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Procure a Bribe or Extortion ?

Following this story (extract from the letter to the Leader of the Council) ~~~

 ~ ~ ~ Because of the matter seems to be potentially explosive, I decided to write direct to you.

The matter is a behaviour of one of your staff Ms. N * * * * resident officer of  * * * Estate.

This woman started to visit me a year ago.   Since I’m not a British (Japanese / Ex-Journalist), live in this country since 1975 alone, (and now I’m * * years old) she might be worrying about what could happen when I die. So, asking me my emergency contact again and again (more than 5 times while all of my relatives are in Japan therefore no point to repeat the same question if not a cynical joke mocking me “lonely death” ) (You can check her past entry to her tablet or the report to her so-called manager)

~ ~ ~  Yesterday (21st August 2018) she came again and made the same question with a pretext of a tenancy check. And asking me, if I found where to put my Art pieces, and said “Give me some” then started to mention that the fire and safety check would order to dispose my things as a fire hazard or obstruction to fire-escape, as I’m having a lot of half-finished sculptures or the material for those work. (On top of that, as I am a well-known photographer / camera critics, I got many cameras / collection of vintage cameras etc as well. )

Here the serious question is, is it your normal practice the council officer ask the tenant to give away their possession under the threat of “Fire check” while hinting an eviction ?

Isn’t this nothing but an extortion ? Or asking a bribery isn’t it ? ~ ~ ~

(It seemed that the Leader of the Council handed the matter to the Strategic Director of Housing — and from him to the senior (or manager) of above mentioned Ms.N**** )

So the man came to my place to talk about Ms.N’s “Give me” matter though he only managed to say an useless character reference “She is not a kind of woman to say like that.” = Of course she wouldn’t ask him a bribe = He is her boss, not a tenant.  The trouble was this man was a kind of man telling me that the dead room plant was caused by me kept open the window. (and exposed the plant to the outside sub-zero air ! = What an ability this man got to fabricate a story, what an imagination ! = If it was the case, temperature indicator could went down to a single digit and able to make the story far more dramatic.)


When I mentioned that the conversation has been sound recorded.  He said it’s not legal to record without a permission.  Yes, you can ask the Court to injunction the use of the recorded evidence.   Though, the argument there will be a officer’s words of Procurement of Bribery is in the matter of public interest or not ?   And what this man could repeat was the same intimidation, the Fire and Safety check against my possessions.   (I’ve been having the same possessions since I moved in here 17 years ago —– they only started to fuss about after Ms.N visited here a year ago = seemingly as a seer pretext of harassment. = And here it was used as a red herring. = The matter is not the safety issue but the Council Staff asking a bribe. )

So, there were few more Emails ~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~ Dear Ms.N * * * *  (22 Aug’)

Another day when you visited ~ ~ ~

Incidentally, about my art-pieces, you asked me “Don’t you sell ?”—– When you made this question, were you aware that those works has been listed on top of the Google’s search list (try such as >> St.Lucia, art figure    or  >> Yoshi, Zappa

Therefore, the value and the price of item may accordingly. So, your peculiar question to me “Give me” —– was this words made with the full knowledge of the situation which I afore said ?   Or were you ignorant to those matter ?

All the best

Yoshi ** * *

~ ~ ~ a mail from Ms.N to me (13 Sept’)

Please note that I find your allegation of asking you to “give me some” highly unacceptable.

I asked you whether you sold any of your pieces because you informed me you have a blog with many followers.

I have at no time asked you for anything what so ever.

I am happy for the council to investigate this matter fully.

~ ~ ~ ~

 ~ ~ ~ ~ to Ms.N * * * *  (14 Sept’)
Ho, if it was such “highly” unacceptable, why you didn’t say so when you visited me
and asked my phone number 5:00 Pm, yesterday ?
On that time, you had enough time to think while you waited me to fetch the number. 
You hadn’t been realized that the matter was such serious until you were told by your manager (may be today).
Since, you to say “Give me” was such natural reaction in your mind, you didn’t think about its seriousness at all till today.
I would say it too late for you to start to argue.  See the date of my Email to you = you had over 3 weeks to think.
If it was not true, you could have started the argument at once, couldn’t you ? ? ?
Yoshi * * * *

—– So, seemingly the battle goes on. (I wonder how they can argue and escape from this situation ? —– But as a matter of fact, the Council may not able to suck a rotten apple because of a resistance from the Trade Union ( = They would say, it is nothing wrong to receive a present as between a good friend = why she has to be singled out ?).   And the council boss may not lose his pension because of this, anyway.)   Further more, even if the fire safety chief ordered me to remove my possession, they wouldn’t take Court action to enforce it.  And neither me needs to follow.  = So, on the surface, the battle may just go on and rotten situation would just carry on = It’s a farce.       

