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LED ring light + 8150 Story

While looking around the Ebay, I noticed that the Chinese LED Ring Light is very cheap now = could be even cheaper than a homemade.

So, I bought one 24W-Variable, 5500K, 20cm Ring Light for £12 ! —– it came with a mounting fixture still not perfect for a photographic lighting. —– for photo-light, it needs to be mounted on the many kind of lighting stand etc, in order to have a freedom of the positioning and lighting angle. = A sort of good compromise was a Z-light arm on a flexible lighting stand, which may allow the position poised setting under one hand adjustment.

With this idea, I have collected quite few Z-light components etc, etc — then I realised that, to build a Z-arm, balancing springs are the most troublesome components I need to get hold (but who supply them etc )

And, I was convinced that instead of struggling building Z-light myself, why not to buy a readymade LED light with Z-arm = when such light comes as cheap as £18 !

So, I ordered and waited the item delivered. Then, I received a delivery notice of Tracking Code GV085180518GB, which said that the parcel was dropped off : 28-Dec 14:04 GMT. —– But, very parcel was seen nowhere.

—– As I knew the tracking number was completely that omen of 8150, I thought it could show the big trouble. (The parcel was not dropped to the neighbour either and no notice was left) So, where has it gone ? Was that one stolen ?

So the enquiry to the Royal Mail — etc etc. — ? ? ?

Then it was delivered on Monday by a Chinese Post woman.

Now the system of main light and the Aux / Ring light on Z-light arm were complete.

On this 8150 case turned out to be not necessary so bad for the New Year 2020. But the question was, ——— Why the Omen Number 8150 which can be read for Ha-I-Go-Rei in Japanese (mean the Spirit Behind = Guardian Angel, keep following me ?) Leave me alone. (Or, the heaven is giving me the sign = that I have to fulfill my role ?)

Then the twist came 4 weeks later = The LED ring light on Z-light arm which I bought for £18 from China brake down. (Can be modified or cannibalised to use only its LED ring-light and the Z-light arm) Seemingly, as it was chiep, the quality was just accordingly. —– Same as the Korean, Chinese might have thought that if they copy Japanese product using the same production machine and the component fron Japan, they can make the same though —– they don’t know the “Now-how” = how to use that machine. = Quality and the reliability couldn’t be copied. (That’s why I only buy small mechanical components, such as adapter ring from China)

And the heaven might know this situation long before, and that’s why the tracking number (085180518) appear to be that’s “8150” omen number = so, the product has come with a warning.

Then, the following story was funnyier. I try to get hold the said broken switching unit (asking the seller to replace the parts and try to contact the manufucturer of the switching unit —– without success ) Then, I realised that apparently the same ring light (with the same switching unit but without the magnifier lens nor Z-light arm ) was on the market for as cheap as £6.70, which could be even cheaper than the cost to get hold the electronic circuit from the manufacturer. = So, I ordered the two of them. (One to replace the broken switching unit and the other to use on my homemade ring light) = Now, my LED ring light on the Z-light arm is in a working order.


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Is Dharma Directing Us ? / 8150 Story

By writing this I might be punished though, as Buddha himself said to have prohibited

(in one of the earliest Scripture which was apparently written down from the memories of his words) saying, Never show off,  Never show any Miracle or Magic.

Miracle mean a kind of phenomenon demonstrating a super natural power. —– Though, my parents had been giving the advises to the others,  predicting what would happen over them and advising what to prepare.—— Incredibly those predictions were so accurate, and even a MP had been asking the advice such as the result of the Election, when my mother told, it will succeed, he succeeded and told, it will fail, he lost the seat of the Parliament. ——Funnily enough,  they didn’t use this practice to predict like a lottery win saying, it will not work to anything for an own gain as it got be done in absolute selfless state, its only works to help others.  The prediction to my exams of the Hi-school and Universities were all spot on.  Still I thought it is a mambo-jumbo and it driven me to the science and technology side where everything is visible and logical.


After left Japan I didn’t communicate with my family 2 years, drifting east to west following the wind, as I thought I was a free agent.  Though, when I happened to return Japan, and heard from my brother ( who believed, I was already dead ) that my mother did know and told him, time to time, where I was and doing what, with incredible accuracy,  I was utterly horrified,  as somebody is watching from above and know everything, even reaching to the other side of the world,

we are inside of the Shakyamuni’s palm,  we can never been a free agent.


