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CiN-Mag Lens

Posted in Zen by yoshizen on December 16, 2020

This is a story of really bad lens. I found a wearable magnifier with LED light on Ebay which was very cheap = (less than £10) As I’m wearing specs, I can’t use others on top, though, have an experiment with those lenses might be fun.

Those lenses were single meniscus —– it’s mean, cut those double lenses into half and put two lenses together back to back = would make a symmetric converging lens = Could be a usable lens. ————– though, it created a really useless lens (in fact, far worse than a bad CROM lens) Doubled 3.5X magnifier lenses became an about 100mm focal length converging lens.

So, those were the images made by THE very lens. I like a soft focus lens, I don’t mind a fuzzy image though, this lens did go too far. (even fuzzy lens has to tell, what the subject was. 😀 —– may be used to kill off the too strong coloured / contrasted image ? )

Then I put a bit of impruvment = insert a paper iris between the two lenses and mask off all the peripheral by a black paint. So that the image quality was impruved a bit.


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  1. yoshizen said, on December 19, 2020 at 20:37

    Thank you very much (or should I say Obbligato ?) to Solon, who liked my blog. I guess, the intellectual contents here appealed to you much more than a visuals. So, it might be better to take my work, rather like a conceptual art, than a visual picture. This is an absurd theatre, to push-up a rock to the top, while making a lens.

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