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James’ Birthday Party

My friend James had a big Birthday Party.   So, those are the snap shot of the Day.

Many guest arrived with a present and a card, and their proud cooking as well.

(I brought the materials and cooked Miso soup in there. —– and brought that

Fun Clock  🙂 )  Therefore, James had to carry out the task to open the heavily

wrapped present with joy and  the surprises.  Especially somebody brought hefty

Astro Telescope as a present, serious construction work had taken place,  with

excitements and the puzzle of  kids and the grown-ups alike  😀

Mountain of the food has been prepared by his wife and his sister and more dishes,

casseroles were brought in by the friends.  Soon, they were over flow out of the table

and on top of them, yet another BBQ was prepared in the garden. 

———- ( Kids staff  🙂 )

———- ( and here, Baby staff  😀  )

When, night fall = good number of the fire-work were shot.  

Looks pretty impressive  🙂

Then James was asked to give a speech  😀 

—— and a big chorus of ” Happy Birthday to James”  😀  😀

As the Moon rose, people had to queue  to see it in the Telescope.  I wonder now on,

is James going to watch the stars on top roof of the former Greenwich Town hall 😀

(where we are using its rooms for Wireless Network weekly meeting). 

M Party went on to pretty late night.

M The friends kept talking and drinking.

M —– I don’t know till when  🙂

M (I had to excuse to catch a bus before midnight)



M What I found in his house was this painting,

M —– said to be the Old-masters painting !

M M m m m ? !  —– Really ?


Fun Clock for James

One of my friend James Stevens is going to have his 50th Birthday party in this week.

James is the organizer of the OWN (Open Wireless Network) and having a workshop,

advising the people for their use of computer, network connection etc.

What remarkable about him is, this [etc] part.

He does everything about electronics = from lighting to PA, audio system to how to

organize and set-up the event. Hence, he knows everybody in the field and knows

“Who got which equipment, in where etc” = therefore, able to hire (or let the others

to hire) thence able to organize fully equipped film event, art event, about anything.

He is everywhere, in fact he is the Don.


This remarkable character came from his fundamental open minded attitude to see

anybody and help anybody who came to him.   So that naturally he learned everything

and acquainted right people in every field.  He himself isn’t an authority of everything

but a man to know the authority who can help him = therefore he doesn’t need to be

an authority nor boss still he can solve all the issue as others follow him.

In my eyes, he is a Good Buddhist at work = helping others and make things happen !


—– anyhow, as he said he is going to have a birthday party, I prepared a present

for him. = I made a fun clock.

(I never sold my work but just give them to the people for such occasion).

( I don’t think I need to explain about this = this is what it looks and function as it is,

that all though, if I may boast, its looks silver wire is in deed Staring silver ! )

Happy Birthday James.



Dorkbot Xmas Gathering


The word Xmas may be misleading, since a kind of techno people / Dork seems to have nothing to do with a religion. Nevertheless, they had a gathering last night.

London/SE “people doing strange things with electricity…” since 2001:
When:  19:30-22:30, Thu Dec 8 2016
Where: The Boxing Club, Limehouse Town Hall, 646 Commercial Road, E14 7HA
(directions below)

Free entry, no registration required
Talks start 7.30pm, doors open from 6.45pm…

Don’t forget – you can also follow us on Twitter:
See who’s coming via the Facebook event:

With speakers including – but not restricted to…

dork-xmas-162-5-001==== Hadeel Ayoub ====
twitter: @HadeelAyoub
Hadeel has developed a “smart glove” that translates sign language
from hand gestures
to visual text on a screen and audible dialogue. She’s now working on
an app to enable
real-time translation of the text into other languages.

dork-xmas-1610-2-001==== James Larsson ====
twitter: @JamesLarsson
The inventor, techno-humorist and Dorkbot London regular returns to
launch his all-new
“Flashing Light Prize”.

dork-xmas-163-6-001==== Laura Dekker ====
twitter: @LauraDekker_io
Laura’s installation, “Some Small Robots Perform Recent News Media
Output Concerning AI”, can be seen in the “Technology is not neutral”
touring exhibition at Watermans Arts Centre until 8th Jan 2017.


dork-xmas-169-3-001==== Dr Kate Devlin ====
twitter: @drkatedevlin/
For mature audiences: Dr Devlin is organising this December’s Love and
Sex with Robots conference in London to bring together academics,
industry professionals and anyone else interested in sex robots.