Even though demonstrating those powers,  it seemed my parents were not punished.

So, it would be safe to tell even my story. —–(Still, if this blog suddenly stopped, you know I was dead)  Though, my stories together with so much so FACT, could still be a sheer coincidence, as it couldn’t be replicated or statistically scrutinized,  since the life is only once and couldn’t repeat the same again though, in order to avoid any doubt I’ve been keeping all the facts  with the original exhibits.    🙂


As I wrote before,  this Blog started in the chain of sheer coincidences,  I realized it must be directed by the power over there, which the Buddhist call  Dharma.   I thought, this might be the time I should  write about what I found in the Buddhism.

But in the same time I had a hidden hope, as the nature of the Internet,  I may able to ask the reader who practicing  Zen, to report me their opinion if they too witnessing the same phenomenon, which may prove in numbers of facts, that the Dharma is indeed there and working.


To my fellow Zenist.

Please look around your life and check the numbers where ever they appeared.

Bank account, Card No’  Phone No’  Friend’s Phone No’  even a No’ on a shopping Receipt, etc etc.   Is there any pattern of the combination of numbers repeated ?   Such as in my case,  they are the 8150 but in any order, like 8510, 5801- – – – all 24 combinations.

For instance,

* My Bank Account is;  0518xxxx

* My Transport Pass:  xxxx1508xxxxx

* Voda Phone Topup Card; xxxxxx0185 xxxxx

* My subscription number of Electronics Magazine Elektor is  118056

* When I wanted to buy DSLR, I noticed the Post Code of Canon Japan is  146-8051

And the Lens No’ of the Macro lens I bought together is  41805 – – –

* And an Electronic Component Manufacturer  ALPS  who I’ve kept using as they are

pretty close to my family home,  their Post Code is  145-8051

* A  Japano-Brazilian guy who stayed in my place before he went to Japan.

He sent me a letter from  Iga-City  which Post Code was  5180834

* When I needed to buy a Printer, Epson R300, I found the Algos Catalog No’ having this 8150,  so instead I bought Canon, then I found the Box sorting Code of this Printer was 5108

– – – – – – – – I can continue this even hundreds more.

(Since I found the production No’  1058- – – – – on the sugar packet,  I reduced its intake to a half)   😀


This number follows me where ever I go.

——( I’m not necessary feel comfortable, it’s a real Big Brother )

It is not  simply a good or bad Omen  though, it may indicate  ” I need a lot to do with this, Be careful.”

I have number of friends who got this in Phone No’—-they are very good friend and having contact many years and I’m keep giving advise, still never too close,  and strangely they are all left over f the group once I was associated with (such as the art group).

———- So far I never found any another set of the number repeatedly appear as a pattern.


A man who  said to be a Numerologist saw this number and told me

” In Japanese reading [ 8150 ] can be pronounced as  Ha-I-Go-Rei 背後霊——Its mean The Spirit Behind.

Spirit is communicating you”—–m m m, Sound pretty spooky !—–(you can search < Haigorei > in the Net)

———I wondered, am I obsessed, or Nuts ?   But I didn’t choose the Number, they just came and happened.

The local Iceland shop having their shop code  0158 —–if it was the case, it seems Dharma did know that I’m moving into this town before I did. ——–Yet still, can such things exist ?  Or is this happening to anybody who is living selflessly ?

If this is the case,  The Dharma is with us or we can not escape, as we are the part of it.


So, if anyone noticed the same kind of phenomenon in your life please tell me.

(Of cause, it doesn’t necessary to be a number game, could be anything peculiar caught in your eyes, as Buddha found this Dharma  without seeing Phone No’ Account No’  there must be another clue)  Of cause, the one would say “Dharma is on front of you, To see it, is the matter of your eyes”

———- though it wouldn’t make the very answer.


PS : In addition, I put two more very clear cases happened since after I put this post.

