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Stabilize the Camera — Head Pod

This is yet another trick to stabilise the camera after chest pod —– or analog aproach to stabilise the camera.

Photo left is for right eye use, Photo right is for left eye use (Pod was reversed)

If you ever try to take picture of the flower in the very close-up way, without a tripod, you may well experienced an awkward trouble to hold or suspend the camera in the exact position. Image stabiliser may stop the shake of the camera in certain extent = say 0.1 mm shake or vibration though, no mechanism would help to stop your camera drifting — say 1 or 2 mm above the flower. Worse still, if you take picture while using LCD monitor, holding the camera in the air, you can’t make your hand like a solid wood. While your hand may drifting or sway, your head may not shake like your hands = so, why not stabilise the camera with your head. As a matter of fact, when you attach a flash light on the shoe, your fore head may resting on the back of the flash light, so the camera is much more stable. —– so, why not make something to rest on your fore head to stabilise the camera. = The prototype I made (in fact more than 30 years ago) works very well (but only on horizontal way and right eye use — for left eye use, the pod has to be reversed like a photo above right). (The metal piece itself was a simple cut out from a left over of a window frame, inserted into a plastic flash adaptor)


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