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How beautiful !

Posted in Zen by yoshizen on December 12, 2021

It’s almost an annual event. Since I live in the council flat, the Southwark Council is my landlord = so that there are many inevitable small business between us. = and their frontline = yet still the “Officer” seems not like me living in here / south of Thames / Council estate. ” Why he is living here ?” and making a nuisance in every possible pretext. —– The trouble (for them) is, —– I always fight back. —– in 60s, I was a protesters against Japanese-American Mutual Defense Treaty, as well as Anti Vietnam War, or here, I was an occupiers of the Cryistal Palace Park Anti Development Campaign. A suporter of Ken Livingston. And a Court fighter in the High Court and the Appeal Court as a Litigant in Person for 3 years battle. >>> https://yoshizen.wordpress.com/english-justice-or-not/

To make a complaint against the Council, we have to follow their system by lodging the complaint on their readymade form. (Looks well designed !) (Their telephone is a waste of time.)

How the system was well designed = was, We can’t send the Complaint as it start to say “Error”

When I try to have a screenshot with full text of the complaint, even screenshot was blocked. (It must be a very advanced Ai like program analysing the contents of the text, if it was injurious to the Council or not ? or, a hidden cord in the screen trigar the image process of the Canon camera jammed. ) ( If you can see the technic of this cord, please tell me on the comment.)

Since the attempt to lodge the complaint through their channel was blocked, instead, I trid to send the complaint (which has been saved to the Words) through their Custom Care mail box (csc@southwark.gov,uk), but the mail was failed of which the Google said that the csc@ address has fatal error. (the address was copied and pasted from their “Official Complaint” site.)

In general, to dodge the complaint / accusation was done by a more subtle or cunning way, BAT, to see it in such a straight direct manner gave me a rather flesh shock = Even a laugh ! (This must be the nature of the Southwark Council. —– or what the establishment is ? ? ? )

Happy peaceful Council, where no complaint from the people could ever exists. How beautiful ! ! !


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