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The reason, why the sky was dull = not because the Godo lens but the sky was dull.

My friend / Cinematographer Gordon was clearing up his etc — and gave those junk to me. I don’t know how the man neither geek or otaku, managed to disassemble those, even without having tools — I didn’t ask.

What so ever the history or origin, the lens is a lens = only a matter for me IS whether it is “Usable”. —– Another day, a man offered me a very expensive industrial projection lens = more than 20cm diameter and 5kg heavy solid glass. I can guess, when it was made and sold, it must have 10 thousands pound price though —– ? what can I do with this ? —– once before, the line or graphics of the big industrial design was transeferred onto the iron material by optical projection, but now the digital technology and the laser took the work role. So, some of those old staffs may not stand even for a door stopper now.

If it was a converging lens, placing the lens on front of the camera (I mean, SLR body without a lens) and see the image. === in most of the case, the lens would show the good image only in the centre = in certain taste, the fuzzy surroundings may give a soft good atmosphere though may not necessary always.

Then give more test while stuck the lens on front of the focusing helicoid etc and try combine with other lens and so on etc for all sorts = and hundred of test click.

Since I got number of fuzzy lenses already, this time I picked one lens which has rather even image field (photo above) but as the angle of view was rather narrow, I added a diversing lens to widen its image field. ( You might be amazed to see, that the lens game can be played in such a casual manner — Yes, the game was not reserved only for Newton or Gauss kind of people)

Resulting lens was somewhat like this. = a bit strange lens. Never has any defined focus, nowhere is sharp nor anywhere is very blur.

So, makes your day always somewhat dull. 😀

This softness is more like a stocking over the lens. = the image looks like a reduced resolution image / Toy CCTV, otherwise the picture looks normal picture.

When the light doesn’t go where supporsed be, we call it aberration. But, in this case, not enough number of the light reaching and occupied each point, as a resolution. If this was the case, where the missing light has gone ? Is this an insoluble paradox isn’t it ? ? ? 😀


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