==== Open dorks/demos: ====
Fresh from this year’s “CruftFest”:
dork-xmas-164-7-001Jon Pigrem’s @ObliqueResponse Phone
dork-xmas-1611-1-001Giacomo Lepri’s Cembalo Scrivano .1 (CS1) augmented typewriter
(&…perhaps you?)



Our old friend Ian Morrison passionately talked about howling wolf though, I missed to catch the point how it was connected to the technology.

—– ?  But that is what Dorkbot is.   😀



For me, it is an occasion not only to see a kind of technical fun but also to see the old friends. — anyway, if anybody was a serious techno person, he / she wouldn’t come to Dorkbot.   Dorkbot is a jokey spot to see a fun.  😀   

(Those photos were taken by a junk Canon EFS 18~55 Zoom or Toy lens on Sony A7R)


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Tim Lewis exhibition


Last night there was an opening PV of Tim Lewis exhibition at the

Flowers gallery, Cork street, London.


Despite the kinetics is rather odd in the art world, quite a number 

of visitors filled the floor and they were curious to touch and rotate

the gear —– and amazed to see how the things move.  🙂


Some of his creations are pretty small but, some are big. 

Still overall concept is always the same, like grand dad made

a toy for a small boy.  In the digital techno age, his creation

stays stubbornly analog and rather rustic and moves purely

for the sake of move. 

Normally, the things move for the purpose of something

= (nature or economics never waste the energy)

car moves, in order to take the driver or passenger A to B. 

The machines do their works.  Apple had to drop because the

gravity pulled him.  But Tim’s Machine moves only to show

its movement.  That’s all.  They were made just for the art.

= So, the visitors seems not a kind of Geek or Otaku.



The exhibition was addressed by the curator, Ann Elliot who 

saw “His work is beautiful” but only wonder the mechanics. 

(Photo above, from left = James (gallery director) Ann and Tim)



Tim (photo middle) and his kids playing with Dady’s toy !

(I would say, he must be much happier than playing with Pokemon.)   😀



People kept talking and talking — even outside (it was a hot day)  🙂

—– The most of the photos here were taken by the Pinhole, either with or

without Fisheye adapter.

Sharper photo was made by a Hand made Toy lens on Sony A7R camera.


Ensign Lens Portraits


At WW gathering in Greenwich, while testing Ensign’s Anastigmat

lens on Gordon’s 8mm cine camera, I did some portraits shots

of the people there.


100-year-old lens was stuck on a bellows, on Canon 5D Mk-III.

(150mm F7.7 lens, focusing on a bellows wasn’t very easy)

— still, the camera like this makes the people smile.


Mike and John


James, Gordon and Paul


Mike, Albert and Roman


The hands (what else ?) 

Those pictures were the clopped cemter image of the 3″x4″ of

the image size, the quality was good. (Just like most of the lens)

(But as the image of this lens was too ordinary, it has no point to

chose this lens while an ordinary lens gives full auto and F2.8. 

😀 )


Dorkbot gathering #87

Dork-Feb-15-1-276-001 Dorkbot is one of the most peculiar social group.

 As its motto says, it is the gathering of the

 people doing strange things with Electricity.

 Other than some Core-members taking care of

organizing the meeting, there is no membership kind, but just a mailing list. = If you

are interested in, just visit their site and join them (free).


After a bit of lapse, their gathering got back to the monthly base,

and this one was for the February.


The first speaker was James Auger and he talked about Robot things and

“Somewhat a kind of kinetic Sculptures” = kinetic mean, having some mechanism

with certain electronic controls. = hence, doing strange things with electronics.  😀

And, he is teaching it to the grown-up students and going to be a Phd !

James Auger is a designer, researcher and lecturer whose work examines the social, cultural and

human impact of technology and the products that exist as a result of its development and application.

His PhD topic is Why Robot? Speculative design, the domestication of technology and the considered

future. James is also a partner in the Speculative Design practice Auger-Loizeau, whose projects have

been published and exhibited internationally, including MoMA, New York; 21_21, Tokyo;

The Science Museum, London and the Ars Electronica festival, Linz, and

are part of the permanent collection at MoMA.


