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F & M 2021 X’mas Window

Posted in Zen by yoshizen on December 21, 2021

This year’s Xmas window photo was taken on 20th December for both Fortnum & Mason and the Selfridge next by next. The camera used was Sony A7R4 and 4 of the homemade lenses. So that, if the photo showed rather normal sharp image, it was the Pentax 110 Auto 24 mm lens, like here on top photo.

And a Fisheye image like here was in fact, a 0.1mm pinhole + cheap fisheye adapter for mob camera.

This was a photo taken by the Pentax 110 Auto 24 mm. (but not very well focused here)

The left photo was simple pinhole image (ISO setting 12800, 1/5 sec ) and the right photo = with adapter.

Very fuzzy sorroundings was created by the “Mag Lens” originated from a small magnifier.

Some of the photos were taken by so called “Chroma lens” though, not so much distinguishable point but the edge of image some time shows the red chromatic aberration.

And so on. 😀 .

This last photo was by the Chroma lens = as you may see the red trim on the edge of the Angel.

Merry Xmas to the people who belive it (I’m not though)

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