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Be Natural (2)

There said to be a Japanese TV program by NHK (say Japanese BBC) asking the questions to AI.   One of the question was “How to make the people healthy”

The answer was “Close the Hospital”

TV production team searched all over Japan and found a city who closed down their hospital years ago because of their financial difficulty. (In fact, that city, Yubari in Hokkaido Japan has been bankrupted due to the dwindling revenue caused by the reduced local population.) —– Yubari used to have a population of 120,000 = bustling big coal mining city though, once the coal mine was closed, there was no other industry.   People, who can, moved out look for the job somewhere else.

So that, the people remained (about 8000 now) was the old ex-miners, fighting to survive in the harsh northern climate. —– Still, contrary to your expectation, the people is not having such miserable life.   Far from it, ex-miner is tough, taking their life literally in their hand.   As there is no carer service kind of help from the bankrupted local government, all those people is doing everything by themselves, even to clear the snow from the roof (otherwise the house would be crushed)   Even 90 years old man is actively on the front line of own life = there is no choice, got to be healthy. 

So, this was what the answer of AI meant.     When people need and have to do, they can, live, naturally with their full health.   (It’s mean, without having unneccessary intervention of so-called “Medication”(which is making money by making people ill) people can have much healthier life which cost nothing. —– this is the natural life.)


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