The second speaker was Tim Hunkin.  Since he has been running Fun Arcade,

with “Strange Game (?) Machine” he was THE genuine Dorkbot tribe.

Tim Hunkin is an English engineer, cartoonist, writer, and artist. He created the

Channel Four TV series and Science Museum gallery The Secret Life of Machines, which

explained the workings and history of various household devices.  He has just launched

a “new London arcade of home-made coin operated machines built by enthusiasts”:

twitter: @NovAutomation


The third speaker was Restart Project.

The Restart Project is a London-based social enterprise that encourages and empowers people

to use their electronics longer, by sharing repair and maintenance skills. Through community

and workplace events we create engaging opportunities to extend the lifespan of electronics

and electrical equipment.

twitter: @RestartProject


And the last presenter was Pollie Barden.

Pollie is an artist, activist and game designer who has designed games from the mobile platform

to the urban landscape. Firefly is a tagging game that explores temporal memory, and exploits

the balance of collaboration and competition. The action takes place at night. Your first strategic

move is the clothing you wear. Players, wearing Flashing LED badges will compete to see who can

steal the most badges from other players. However, the prize you seek may be your downfall!


I’ve been with this Dorkbot London for about 10 years, so, I’ve been watching

the popularity side of the technology. = understanding and approach of the

people toward the electronic technology.  — Years ago, the presentation of the

gathering were the handmade strange machines and its electronics.  We could

operate the machine and see its function and the way how it was made. — though,

now we got used to fire virtual weapon by pressing a button and see the enemy

smashed over a screen. (I’m guessing = I never played Game)   The operation,

movements etc etc getting more and more realistic and the resolution of the screen

is ever getting finer.  —– but how many of us does know such as a color in the screen

was generated, let alone to simulate it by the LEDs and its control of brightness. —–

I’m not happy with this trend = “Virtualization of the Life, thanks to the Technology”

—– May be I have to write about it in the other post.

—– incidentally, my pieces such as Wire Dragon, the Archer = Cupidon were

first time presented at Dorkbot many years ago.


PS: The Red cast on some photos were caused by the low battery in the camera.

And a moale on the Pollie’s pullover was because of its pattern.

—– strange things would often happen in the Dorkbot.


Pippin’s Art


As I described in the other post,  South London Deptford is a peculiar town.

And an artist Steven Pippin must be the most well known (to the certain

people) peculiar resident there.   On the Deptford High Street,  his studio

or work-shop having a sign as an Optician.   (I haven’t ask him why though,

I guess, may be because he is dealing with “Optical things”  🙂 )


So, in his “shop front” there are numerous “Kind of Camera” or “Used to be a

Camera” which are heavily modified or some might say “almost destroyed.” 


Whether his art lies in the resulting images created by those cameras or the

Camera itself is the Sculpture —– or the action to make those Cameras are

the conceptual art ? —– is a question but I couldn’t find an answer yet.


Like a typical artist, he seemed to care little and just doing what he want to do.

(Right = Pippin.  Center = Julian,  and James —– we three were from the

Wireless Workshop in Greenwich)


Often, his creation was more of the destruction — such as to make a camera

explode or shot with a gun.


But his recent project  [ Ω = 1 ]  is a kind of autonomous  machine to keep a

pencil standing upright. = It’s a X-Y optical feed-back system, and he want to put

this machine installed on top of the tall tower. —– (on the end, he seemed to 

persuade the people of the [Sky-tree (634 m tall)] in Tokyo to install this on top.)

(I guess, this optical feed-back system would  work only on the solid ground.  

If the machine itself, with optical detector altogether moves (not just wobbling

pencil), its movement may go beyond the feed-back range, as the Sky-tree’s top  

sways more than 5 meters, wen hit by an earthquake or strong wind ! )

—– incidentally, the link for the anti-shake structure of the Sky-tree Tower 

[Shin-bashira] and  [Mitsubishi Counter-weight system].

By the way, the reason why Sky-tree was 634 m tall was because it’s in Tokyo where

used to be called the county of Musashi. (to pronounce  6=Mu, 3= San, 4=Shi) 😀


Photo Left = Carl Zeiss’ folding camera “Zeiss Ikonta” was burnt to produce

the image of the  “End of the Camera”.   In his “Aladdin’s cave” it’s hard to

guess what there and what for or what would it become to.    🙂


He got fully equipped work shop and all those tools are pretty familiar to me.


