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Passion Flower(1)A09A1897

This flower was called  Tokei-sow, 時計草 (Clock Flower) in Japan though,

I never seen it in there but first did in  Canary Island when I was over 30.  

First time when I saw a picture of this flower, I was in my Junior school,

and it was in an article of magazine about the strange plants in the world 

such as Rafflesia, Farrus Titanium, Giant Lotus (Floating leaves) etc etc.   

Passion Flower(2)A09A1882

Not only it’s Japanese name was really  convincing,  but also it’s structure

fascinated me so much. —– why a flower needs to have such style like a Clock.

Passion Flower(3)A09A1892

The flower looks pretty complicated, and where to hide a honey

seems complicated too.  = a Bee needed to lick all-over ! 

Passion Flower(4)A09A1886

Naive minded young people might have mistaken the name Passion Flower

= Passion for Hot Love kind though, the truth was,  it was named after rather grisly

Crown of  Thorn of Jesus on the Cross. That “Passion” named by Spanish missionary.

(And they tricked the indigenous people, “Look, Evidence of God is here” 😀 )

In this aspect, Japanese name sound more harmless.  —– With a kind of curiosity,

I wondered,  how on earth,  who designed a flower like this, or evolved from where ?

— I looked around the related plant, though,  this plant occupying it’s own species

and has no sister or first cousin.  —– ? ? ?     Utterly Fascinating !


PS :  The Photos by  “Two Elements Homemade Lens” on Canon 5D Mk-III

(I’m amazed by the capability of this lens —– Nice macro too.  😀 )


Spiritual Deptford

Spiritual Deptford(1)A09A3563

In the east London, whether it is north or south of the Thames, the

churches there is quite big and well built. It is the luminescence of how

the area used to be rich with its industry and the people working there.

Spiritual Deptford(2)A09A3555

Of cause, the east London was the Dockland =  

center of the ship building and the sea trade.

Spiritual Deptford(3)604-001

But I guess, the Anglican Church, such as in the top photo may not having

so many attendance now, still the “Cathedral” photo above may attracting

a lots of worshippers. (I didn’t ask which sect —– may be Evangelistic.)

Spiritual Deptford(4)605-001

So, it seems this town is having a quite fanatic followers of

the Christian persuasion. 

Spiritual Deptford(5)A09A3469

M m m m ?

Spiritual Deptford(6)A09A3482

Spiritual Deptford(7)606-001

I’m not necessary convinced that the spirit was made buy glittering

plastic though, it is not my business or the matter I should go into. 

Spiritual Deptford(8)A09A3596

—– I rather feel, this Deptford Creek must have seen and seeing

the change of the time and carried a scum of human life away,

for hundreds, thousands of the years

—– this is my spiritual response to this town.



Greenwich Park again — Red Deer

Grnwch Park(1)A09A2488-001

Greenwich Park has a Red Deer enclosure in their south eastern

corner = closer to the back gate.

Grnwch Park(2)A09A2490

Unlike its northern part, closer to the Thames , where Royal Naval College,

Royal Observatory are attracting the numerous visitors, its southern part

maintains more natural environment = small pond, dense rhododendron

bush etc etc and naturally we can see many birds, even red deer.

Grnwch Park(3)562-001

Grnwch Park(4)A09A2515

South of the park is the Black Heath area.  Heath mean, the land covered by

the Heather plant. (Well, in the old days.)   Heather is a Elicaseae plant and a

cousin of Rhododendron ! (You believe or not  😀 ) ( Heath looks like this !)

Grnwch Park(5)564-001

And where ever a natural reserve and a pond, the Birds gathers.  —– and

where ever the Birds gathers, Human forks / Kids coming to feed them.  🙂

(It’s a well established custom of the modern society)

Grnwch Park(6)565-001

Not so many people thinks to make them a roast duck.  🙂

Grnwch Park(6B)566-001

——– (Photos were taken by Tamron 500 mm SP F8 Mirror lens)

 I was really fascinated by (1) the quality of this 40 years old lens and

(2) how the birds can keep their feather dry ! 

Grnwch Park(7)563-001

So, the Red Deere here are not for Venison !

Grnwch Park(8)559-001

Photo above, left was a view of 15 mm lens and in its center, a

white-dot was a Wood Pigeon = photo Right, shot by 800 mm lens. 

Grnwch Park(9)A09A2564-003

The building with clock tower is a very historic old School. (So, I heard )

Grnwch Park(10)A09A2606

Sound very dashing but looks pretty miserable building = Trident Hall.

Grnwch Park(11)A09A2614

This one is really the Pride of England or its past glory !

Old Royal Naval College.

Grnwch Park(12)561-001

(The photo Center is the Trinity Hospital. Photo Right, Cutty Sark Ship)

Grnwch Park(13)A09A2629

Camera used was Canon 5D Mk3,  Pentax 15 mm F3.5,

Tamron SP 500 mm F8 Mirror lens,  800 mm Mirror Lens ??? make. 


Western God — Eastern Heaven

While talking with a Japanese lawyer about the Human-right, the most

fundamental difference in its origin become clear. = The origin of the

Judea-Christian God was such as like Gilgamesh who went to the heaven

and became the God. That’s why even the God speaks the same language

and able to listen a man’s play.

So that, even God’s given Ten Commandment was written in human

language but applicable only to the mankind = not to animals or to the

Great nature.   And because of the God has human origin or a product of

human imagination hence, having the same sentiment and the logic.

Therefore having the same fundamental needs, and expresses its needs as

the right (or in the other words Our EGO) and demanded.