<<    https://yoshizen.wordpress.com/2010/06/09/cupidon-by-kinetorori/  

<<    https://yoshizen.wordpress.com/2010/07/02/99th-post-seal-of-approval/ 


1085th Post or yet another 8150

I noticed that on this blog, I published  1085 posts.  And this very  1085th post was that Southwark trouble, which went up to the Ombudsman. —– As a matter of fact, this IS the second time me to deal with Ombudsman.   On the time of the first occasion, the issue was potentially I could send the MP to impeachment.   One local politician who helped me to configure the complaint half the way, suddenly became aware of the grave implication, then dropped off the support while saying Oh, I don’t have time. —– Funnily enough it was the very moment this politician and the Party lost their political fortune.  So, the party lost local election, and that politician lost the seat too and never able to come back.  (It took another ten years for this party to regain the power in Southwark.) 

Why 1085th was so much the matter, you may say. = This IS yet another strange phenomena of 8150 jinx.  It IS a kind of omen and the intervention of the fate (what Buddhists call Karma) which is telling me the significance of THE MATTER.  It could be a warning of a risk or a notice of their support.   Since I received this sign, I’ve been dealing with this current Southwark trouble with utmost heaviest priority and the caution.  So that, while dealing with the matter, I could find the crucial information or the evidences as if it was placed there for me to use.  (So the sound recording of the visitor’s words has been kept.)   In the other hand, if something became too difficult to access, such as Mail Daemon started to say “Couldn’t find the address” = such coincident was in fact a message “Don’t go there”.    Or, other side manage to make own mistake and blow up the scandal ( = such as demonstrated the Hacking and managed to perform the Extortion.)  —– (In the past, I found quite few people who has been implicated, suddenly died, such as Paul Foot etc.= Sound dubious though, as it has happened, it must be the proof of what the person did = the consequence of cause and the effect = So, I’m pretty thrilled, who come next ? —– I’m not playing with Karma, I just watch and analyzing how it works. )

———— There are many strange stories in the following “Related Post” or among the  collection of “8150 Story” in the right column category. —– (In principal, unlike Tantra sect, I don’t believe the super natural phenomena in the Buddhism, yet still, I was said to be borne under the protection of the Fire God (hence I don’t get ill neither meet any accident, so does the 8150 follow me), though, I don’t have a power to make share price up or pretty girl drop her pants ( = how shame = when I made this joke, one of my friend said to me that I was a luckiest man because I’ve been avoiding the worst possible trouble in our life in its first place —– though, Mahayana says, that the trouble itself IS a part of our Life) = power of Zen or Buddhism only works when we have absolutely no mind / no thinking / no intention while doing the work in due in our life.)


Yet another 8150

Posted in 8150 Story, Belief system, Dharma, Empowerment, Fate / Providence, Order of Universe, Selflessness by yoshizen on September 16, 2010

Among the regulars of the Dorkbot gatherings, there is a creative programmer Jagannathan,

who has presented semi autonomous, self interactive moving pattern of enigmatic images before.

On the Dorkboat, he performed an electronic music composed on the spot, jammed with Alex Mclean.

On the boat journey, we talked about our resent activities, since our idea to put his organic program

to combine with my strange kinetic design hasn’t been materialized yet.

I told him about my Youtube images with its key word Kinetorori.  To google Kinetorori, it led to both

Yoshizen blog and my Youtube channel.

Along side the Youtube video clip / Cupidon and the blog Kinetorori,  inevitably he stumbled upon

8150 story.  Which lead him to read a post ” Is Dharma directing us ?”

In that post I was asking the reader to check their Number.  So, he checked his Bank a/c number ——

Bang ! —— He discovered,  his Bank a/c number having this fatal 8150. ——- Please read

the comments on the post. ” Is Dharma communicating us ?” (To search, type in the box and click )

Later he said on the Email, Shocked and amazed by this.  And as he said on his comment, he is

having this only a Bank a/c number since he arrived here 10 years ago. —— does it mean,

the Dharma did know  from the beginning,  we are going to meet —- or the person who got this

number are destined to meet together?

Jagannathan is not a Buddhist but he believes Brahmanism.     Still, what so ever human make up the

name the ultimate power over there is the same entity.    All of us are under the rule of this power.

And, in deed we were watched by it.