Though, to the local folks, the world see through his window must be

the remotest world, let alone to understand the significance of the

[Half-cut Camera] !


So, whether his studio is transparent or invisible to the people or not,

a gap on the street itself shows the mysterious zone in the human mind.


Mouhitsu = Blush Calligraphy


In the Japan-Post New-Year Card design Free Template site,

they are also offering two interesting design tools.  

One is the Blush Calligraphy other is to design Name Stamp.

Calligraphy may seemed similar to other drawing program though,

their one is using the speed of finger movement to the thickness of

the line = hence a bit closer to the real blush touch. 


When you start the program by clicking red button on the bottom,

loading takes minuet and open the screen like this above. 

—– you may have the choice of colors or Black ink, and three sizes

of Blush.  ==> then just try. (as many times you like.  🙂 ) 

Black button right bottom is to re-start, and Red button for finish.

Use the finished Calligraphy into their Design-kit and to upload is

straight forward though, use it as an image, it’s “png” format

has to be converted to “jpg”. 

( To convert “png” to “jpg” is in this process:

—– Bring the Downloaded image to desktop.  and

Double-click this => “Open with” =>[Paint] —– then click and open

left top icon and go to “Save as”=>”jpeg” (Yes, to asking small window)

—–> The saved image in “jpg” is on the Desktop ! —– or somewhere.)


(I found a fun without having a mess of Blush and INK ! —– but,

write on touch-pad is very different from real blush writing, of cause.)

To design Stamp (they says Hanko) needs Japanese character input.

(To do this you can Google and download Microsoft, IME Japanese, or

you may pick up letters in the Net and Copy-paste as a design input)

—– So, these are the samples of the Name Stamp (Hanko) I made.


—– Left = the Seal of Yoshizen (良禅之印)   Center = Kinetorori (キネ瀞裏)  

—– Right = James (じえむす) in Hiragana  🙂

Japan Post is providing those service only till January —– so, if you like to

design your own Stamp, better do rather soon than later.

Anyhow, enjoy if those program / Design Tools are useful to you.


Exploding Cinema at Goldsmith

Exploding Cinema Tytle Cover

Last Saturday evening,  the Films and Art event / Exploding Cinema  was held in a big church

building ( now it was converted to an art-space for the Goldsmith college / London University

of Art )   It seemed, it was one of the most successful evening of the Exploding Cinema’s history.

Exploding Cinema 1

Exploding Cinema 2

Impressive massive space though, as it has been converted = not purposely built = make use of

the space needed a lots of work especially running all together 100m of the electric extension

cables etc. —– while having time count  ” One hour left” ” Another 15 minuets” — then over load

power cut etc.    The DON / Facilitator of many art events /  James Stevens had to work hard   🙂  

( Photo right = Brian Steel’s sculpture / Dummy)

Exploding Cinema 3

( Photo right = I brought my kinetic sculpture Virtual Woman with  3W LED light to project

a shadow of moving image on the wall. )

Exploding Cinema 4

( Photo left = Jini Rawlings installing her video projection system with water reflection. 

Photo middle = Matt Lloyd was setting up the AV system in the performance Room.  

Photo right = I brought yet another piece / Hell Fire —– color changing

rotating LED with reflection ! )

exploding Cinema 5

Exploding Cinema 6

Then the door open —– loads of audiences has come and enjoyed the evening with massive

amount of all sorts of moving images —– save the coldness of a winter night in the massive

stone building  😦      = though, the advantage was, we didn’t need to use  Cloak-room  🙂  

Exploding Cinema 7

Exploding Cinema 8

Exploding Cinema 9

Other than individual set-up of video projection by each artists, the main screen

showed nearly  30 short videos —– some were pretty experimental  🙂

Exploding Cinema 10

And the Performances !   ( Photo left = Blanca Regina performed her amazing singing

with her video image !  ( And I intruded with my dancing — seemed they liked it  :-D)

Photo middle = Pete Gomes  played his impressive Flute accompanying his 8mm cine

images shot in India.    Photo right = Vicky Smith draw tyre track with her bicycle. )

Exploding Cinema 11

Celina Leiesegang’s group performed their movements.  ( Dance  ? ) 

And it is,  another fixture = Mould Wine !    Good for chilly night  🙂


PS :  Any participated Artist who want to have more photos in a bit  larger size, 

Please put a request as a comment saying Photo number / left or right or so =

Comment has your URL which enable  me to send it by Email.


