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The Moon last night

Posted in Zen by yoshizen on December 24, 2021

Pretty late lest night, I saw a blight light in the sky. It was a moon few days after full. = So, I took some pictures with the lenses on the table. (It mean, even not bothered to fetch 500 mm lens not even open the double-grazed window or set a tripod. )

The lenses I used on the Sony A7R-4 were Zeiss Sonnar FE 55 mm f1.8 (Photo above left), Pentax 110 Auto 24 mm f2.8 (Centre photo) and THE Antic Agfa / Dopel-Anastigmat 13.5 cm f4.5 lens (photo right) —– Effectively, it was a kind of lens comparison though, the image of those photos were a tiny dot in the centre of the full size censor. (Something notable was, that the Zeiss FE lens managed autofocus to the Moon = not perfect still it did a cover to otherwise very difficult their manual focus)


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