—— I really wonder, isn’t any honest, decent people working in here ?  (Or is this an inherent culture in the south of  Themes ? —– as some cynics say = home-grown Banana Republic where a bribe is the local currency.   And as such, = superficially separated wife and the children as a self-proclaimed victim of a domestic violence,  get another flat at once together with a benefit,  then rented out one of the flat for a good money = every neighbors know it, council staff knows it, still no problem as everybody is a good friend. —– Once I staid such flat for a week. (I learned a lot.) The guy who owns it has yet another flat in the next council as well, with a different ID as a homeless.) 

The fundamental trouble here IS, even if somebody in the council suddenly developed a cancer and died, nothing would change = just other same kind will take over the job and the same situation goes on.  —– made me even more depressed. (That’s why not so many blue sky outside shot appeared in here, either no new sculpture created = other than the tinkered junk.)


1085th Post or yet another 8150

I noticed that on this blog, I published  1085 posts.  And this very  1085th post was that Southwark trouble, which went up to the Ombudsman. —– As a matter of fact, this IS the second time me to deal with Ombudsman.   On the time of the first occasion, the issue was potentially I could send the MP to impeachment.   One local politician who helped me to configure the complaint half the way, suddenly became aware of the grave implication, then dropped off the support while saying Oh, I don’t have time. —– Funnily enough it was the very moment this politician and the Party lost their political fortune.  So, the party lost local election, and that politician lost the seat too and never able to come back.  (It took another ten years for this party to regain the power in Southwark.) 

Why 1085th was so much the matter, you may say. = This IS yet another strange phenomena of 8150 jinx.  It IS a kind of omen and the intervention of the fate (what Buddhists call Karma) which is telling me the significance of THE MATTER.  It could be a warning of a risk or a notice of their support.   Since I received this sign, I’ve been dealing with this current Southwark trouble with utmost heaviest priority and the caution.  So that, while dealing with the matter, I could find the crucial information or the evidences as if it was placed there for me to use.  (So the sound recording of the visitor’s words has been kept.)   In the other hand, if something became too difficult to access, such as Mail Daemon started to say “Couldn’t find the address” = such coincident was in fact a message “Don’t go there”.    Or, other side manage to make own mistake and blow up the scandal ( = such as demonstrated the Hacking and managed to perform the Extortion.)  —– (In the past, I found quite few people who has been implicated, suddenly died, such as Paul Foot etc.= Sound dubious though, as it has happened, it must be the proof of what the person did = the consequence of cause and the effect = So, I’m pretty thrilled, who come next ? —– I’m not playing with Karma, I just watch and analyzing how it works. )

———— There are many strange stories in the following “Related Post” or among the  collection of “8150 Story” in the right column category. —– (In principal, unlike Tantra sect, I don’t believe the super natural phenomena in the Buddhism, yet still, I was said to be borne under the protection of the Fire God (hence I don’t get ill neither meet any accident, so does the 8150 follow me), though, I don’t have a power to make share price up or pretty girl drop her pants ( = how shame = when I made this joke, one of my friend said to me that I was a luckiest man because I’ve been avoiding the worst possible trouble in our life in its first place —– though, Mahayana says, that the trouble itself IS a part of our Life) = power of Zen or Buddhism only works when we have absolutely no mind / no thinking / no intention while doing the work in due in our life.)


Heaven or God ?


I just found those photos in the net and I do know not more than any fact of what the photo was telling us. —– may be the photo was genuine = straight record of the aftermath, showing the remaining gate of the Shinto Shrine.


A person who found the photos must be utterly amazed hence just up loaded to the net.   As I have no information of original source, I have no idea whether the photo was taken by the professional journalist or just a passerby, let alone any fact whether the subject was intentionally picked up (such as the survey of all the Shinto Shrine — and the one / only one Torii kept standing — or one of many) or just a coincidence.