I gave a thought for Jagannathan’s life —– then I realized a crucial point that is (as he described

in his email)  after he experienced the trouble of his program  Pirated, he decided to publish them

as open source  ” Instead to spend the time to encrypt them, better spend the time to create

something new,  which gives  more freedom” ——- abandon  the ego and greed and

give-away his creation, brought him more freedom and strangely more wealth and stayed in health.

—— this is the very paradox in the Buddhism which I described many times.

So that, the greed-free honest attitude in the life is the key factor, as his life style is far from ascetic —–

having a wife, likes cider and he confessed, its hard to stick with  Right-hand Zen. 😀 —– Still,

Selfless, Ego-less free mind may made him spiritually stand out.

Programing is a laborious work for perfection  ( if not perfect, it doesn’t work at all  🙂 )  and

even for open source free program, if it is not creative and useful enough, nobody give a sit.

And now he started to wonder —— is this, because of him being protected by the Dharma too ?

( Fascinating isn’t it —— or is it Spooky ?   🙂  )


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Karma – Fate – (3)

This is yet another 8150 story.   On my life, the sign 8150 is regularly appear here and there = nothing special or I would say, they are a kind of road sign, OK to go.  Yet still, it may seen quite odd or even a supernatural phenomenon to others eyes.

In the world, there is a kind of people who proclaims that they ARE the chosen people though, it seems if it was a case they seemed to have far more share of the bad fortune all through the history.  =  It doesn’t seem that the God is anywhere near to their side.   From the eastern view, the idea of a personified God speaks same language and negotiable, sounds too odd, in comparison to the absolute eastern Heaven.   They are more like a children’s bed time story.   Yet still, you are free to believe any story.

Lord Buddha, as the enlightened teacher, he didn’t believe a God kind or after life as they are too irrational, and banned the magic kind of deceptive practice to his followers.  (Its mean, Tantra’s “Magic words”= Dharani is not the Buddhism, neither all sorts of Mahayana fantasies are nothing to do with the original teachings.  (They are the stories borrowed from the Veda = Brahmanism / Hinduism.)

Yet still, the belief of the Dharma and the Karma is in the teachings.   So, where those two seemingly conflicting idea reconcile ? —– In fact, they are the real phenomena and its rules.  They themselves exists like a phenomenon of lightning or thunder, they exists without the imaginary god of lightning or thunder. = Such Gods are nothing more than a children’s story.

So, does it mean, the Dharma and Karma are just the visible phenomena ?  or actual occurrences ? —– the rules  rules behind = invisible.   Those ruler IS the western equivalent of the God, but the Rules or Heaven is almost the abstract, —– we only see its sign.   And in my case, the sign was the number 8150 (and its variation).   When I see it’s there, I feel a kind of approval of me doing it.   Still, to find the address of the seller in China was also 8150 (in fact 518000) frightened me.  (By the way, the mysterious lens I talked about also having that number —– its mean, I was right to speak out)  😀 —– So, what’s all those mean ?  Even though, the Karma is abstract, it IS watching us and ruling our life.  It is not an imaginary existence.  It’s real.   (at least on my life = I was born to have this life while possessing the palm line which is saying the same = So, its benefit is, I don’t get ill or get accident. Except getting old.   😀 — getting old is a nature of the Karma ) —– I wouldn’t boast such as that I was chosen but I’m actuary seeing the Karma / Dharma is with me. —– though, as an honest feeling, it is a bit bothersome = leave me alone.  I want to have a bit more naughty life away from their watchful eyes.     😀  ) 



Karma – Fate (2)


(Photo above left showing the back of the ticket on the mirror)

On the surface it may looks just a personal story though, I realized

that this IS more like a public demonstration of the “Karma at work”.

The photo above right was a letter I received some days ago which

showed that notorious number 8150 (= said to be the Sign of Haigorei)

Though, this letter has no strong significance to my life =

So, it is just an indicator lamp.  Showing that the system is ON.

But what IS such system all about ?    It is the system of the controlling

mechanism of the world / everything within, including the man’s Fate.

2-E'Docu-A09A4746Photo above left was an One-day

Ticket of the London Transport

which is showing the same 8150.

The date was 19 Feb’ 1992 =

the deadline for me to lodge the 

460 pages, x6 bundles of the

document to the Court of Appeal.

