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Fragmented Lens

Note: The photo here was just fuzzy (unsharp) = no overlapping bokeh = since it was made by a single lens

After making 1/2, 1/4 lens cameras, there are many fragmented lenses left behind. Even fragmented — its still functions as an optical lens.

Zennist’s tendency is = No attachment, — yet still, (strangely) go for whole hog. So, why not test those small plastic fragment ?

As (or used to be) an optical lens of one time use camera, it works as a lens, even though it was fragmented to such small fraction.

And a remarkable point of those fun camera lens IS they are very well designed aspherical omuni-focus lens. Therefore, they can capture the image in distence to

close subject such as this without any focusing control. (well, you may say, more or less)

So, for the general use, they do an enough work. What do you ask more (for its less than £10 price). 😀


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