—– yet still, seeing one more photo, they convinced me that there IS something.  Think, you were a person who encountered it on the spot.  Even if you didn’t bend your knee there, you must felt a chill on your back and felt, something like Heaven or somebody like the God is there and showing their providence.  (But don’t blame, why send a tsunami or ask why save only a Torii, not the city.   😀  )

This is THE basis of the Japanese Shinto.  We don’t need a fishy sweet words telling the Next life.  We are seeing and keep feeling it IS there.  Unlike an intentionally created, invented idea of so-called God, the supernatural power, or Heaven IS a part of our native sentiment or so-called spirituality.   (That’s why only few % of Japanese is christian. = To the Japanese, Disney like personified God is a joke that’s why no Christian, still almost all of them believe the Rule of a cause and the consequence / the punishment return by the Heaven = that’s their spiritual Ethos.)  So, we don’t steal, nor riot because we know the heaven IS watching us, or living with us.  We don’t need to be told and learn “The idea of Morality” = we have it.  Idea was an invention in the brain.  Japanese Ethos is a part of how we were born.  (Well, ideally —– we have Yakuza too. (But you know, Yakuza’s own rule is as tight as in the army)   And, if you know them, they ARE also nice people.   Ha ha ha   😀 )



OM Cap


Some post ago I mentioned that the lens and body cap of Olympus

OM can fit to the other cameras.   A very funny story behind was,

since I needed a body cap of Micro 4/3rd camera as I wanted to make

a lens for M4/3 camera (MD-E).  I ordered it through eBay, as I found

one bender is selling the lens and body caps together for £0.99 !

While I was waiting the cap arrive here, I changed Olympus MD-E to

Sony A7R = since, compare to 10 mm x 16 mm M4/3 image sensor, A7R

got 35mm full size.   Why settle with tiny toy.  —  Then, I realized

that the body (and lens) cap I received was not for M4/3 camera but

out-dated OM (film camera’s)  = “A’ha that’s why it was so cheap”

This could be a serious trouble though, before I start to complain to

the bender, I found that the OM cap can fit to the latest Sony

E-mount body / A7.  (Anyway, on that moment I no longer had

Olympus but Sony. )


The three caps on the first shopping run out soon to make yet another

Pinhole Machine and Toy camera lens

Therefore, I re-ordered to the same bender yet more three caps.

—– And, I waited, and waited while having quite hi-tension because, 

the bender might have noticed that he (she ?) made a mistake and would

send me M4/3 cap instead, it means I may need to buy E-mount cap while

paying 4 times more money.  But, I received the old OM caps again !   🙂


I’ve tested few plans to make other strange optics etc to use those

lens caps.   In fact, I got the M42 to E-mount adapter for the same

purpose still, they are more expensive and awkward to work with. 

— anyway, back to the funny story, = I still don’t know whether 

the bender was knowingly selling OM cap as the M4/3 cap or

honestly believing that was M4/3 cap. 

What so ever, I was lucky to have this mishup — and that’s why 

on the postal package, the Omen of that number appeared.

(on the top photo, in the red circle = 1085 )  😀


Karma – Fate (2)


(Photo above left showing the back of the ticket on the mirror)

On the surface it may looks just a personal story though, I realized

that this IS more like a public demonstration of the “Karma at work”.

The photo above right was a letter I received some days ago which

showed that notorious number 8150 (= said to be the Sign of Haigorei)

Though, this letter has no strong significance to my life =

So, it is just an indicator lamp.  Showing that the system is ON.

But what IS such system all about ?    It is the system of the controlling

mechanism of the world / everything within, including the man’s Fate.

2-E'Docu-A09A4746Photo above left was an One-day

Ticket of the London Transport

which is showing the same 8150.

The date was 19 Feb’ 1992 =

the deadline for me to lodge the 

460 pages, x6 bundles of the

document to the Court of Appeal.

(refer to the Court Order, left) — since I received an “additional Order” 

from the High Court on the morning of very day, I went to the Court Office

to have an extension of the deadline. (Which I got 2 more weeks, and spent

£ thousand more to Re-Photocopy to incorporate that additional Order. =

since the page number has been shifted, they needed to be Re-Photocopied.)

(Obviously the conspirator try to make my appeal Out of time though,

the rule is the rule = Court office had to extend the time-limit.)   