(refer to the Court Order, left) — since I received an “additional Order” 

from the High Court on the morning of very day, I went to the Court Office

to have an extension of the deadline. (Which I got 2 more weeks, and spent

£ thousand more to Re-Photocopy to incorporate that additional Order. =

since the page number has been shifted, they needed to be Re-Photocopied.)

(Obviously the conspirator try to make my appeal Out of time though,

the rule is the rule = Court office had to extend the time-limit.)   

Can you believe, this has been done by the English High Court themselves !


For a part of my Stock-taking operation, I published the papers of

the Court battle about a month ago.  Then somebody who read the

post, tipped off me a crucial info’ to incriminate the opponent. 

And to find the name of the person I met then, I found this

One-day Travel-card stacked on my old diary.

All the life’s occurrences (even if it’s looks utterly a coincidence) ,

was in fact caused and placed by the Karma, and all the flow of the

life was observed by the Dharma = even my movement has been

watched by the Dharma.

(= so, the number 8150 was posted on the back of the ticket to tell

me “I know what you are doing. Carry on” —– If they want me to

stop, they could have staged an accident to destruct me.)

===This is not an imagination of the nuts. ——- Can you tell,

who could possibly watch all of our life/movement/action and

able to adjust even a number on the ticket.

(My 8150 story was just a hi-profile example to demonstrate 

the existence of the Karma and the Dharma.) = What else ?

The most important matter is not the display of 8150 but having

those occurrences next by next, the troubled matter seems to

find the breakthrough and converge into the better solution.

(So, keep watch the space and see what happen on the end.)

(You may not figured out the sign/number of your case yet , but

surely they are there, otherwise how you were born as you ARE ?)



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Karma – Fate – Palm Reading – 神秘線

Those past 3~4 months I’ve been hooked by a kind of Youtube viz which

is talking about how a man and a woman met, to how ugly the story of

their adultery and the divorce battle was  etc etc. = May be a kind of cheep

stories in the tabloid news paper or women’s mag’ sort — I guess. = I guess

because I never read those papers = I don’t know actuary. 

And I was utterly bemused by the sheer amount of those endless stories.  

Fortunately I didn’t have such ugly situations on my life ( If I can say 3 years

court battle which was caused by a fraudulent marriage registration without

my knowledge which a woman schemed it for an immigration fraud — was 

not ugly enough = no violence, no money grubbing etc. but just a clinical

process of the procedure as a litigant in person, up to the Court of Appeal,

stand against the President of High Court !)

not only that, I don’t drink, take no drug, no gamble, no game, gave up smoking

and even no woman = So, in certain stage, I thought, this vice-free life style IS

the very step towards the Buddhist’s Enlightenment.(Like as a Hinayana Dokkaku)


Among the founder of a Buddhist sect, Shinran who formed a Japanese

Pure-land sect was the first monk openly married to a wife while saying that 

“Without knowing the trouble to have a woman, how the priest could give an

advice to the people ?”. (yet it was a common knowledge that the priest having

a woman in their temple — by calling her Daikoku-sama = not wife.  😀 )

—– while reading those ugly or some time sobbing Youtube stories, I started

to wonder, is there anything else in the human life ? = Those ugly messes ARE

what the human life really are.   They ARE the very expression of the Karma. =

What else did cause, hence created those very situations.

(Man’s ego may create something unique, still the Karma boomerang back !

= We can not escape from it in anyway.)   And I’m well aware, soon or later

I’ll join the ques of dying and start to shows demented acts anyway. AND, this

awareness of the reality IS the Enlightenment in the Mahayana = It couldn’t be

a staged, choreographed clean Nirvana.   What’s wrong ???

After all, to become aware Who I AM and to live as I AM is THE ultimate way to

reconcile, therefore to resolve with the Dharma.    It’s mean, this is what the

Enlightenment IS.

That’s why all the great Zen Master said “The Enlightenment IS a Dog shit”    😀

To be as I AM mean as ugly as the reality of myself.    Nothing wrong ! ! !


Dharma is the total dynamic system of the whole existence. 

And the Karma is the relation of how each segment or parts act each other.

How we were born has been defined by the Karma and in the modern 

scientific understanding, they could seen to be defined by the DNA with

the environmental  restrictions. — Spiritualists or Religious people may not

like this definition though, with the advancement of the scientific research,

those relations = which GENE defines what or what environmental / chemical

condition causes what etc. are becoming clear and clear day by day.


