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Scarlet Pimpernel (’19)

Photo above were taken by the NZ-B lens.

I might have put as many posts of Scarlet Pinpernel after Cherry flowers. = I got a soft spot to this flower since I was very young. Easy reading villain’s novels kind is quite popular among the Japanese young boys (along side the robot comics) so, they are from Maurice Leblanc’s Arsene Rupin to even Alexander Duma or Scarlet Pinpernel. Still, Until I came to the west, I never seen this flower. —– So, the first sudden encounter was rather shock to me, especially it was the most unexpected kind of the place like an unassumed corner of the grass patch.

The photos here, the left was taken by a homemade, so-called Yashica-Macro and the right was by NZ-B lens.

Scarlet Pinpernel is a strang flower. Even if I got their seeds (very tiny) they never germinates from its seeds. Neither they came out the same place next year. —– How they were planted there = who put the seeds there is totally in a mystery ?

And they are very sensitive to the weather / humedity = when it was hot and dry, they close their flowers. = to see, fully open flowers, you got to see them on the morning.

The size of this flower is about 7 mm, in other words, to take picture of this flower filling a ful-frame needs to have a magnification of x3~x5. The photo above, left was the homemade lens called NZ-B, covering infinity to x0.6 on the Nikon Z7 body. And the right was called Yashica-Macro, originated from a broken Yashica-Kyocera compact camera, (the lens barrel and a part of the lens were used) having a magnification of about x3. (The draw back of those homemade lens is, they can be used as a manual focus lens though, they don’t have iris = always fully open. = focused point is very shallow. —– don’t worry, I got number of ordinally macro lens as well. 😀 )


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