Can you believe, this has been done by the English High Court themselves !


For a part of my Stock-taking operation, I published the papers of

the Court battle about a month ago.  Then somebody who read the

post, tipped off me a crucial info’ to incriminate the opponent. 

And to find the name of the person I met then, I found this

One-day Travel-card stacked on my old diary.

All the life’s occurrences (even if it’s looks utterly a coincidence) ,

was in fact caused and placed by the Karma, and all the flow of the

life was observed by the Dharma = even my movement has been

watched by the Dharma.

(= so, the number 8150 was posted on the back of the ticket to tell

me “I know what you are doing. Carry on” —– If they want me to

stop, they could have staged an accident to destruct me.)

===This is not an imagination of the nuts. ——- Can you tell,

who could possibly watch all of our life/movement/action and

able to adjust even a number on the ticket.

(My 8150 story was just a hi-profile example to demonstrate 

the existence of the Karma and the Dharma.) = What else ?

The most important matter is not the display of 8150 but having

those occurrences next by next, the troubled matter seems to

find the breakthrough and converge into the better solution.

(So, keep watch the space and see what happen on the end.)

(You may not figured out the sign/number of your case yet , but

surely they are there, otherwise how you were born as you ARE ?)



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Karma – Fate – Palm Reading – 神秘線

Those past 3~4 months I’ve been hooked by a kind of Youtube viz which

is talking about how a man and a woman met, to how ugly the story of

their adultery and the divorce battle was  etc etc. = May be a kind of cheep

stories in the tabloid news paper or women’s mag’ sort — I guess. = I guess

because I never read those papers = I don’t know actuary. 

And I was utterly bemused by the sheer amount of those endless stories.  

Fortunately I didn’t have such ugly situations on my life ( If I can say 3 years

court battle which was caused by a fraudulent marriage registration without

my knowledge which a woman schemed it for an immigration fraud — was 

not ugly enough = no violence, no money grubbing etc. but just a clinical

process of the procedure as a litigant in person, up to the Court of Appeal,

stand against the President of High Court !)

not only that, I don’t drink, take no drug, no gamble, no game, gave up smoking

and even no woman = So, in certain stage, I thought, this vice-free life style IS

the very step towards the Buddhist’s Enlightenment.(Like as a Hinayana Dokkaku)


Among the founder of a Buddhist sect, Shinran who formed a Japanese

Pure-land sect was the first monk openly married to a wife while saying that 

“Without knowing the trouble to have a woman, how the priest could give an

advice to the people ?”. (yet it was a common knowledge that the priest having

a woman in their temple — by calling her Daikoku-sama = not wife.  😀 )

—– while reading those ugly or some time sobbing Youtube stories, I started

to wonder, is there anything else in the human life ? = Those ugly messes ARE

what the human life really are.   They ARE the very expression of the Karma. =

What else did cause, hence created those very situations.

(Man’s ego may create something unique, still the Karma boomerang back !

= We can not escape from it in anyway.)   And I’m well aware, soon or later

I’ll join the ques of dying and start to shows demented acts anyway. AND, this

awareness of the reality IS the Enlightenment in the Mahayana = It couldn’t be

a staged, choreographed clean Nirvana.   What’s wrong ???

After all, to become aware Who I AM and to live as I AM is THE ultimate way to

reconcile, therefore to resolve with the Dharma.    It’s mean, this is what the

Enlightenment IS.

That’s why all the great Zen Master said “The Enlightenment IS a Dog shit”    😀

To be as I AM mean as ugly as the reality of myself.    Nothing wrong ! ! !


Dharma is the total dynamic system of the whole existence. 

And the Karma is the relation of how each segment or parts act each other.

How we were born has been defined by the Karma and in the modern 

scientific understanding, they could seen to be defined by the DNA with

the environmental  restrictions. — Spiritualists or Religious people may not

like this definition though, with the advancement of the scientific research,

those relations = which GENE defines what or what environmental / chemical

condition causes what etc. are becoming clear and clear day by day.


So, it has been a popular topics recently, that the relation between the lengths

of the fingers and the sexual power / Testosterone level became well known.

Yet still, the lines in the Palm has been ignored by the most of the people.

