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1/4 lens !

After two attempt of two 1/2 double lens, it would go to even 1/4, naturally. (Anyway, it was only a matter of hacksaw and a glue work. And it was what an Otaku lives for. 😀 )

Photo left = Covering the lens with black tape and see the effect = even from a small part of the lens, good enough image would be created. Photo right = so, only 1/4 of the lens to produce the main image and 3/4 lens for the out of focus bokeh.

The plastic lens was mounted to the Sony A7R camera (yet the lens can be attached to the Nikon Z as well.)

So, this homemade lens will produce the image even worse than those W-lens A or B ! 😀 —– can you guess how happy I am. Ha Ha Ha 😀

So, they are the regular test shot. (This dry rose has been working for me the past 5 years !)

In case, if anyone wanted to see more natural image for a comparison, those are the images from the ordinary (?) 110 Pentax 24mm lens on the Nikon Z.


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