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NZ-C Lens

Posted in Zen by yoshizen on October 10, 2020
(Do you think, if this picture was sharp, does it has more value ? —– only few picture needs to be sharp, because we appreciate its atmosphere, not a detailed information)

Among the bits and pieces of disassembled Nikon 18-200mm DX Zoom lens I found a lens group working as a VR unit. Optically they are a 70 mm relay lens = can be used as a small converging lens, with its iris control.

Mounting on the 25~55 helicoid focusing ring, this lens (I call it NZ-C lens) can focus from infinity to 20 cm (about 1/2 close up) and the F-aperture is equivalent of F4.5~36.

(F-aperture can be controlled (roughly) by the front ring — Fully open F4.5 to somewhere middle=about F11 = I can count it from how much drop of the shutter speed)

Though, the image quality was dreadful. Ha ha ha. (The photo left was F4.5 and the right was about F11) — (Further stop down to F36 doesn’t impeove the image any more)

Yet the close-up which is using only the centre of the image was not too bad, and the off the focus bokeh was very soft.

The left was fully open (= F4.5) and the right was about F11. It’s hard to tell, the soft bokeh left was the out of focus bokeh or a coma aberration. 😀


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