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NZ – B – lens

I wrote about NZ lens more than a year ago. Since then I haven’t go out with that lens often. Big bright lens is too big to carry in my pocket.

So, only the front element was recycled then. But, how about many other lenses ? In that 18~200 mm Nikon Zoom lens, there were 3 more groups of glasses were used. = When I tested, I found that the third group was fit to the purpose straight. = easy to make-up as a usable optics — I mean, for my purpose. (Left top is USM / Silentwave motor and the D was the diverging lens I used for an experiment “Retrofocus” as the front element.)

So, the third group glass together with its sliding barrel was just glued to the Nikon-Z mount ring. In this structure, the movement of the glass makes a focus from infinity to x0.6.

As you might have guest, this lens wouldn’t give any clear sharp image. = still, may suit for some subject. Wait and see. 😀 ( I’m serious)


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