With a kind of political correctness, talk about the determinism seems to be

a taboo. — Yet still its exists.  (The palm line doesn’t define you.  It only shows

how you’ve been defined by the DNA = likewise how the brain was developed

accordingly which determines how you behave and think = therefore

influences your way of the life and even a financial position.  It doesn’t predict

future but simply shows natural consequence = such as, idiot lives as an idiot.)


You can have a simple observation of the palm. = Generally there are three bold

lines on your palm. From the top = Heart line, middle = Brain / Intelligence line,

and the bottom (encircle the Thumb) = Life line. 

Compare the character of you to your friend, while reading each palm

= If the Heart line is messy, the emotional state is messy (simpler line = stable)

= If the Brain and the Life line start together, the mind / the thinking has firm

base on the own life (on who you were born to be) but if lines start separately,

the person tend to play with imaginary world (idealist = couldn’t see the reality).

(To go further, you better go Wiki or books.)


This is my palm.  You can see how one’s life has been reflected on the palm. 

My Palm-362-001

In the center of my palm, the Cross was called Mystic or Spiritual line.

This line appears to the person who is religious or got psychic power.

= Or to say, a person who was born to have a certain DNA combination will

have the brain developed in particular way which possess Spiritual power.

(Crossing between Heart/Intuition to Higher Thinking process

may graphically indicates Spirituality)

(Its mean, a person who proclaim to be a psychic or religious without having

this line on the palm is sham. — have look your master or instructor’s palm.)

Though very few were born with this line and with this reality, the line’s

existence was almost a legend in the palm-reading both east and the west, so

that, no typical photo of it in the Wiki (because the people who is talking about

the Palm-reading in the Net is not genuine = he doesn’t have it = no photo.  😀 )

—– And the person who possess this line said to be protected by the

supernatural power. —– such as in my case of 8150 story .ヨシ禅縁起

(Did you convinced, how the palm actuary reflects the person’s life !)

So, to know what your palm is telling, is to know Who You ARE !





8150 — Ha-I-Go-Rey 背後霊(?) again!


To renew my passport, I went to the Japanese Consulate and

obtained an application form. — M m m  m !   Gosh, 8150 again.

This number is like Big Brother, where ever I go, it’s follows me,

or stalks me. =  It might be Guardian Angel

or the Guardian Spirit Behind as the word Haigorey mean.

Maybe, that’s why I don’t get ill or accident.

But, I couldn’t see a point for this = why for this time, what for ?

My Guardian may telling me “Be careful with this business” or 

gave me an alert “It would have a heavy implication”.

Otherwise  just reminded me “I’m still here, watching you”.

(Expecting to give me a piece of mind — or irritation  ? ? ? )

—– the Consulate’s staff just picked a form and gave it to me =

so the serial number happen to be 518A6  must be purely random.

— Still the Question or problem is, why always this number comes ?

Who choreographed those coincidences = who is “WHO”  Is it the

Karma or the Heaven/Dharma. ( —– otherwise, who could able to

foresee where I go next or what I pick-up next.)

— It’s definitely there, such as this IS actuary happening.   Same as

the existence of Gravity.  You can see it exists but nobody know WHY ?

Or is it still in my imagination ? = See, what happen next.

(So far nothing serious happened to myself (= nothing mean

good news ) but in somewhere, without me seeing (I noticed it

much later), such as someone was bankrupted or suddenly died

though whether it was because of the trouble with me or was it

just their own fate — I could only speculate.)  Anyway, I can’t test

it — What IF the course was different. = If the man didn’t betrayed

me, could he still be alive?   Or he died anyway with his own fate ?

Life is only once = never able to repeat it in different way.

And when mistake was made, has to pick-up its fruits. = no escape.

This is what the Cause and the Consequence really mean.

And, I don’t know how to ask “Stop 8150” to the Karma !

(So, I can’t test without it’s intervention = IF not —)

I’m doing what I need to do — and the Karma might be just

removing the obstacle on my pathway.    I should be Grateful,

Lord Buddha IS walking with me. ( — I dare say. If I may.)


1-A09A4100PS : You might think it is a

very special heavy occurrence

though, in fact it is casually

happening almost everyday.

Photo left was a number on the

letter I received few days ago.

1-A09A4213PPS : Now I became aware why there was a warning on the passport

business = it seems heckle a lot of trouble ahead = to receive my family

registration certificate from Japan, there is no way to send its fee,

because the International Reply Coupon is no longer available in UK.

