send me the ADs through the phone = That’s why, the Amazon is so keen to invest £25 in advance, while thinking, soon they can make more money out of me) —– its might work, provided if I got a smart phone.  😀  😀    But, I’m not fancy to be integrated into such Big Data.   I’m Out.


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