So, it has been a popular topics recently, that the relation between the lengths

of the fingers and the sexual power / Testosterone level became well known.

Yet still, the lines in the Palm has been ignored by the most of the people.

With a kind of political correctness, talk about the determinism seems to be

a taboo. — Yet still its exists.  (The palm line doesn’t define you.  It only shows

how you’ve been defined by the DNA = likewise how the brain was developed

accordingly which determines how you behave and think = therefore

influences your way of the life and even a financial position.  It doesn’t predict

future but simply shows natural consequence = such as, idiot lives as an idiot.)


You can have a simple observation of the palm. = Generally there are three bold

lines on your palm. From the top = Heart line, middle = Brain / Intelligence line,

and the bottom (encircle the Thumb) = Life line. 

Compare the character of you to your friend, while reading each palm

= If the Heart line is messy, the emotional state is messy (simpler line = stable)

= If the Brain and the Life line start together, the mind / the thinking has firm

base on the own life (on who you were born to be) but if lines start separately,

the person tend to play with imaginary world (idealist = couldn’t see the reality).

(To go further, you better go Wiki or books.)


This is my palm.  You can see how one’s life has been reflected on the palm. 

My Palm-362-001

In the center of my palm, the Cross was called Mystic or Spiritual line.

This line appears to the person who is religious or got psychic power.

= Or to say, a person who was born to have a certain DNA combination will

have the brain developed in particular way which possess Spiritual power.

(Crossing between Heart/Intuition to Higher Thinking process

may graphically indicates Spirituality)

(Its mean, a person who proclaim to be a psychic or religious without having

this line on the palm is sham. — have look your master or instructor’s palm.)

Though very few were born with this line and with this reality, the line’s

existence was almost a legend in the palm-reading both east and the west, so

that, no typical photo of it in the Wiki (because the people who is talking about

the Palm-reading in the Net is not genuine = he doesn’t have it = no photo.  😀 )

—– And the person who possess this line said to be protected by the

supernatural power. —– such as in my case of 8150 story .ヨシ禅縁起

(Did you convinced, how the palm actuary reflects the person’s life !)

So, to know what your palm is telling, is to know Who You ARE !





Heaven’s Thunder to New French President Holland

When I heard the story how New French President Holland was treated with a heavy

rain and the thunders, I burst into laughing with my own memory.

When I was in Japan, I had ill-fated marriage —– I’ve married when I was 22 years, still in my Uni’.

In fact, everything had just carried out but not necessary in my control. My parent’s prediction was,

“ The inevitable separation is there, it’s mean, the best time for it is, now ” though, it was too late.

= hence, marriage process went on as it was expected in the traditional custom in a formalized way.


A sort of resistance to prevent the notorieties and the old members of wife’s family (bit too traditional,

big clan’s) coming to the wedding, I planed its party in a mountain top Hut, which was a sister Hut of

the mountain shelter where I was a voluntary keeper since I was 15 (= first year in a High School).

Wedding ceremony was conducted in a big Shinto Shrine, Suwa-taisha (諏訪大社), and we drove up

mountain hi-way with 10 of the cars. Then we started to climb to the top, on foot for 15 min’ walk.

—– It was a beautiful blue sky though, utterly out of blue, while we were in the middle of climb,

suddenly big cloud appeared sky above, and started a heavy torrential rain.

I run up to the Hut and grubbed all umbrellas and back to the guests of party though, it was such a

heavy shower, everybody,  include my Mother,  the Best-man (my Professor in Sociology), and

the staffs from Makino Harbarium, members of the Alpine Club and old mates, all got soaked down

to their undies.  When everybody reached to the Hut (and everybody changed to their pyjama) the

rain stopped and back to the blue sky. How beautiful.

[]The word of my Mother was “ Oh dear, this is what the Heaven is telling you”.

—– After 7 years, we divorced and I left Japan.   And I’m still single. (how peaceful 😀 )

—– It could be just a sheer coincidence, yet still, there could be something.

When our Emperor Hirohito departed, the day of his funeral was in the sleet. Even though a day

before, a day after were both fine day. —– I thought “ Oh, even the Heaven cries for him”.