— still,they insists it is the only mean we have to use.

— how can we ?    It’s no longer exists here.

So, I needed to make a lots of Email exchange with Japanese officials 

of which even a received time of the Email was 0815 !   😦



Giffgaff and the TESCO’s Fraud

To connect my Google Tablet to the Net, I’ve been using Giffgaff SIM card 

more than a year.    It was recommended by the wireless expert.  

G'Gaff-1-Sept-20151-001On the beginning, its unlimited Internet connection for £12 per month

seemed good deal and worked well. (= They needed to cut into market)

G'Gaff-2-A09A2631(Note: They changed the tariff, Unlimited Connection to 3GB without notice)

Then early this year, when they started to talk about 4G, and up-grade etc,

the connection was getting bad. = I could see it was a sales ploy to

pressurize the user to feel needs of better connection.

G'Gaff-3-A09A2633And the situation was getting bad to worse, hence more than half of the

occasion, when I wanted to show my blog etc to others,  NO CONNECTION.

 Even in the middle of the night, connection couldn’t be made at all.

= Who can trust such company and pay even more money for an up-grade.

G'Gaff-4-Sept-20152-001It is the time to look for

somewhere else.

The shop staffs selling Elecs’

secondhand, who is the most

knowledgeable people in this

kind of up-to-date information.   They recommended me Tesco SIM card.

The trouble was, it was not available in the ordinary Tesco shops.  I had to

Ask around three shops, and I took a journey to the largest one in the area.

—–  While testing 2 weeks so far, it made only 2 occasions hard to connect.

(At moment, it is only 1GB  £10  One month try,  though, seems not too bad.)

Funny things was, both Giffgaff and Tesco are using the same O2 net-work

which IS giving 4G service —– but Giffgaff is making such difference !

(Provider is adjusting the Bandwidth intentionally for their purpose)  😀

G'gaff-A1-A09A2814And what I found was even

more disturbing !

This is what they are now

advertising.(free SIM is norm)

—– Did you noticed ?

Now £12 for only 2GB. (saying

with 4G) Though, O2 IS 4G. 

So, Tesco use 4G from the start.

(But Giffgaff was intentionally

 making it to 3G speed !)


Get rid of the Giffgaff SIM and changed to TESCO SIM —– looked 

like a good choice though, suddenly the hell opened.

Tesco-1-353-001The use of Tesco SIM on my tablet was on a probation period.

= To test how Tesco works as a provider and its O2 connection.

But, the observation was abruptly halted. = suddenly, the usage

said to have reached to the 1GB upper limit. And the Net was cut-off,

the screen started to say “TOP UP”  —– The usage graph showed

incredibly unnatural rise seemingly caused by “TuneIn Radio”

(photo above left)  which said to have consumed whopping 0.67GB

within few days.   But funny fact was, this App was not active = as

the screen shows ” App isn’t installed”. (photo middle) = This is

the “Caught in Red-handed” case of the TESCO’s fraud. —– Is there

any possibility of the Radio was accidentally activated and off again ? 

And can the radio kept making the noise in full volume for few days

without me noticing it ?     Especially when  2 years old battery is its

end of the life so that, never able to leave the tablet left switched ON.


—– (Now I got new battery

for my Nexus 7 — BUT, it

found to be a scavenged


We should be careful with so-called “UK-Seller” in Ebay)

Above all,  when I’m testing it for a month within 1GB limit — who leave 

the radio kept switched on ?   ( Even if the App was working — but not)

( I use a lap-top with proper keyboard with land-line broadband to deal 

with Net, Blog, Youtube etc, so that the tablet was just for fun when I go out.

In other words, I don’t need to use the tablet in my home = why do I ?)

= Obviously, it was the TESCO, who has tampered the counter.

( Who else can access the counter without making the radio noise.   🙂 )

—– (and it was for the sake of few pounds — can you believe ? ! ! ! )

(May be few pound from me though, in the systematic massive scale operation,

the total gain would be huge = in other words, they must be doing it systematic.)

As a matter of fact, every Broadband provider did the same, but they

didn’t leave the evidence behind, unlike the TESCO did for this time.  

Yet still, I’m not sure, whether this is a case for Ofcom or

Consumer’s Association or even Police.

