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Posted in Zen by yoshizen on October 17, 2020
It was about one hour before the sunrise. The one shining in the sky must be Venus.

I have no idea what this lens was for or where it came from, still it was a kind of converging lens, so that, it can make a kind of lens to take photos.

The lens has about 22 mm focal length though, (despite it got converging and diverging two stuck lens structure) having a very strong chromatic aberration (hence this lens was called CROMA lens). And while mounted on a 17~31 mm focusing helicoid, the lens can focus from infinity to 10 cm (about 1/2) close-up.

Normally, the lens shows a good image around its focal point area though, this lens has no sharp image anywhere at all but shows “beautiful” chromatic rainbow. = How nice ! 😀

It seems these are the most un-sharp images, I ever seen among my homemade lenses. — in my experiments, the most of lenses showed a somewhat usable image, but except in this case. —– still, you can use un-usable image in somewhere.


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    […] clicked my A7R4 with “CRO” lens attached (I wouldn’t say I took the Photographs = somewhat photo was just made […]

  2. yoshizen said, on December 19, 2020 at 20:39

    Obbligato to Solon.

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    […] of the flowers in a green patch using three homemade lenses, nicknamed Pentax 110 Auto 24mm, CROMA Lens and Canon G10 element on Sony […]

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