—– You may say “ It’s utterly nuts” and I’ve been saying “ There is no mumbo-jumbo”

though, there are too many strange phenomena in my life, such as  [8150 story] (link here) or my

Cat’s stories to name but few. — So, I’m well qualified to make a joke “ Oh, dear, new French

President Holland is going to open the hell” 😀

Good luck for him (to challenge hopelessly impossible task. Apart from attracting the voters

with sweet words while giving a false expectation, actually achieve the growth with no cash left in

the pocket, it’s a hell lots of good luck from the Heaven needed).




There are some nice exchange of Emails  with one of my friend , keen reader of this Blog,

Jagannathern-ji, who happen to have the birthday showing 8150 number and in his bank account etc, even

a serial number of a camera he bought for his mother as a present. ( In fact, he was horrified of its tenacity )

Hi  Jaga-ji
Thanks to put comment.
Have a nice journey and nice holiday.
___/\___ Yoshizen


I am now in India.
Flight was beautiful as full moon’s reflection on the waters…
–^– Jagan

Sound very beautiful.
Mum might cook for you too much, as it had happened in my case.
So, don’t over eat —- 😀
( You can convince her with 8150 story as you are joined
holy man, hence stay humble and eat little )  Ha ha ha  😀
___/\___ Yoshizen

PS:  I thought, you went into a life without computer. 😀

Many years ago,  When ever I went back to see my family,  my mother cooked for me always too much.

As I used to climbing the mountain, we climber got used, one day on the rock face carrying as little as

possible hence eat just small amount of high-calorie food, then after came back eat two day’s portion.

Therefore I can eat really a lot too.  Though, stay in Tokyo just meeting friends, photo job clients etc needn’t

to eat a lot, in fact eating with them —– then come back home and eat again what my mother expected me

to eat —– was too much.

It was a mother’s love.   No one can make your mother disappointed.

( So, to fulfill its requirement, occasionally  we may need to have a big stomach.   🙂 )


Even for the mankind, genetically implanted program or so-called instinct,  a mother’s duty is to nurture

the child —– generally, when a child grown up, he takes his journey to seek his own territory and

rarely seen his mother again.

Now the life expectancy of mankind is twice, three times more than originally designed, and seeing her child

but as 30, 40 years old grown-up is the norm though, still  mother sees her child as her baby.

Since, there is no program to deal with a child but as another grown up individual.

This is a peculiar situation, unique to the mankind, hence it created quite a unique complication to the

human being. —– Retain an emotional umbilical cord and yet having an urge to take a journey

to unknown horizon seeking his independent territory.

This might be an interesting point to give a thought. —– Who are we  ? ? ?


PSYCHE of Kisa Gotami

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—– ( Before, it may better read the previous post [ Word — or  Run ] first, for continuity sake ) —–

A Buddhist who is practicing many years, asked me about a direct transmission to Kisa Gotami.

Wasn’t that, a kind of spiritual revelation, inspiration did hit her ?

He is always inclines to a spiritual mysticism as he came to the Buddhism from New Age fascination.

Though,  I don’t take a stance in Mystical Spiritualism. It got to be clearly logical and scientific,

save the last remaining unknowable in the extreme front.  ( And unexplainable 8150 story  🙂  )

” I think, it was rather common psychological process. Her grief got worn-out, while finding out

the facts that everybody is having the bereavement of loved one,  yet this is what the life is ”

” If you see hundreds of facts which telling you only one truth, on the end you got to accept it as the truth.

And  if you try to know with your effort again and again, your body and your subconscious learns

that It is the inescapable Truth. Once you came to this state, the fresh grief and its feelings gone.

A fresh emotion never stays fresh for ever.  As its says, the time is the best consolation.

In the case of Kisa Gotami, this process of time had accelerated into one day.

Since running around whole village all day, she must be physically exhausted, and when she came back

and sat down before Buddha, she must felt real brake and a rest.  Child had gone but a grief too.

Buddha didn’t do any magic.  It was a very effective spot on advice and the Practical Solution.


Later she became a bhikkuni ( nun ) and joined the followers of Buddha —– its mean, her husband lost

not only a child but a wife as well.  Poor man.

I’m sympathetic to her husband as well” 😀


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