Dorkboat on Stubnitz

Last night, there was a gathering of the Dorkbot London on the Ship Stubnitz moored

in the dock.   I went there with James and John-san of  SPC.org  (Wireless Workshop).

=====|  ____[“””””””””””””””]____
=====|  \ ” ”””””””””” \

After too long a break, we’re dorkboating on the Thames again next
Wednesday, this time aboard the amazing MS Stubnitz. One *important*
thing, if you want to come, just email invited@stubnitz.com for entry.
Then fasten your electrically insulated life vests and get ready for….dorkbotlondon #82!*
When: 19:00-22:00, Wed 28 November 2012
* Where: MS Stubnitz, Connaught Bridge Pier, London, E16 2BU
* Map: http://maps.google.co.uk/?q=loc%3A+n+51+30.34+e+0+02.2
^~^~^^~~^~ Featuring the soothing and powerful…^^~~^~^^~~^~^~^^
– Shauna Concannon presenting The Hacked Human Orchestra.
– Chrisantha Fernando and Ed Burton presenting Darwinian Neurodynamic
Cognitive Architectures for Playful Robot Kittens.
– Ben Garrod working around and through and away-from technology’s
relationship with humanity.
– Alias Cummins opendorking on Open Source C++ Development with
Cinderblock SpriteSheet.
More info: http://dorkbotlondon.org/event/dorkbotlondon82/
Location- MS Stubnitz, Connaught Bridge Pier, London E16 2BU

Presentation of Newrodynamic control (photo left) and Shauna Concannon’s Hacked

Human Orchestra (photo right = which demonstrated an electronic system to play the

sounds by the switches mounted on the various part of the body.)

And Ben Garrod (photo left) and Alias Cummins (photo right) showed their creativities.

And it’s always the case, nature of the gatherings —– what ever the excuse, meet the

friends and chat over the drinks  😀  —– And it is a well known fact, electronic geeks

are not necessary only talking about technology but quite often very

trivial silly things as well  😀


PS :  They are going to DO the same in the STUBNITZ.


Back due to popular demand It’s….
————————— _||_||_||__
=====|  ____[“””””””””””””””]____
=====|  \ ” ”””””””””” \

~^~~^~^~^~~^~^~^^~~^~^^~~^~^~^^~~^~Yes we are back aboard the marvellous ms.Stubnitz for our Xmas party!
People seemed to like it last time (http://bit.ly/Uct5Du) – so come!
|*NB* email invited@stubnitz.com to inform the crew you’ll be coming.|
|If you would like the Stubnitz to stay in London, you can also chip |
|in to their campaign funds by paypalling: http://bit.ly/VEozwQ      |
dorkbotlondon #83When: 19:00-23:59, 19 December 2012
Where: MS Stubnitz, Connaught Bridge, E16 2BU (directions below)
Featuring the bright and glittering…

Liam Donovan: Two projects, maybe more
– a talking guitar and a barely working self-typing type-writer

Rachel Freire: Imogen Heap’s Musical Gloves
– think minority report for musicians brought to you by the DIY/maker

Jokubas Dargis: Echo
– A game where you collect, recycle and destroy sounds on your way to
the king of space, and possibly other adventures.

And open dorks from:

Tim Monsees Stubnitz Projections
– the experience and challenges of a multi-projector setup on a ship
(work in progress)

Maybe you? If you have a 5-10 minute opendork/performance, bring it on
the night! Let us know if you want us to list you on the site:
MS Stubnitz,
Connaught Bridge
E16 2BU
map link: http://maps.google.co.uk/?q=loc%3A+n+51+30.34+e+0+02.2

The Motorship Stubnitz is an 80 meters long ex East German fishing
vessel transformed in 1992 into a moving platform for cultural research
and exchange.

Nearest public transport Pontoon Dock DLR.

Turn right out of the station and walk to the next roundabout, take
first exit. Walk to second roundabout (with sculpture of giant woman)
first exit of that roundabout is the gates to the mooring.

To add your photos here, upload them to flickr.com with the tag

sub/unsub yourself here:
………dorkbot: people doing strange things with electricity……….



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