* * * * * * * *

—— As I took the tablet to the TESCO Mobile Shop where I’ve bought

their SIM  3 weeks ago and complained while showing the evidences,

a man in the HQ offered me free 500MB compensation.

= So, they are well aware what they are doing.

* * * * * * * *

After those findings / Experiences, when I wanted to terminate the

contract with Tesco Mobile, the real hell was opened.    The Shop who sold

the SIM said, that they can’t terminate the contract, it has to be done through

the Telephone 0345-301-4455 which never work.  And the Email kept saying

“No log-in” —– So, the only a possibility to contact / complain them was by

way of the writing.  —– It IS really funny, to get out from the 1 month Only

contract seemed such trouble. = The best way is NEVER start deal with Tesco.



Follow the Flow — Karma / Dharma

New 8150-1-A09A1895

Those who, the kind regular reader of this blog might have noticed that the past

5~6 months or so, I seemed to become an intoxicated junky of junk cameras.

What happened on me ? = Give a thought or two, in terms of the flow in the life.

(= Follow the flow mean, not chase it, not cringing the mater or notion, let alone

obsessed.  It would just happen = so, just follow.)

I gave a glance to those cameras —– then, I found the serial number of the camera

I first disassembled, (which was given by my friend) was like this.

New 8150-2-A09A1896

Oh my goodness, 8150 again ? !!! —– This sign appeared wherever I go, but

crucially, it will be sign-posted to the matter or thing which got “the concern”.

= May be concerned to the Dharma, and to my Karma hence I have to take the

matter serious. — to show some more hard facts, if you think it sound dubious.

New 8150-3-001

Photo above left was Canon EF Macro 100mm F2.8 = the most useful lens to me.

And the Photo middle was the most frequently used Canon Fisheye Zoom 8~15mm.

Which got the number 2***1850*.   And the right, Zeiss 18mm for Nikon.

They are the numbers happened to appear onto my camera lenses.

They were in the shop purely by chance = as if they were placed there for

me to pick-up, though,in most of the case I bought it even without seeing

the number. —– Without any explanation of why it’s there = is the

natural flow of the fate or given task or opportunity to pick-up, whichever

the way we interpret.

—– as it comes.    So, I pick up and do what I can do, regardless whether it is

worthwhile or profitable, or please others — or NOT. (in a hindsight, at least

I can say “I did a lot” to respond what the moment required to me.)

I think, what comes is in fact, what was given —– for each of us to fulfil what we

were born to do. = It’s mean, my Karma think, that me to play with junk camera

suits me !   Or the Karma even like my way to play with the junk.  😀

—– And may be my Karma noticed that I’m not sensitive enough to see the

hidden sign, they started to put a noisy notice shouting 8150 to make me aware

that we are a part of the Dharma and they are watching us.




How weird ! ? ? ? — Where the Ghost came from ?

Weird-F'shift-C'50mm F1-001While checking the photo taken by motorized Canon FD 50mm lens,

I found that those photos were utterly odd.

Those two were the consecutive photos, next to each other.  Though, 

the data recorded was — the left photo = A0452 , 4.2MB / Right photo

= A0453, 3.6MB and strangely  both were taken 14:29:44 (= exactly the

same time — of course, on the same 44th second, my 5D could have shot 

5 frames though the camera has been set to shoot only a single frame).  

What odd of those photos were —– obviously the camera shot the same 

flowers, yet they don’t look the same. = some flowers were stationed 

still, looks not exactly the same.  If all the flowers in the right photo

really existed on front of the lens, why they were not in the left photo.

And if the left photo was the real one, where all those additional flowers

= ghost images came from.  There was no similar image on any of the

preceding shot = no possibility of the memory mix-up in the camera.

2Ele N-???


2Ele N-???X


If you download each photo and see each of them by alternately clicking 

next and back again = you can see which flowers keep the same position

and which flowers appeared and disappeared.  —– ? ? ? —– How wierd ?

How those flowers could disappear.   Were they existed there at all ?

Have you seen like this ?  Such happening was the first ever in my life

= the spooky images I never encountered before.   

Of course, I didn’t manipulate the photo at all (a bit brightened though) 

and the photo wasn’t a copy of the other.  —– Could anybody explain,

was that caused by the camera’s malfunction or else ? — But how ? ? ?

Please give me your opinion.



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