This is a so-called human-right circulated in the western society.

—– You can imagine to live anywhere though, the people accept

you to live there is depends on their attitude = You can not demand.

You want to live is your wish though whether you can survive or not

depend on your fate.    Still believing, you can demand to your fate is,

because you know that the fate / God is negotiable, since he is a same

kind having the same mind. 


In comparison, the Easterner has no God but the Heaven (Taoism) or

the Dharma (Buddhism) as the ruling Supreme Power.

But as it has no personified figure or human like character, it remained as an

invisible abstract notion whose power is absolute and to be feared.   Under this

Supreme Power, we exists only under its shadow.  = Nobody has independent

“Right” kind, merely having the given opportunity to stay here.  

But in the same time, this Supreme Power is not a tyrant but the power to

exercise Justice in Rational way. (= If not Rational, its system will not work.)    

Therefore the fate this Supreme Power has given us is the equivalent of

our “Right” (or the Cause of us to exist or not exist = Fate, even as a Death.)


The idea of social system under this Eastern Ethos is = “All the system has to

be operated accordance with this Justice” = abstract notion of “Right or Wrong”

exists in the society as the Absolute Moral which is not negotiable or given a

margin of discretion.   And the most important point of this Eastern Ethos and

its system is, not just applicable to the human but it extends to all the nature.

Therefore, it causes us to exists but in the same time, in the same extent,

it causes the rain or even earthquake to occur = all the dynamism of

the Dharma or Power of the Heaven.


So-called Civil-right has its origin in more or less the same story.   Such as like

King John who was forced to sign the Magna Carta, he was not a man of

Supreme Power = merely yet another Warlord, who happen to be a King then.

So, as a part of negotiation and the expression of power balance, the Magna Carta

was composed. = It was nothing like the God’s given Right to preserve human

dignity but a mare bargain of do and do not.


In comparison, eastern Emperor was the Heaven-chosen Ruler ! (In its legend ! 😀 )

So, his power is absolute and not negotiable at all. —– the trade-off to the ruler is,

he couldn’t make a mistake since he was supposed to be the wisest-man who is able

to see the invisible sign of the Heaven to know incoming disaster etc etc —– if failed,

he would be ousted by the popular up-rise. (This was the Chinese history in the past

4000~5000 years !) —– In contrast, the authority of Japanese Emperor has never

been contested and its blood-line has never broken in the past 2000 years.  So that,

former Palace of the Emperor in Kyoto has no defence structure at all, ie; no high

wall or moat, since it was not necessary as Emperor never made mistake and nobody

ever stand against him.   (Current Palace in Tokyo was originally built for Shogun.) 

(Any short coming occured, it was all due to his courtier or minister’s mistake and

their head could have been chopped off, leaving the Emperor’s authority intact. :-D)


—– in such system, there couldn’t be a prescribed law to guaranty the right of the

subjects, since there could always be the different condition and circumstances.

Therefore, the precedence never be generalised = always, “Such and such year

what was said” and it only worked as a reference. = had no bounding power.

= Everything was depends on the discretion of the Emperor or the Shogun.

So, this was the reason why in the Eastern society there couldn’t be the

development of Human-Right has ever taken place. = Since there couldn’t be

a possibility of negotiation against the ultimate, invisible power. —– but the

western idea of Human-right was made up with a negotiation between the

[Man] and a notion of yet [Another Man with power] therefore, a reasonable

line was drawn as applicable to the both side.

= So, it’s funny to hear that the so-called Western Human-right said to have

divine origin. ( Oh, really, what’s divine you meant ? !   😀 )

(Eastern philosophy never indulge [So-called Equality] = IF it exists, it negates

the fundamental teachings of the Karma and the Moment dependence of the

Dharma (and one’s life).  —– The reason why the Sangha of

Lord Buddha had no Cast in its group was, not because of the notion of Equality

but because of the cause to generate a Cast, the SELF of Previous Life is not exists.

But it doesn’t mean, the person would be born Karma Free. = Far from it,

If The Karma doesn’t exist, the Cause to create the person is neither there.

= Person wouldn’t come to this world. 😀

Can you ever imagine that you can force the Karma to create you with

the want of Human-right. 😀

(You can not negotiate it with the Karma, but you just follow.   😀 )



Fort’Mason’s Cherub


These days, all the job for the Angel has been monopolized by

the Cherub or other order has been made redundant.


And the another question is —– wait a moment, in mediaeval time

had Cherub wearing pants ? —– When they started to put it on ?


As far as I remember, I never seen Cherub wearing

dark red pants —– or was that trendy Pampers ?


Anyhow, don’t take it anything serious.   Ha ha ha  😀







And he used be a Cherub, (didn’t you know) still he is a

very very nice Angel.


Halloween ? —– Yah, it’s coming !


Nothing special, I just came across the girls who seemed to have a rehearsal kind

for a tomorrow’s event.  (I guess  🙂 )


The color has been a bit over saturated. —– It wouldn’t harm anyone.  🙂  

Have a funful Halloween.


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Drawing with Invisible Force

Elena's Watercolor Drawing 10-07-2014


This is a wonderful watercolour drawing by Elene Caravela, which I found in her blog:

elenacaravela.wordpress.com      (Quality sake,  please see her Original Drawing there)

Elena has been one of the most prolific artist and the blogger who showed Watercolors, Oil paintings,

Photographs = very wide coverage of genre in very high quality work.

In the past year or so, I always impressed, even amazed by her drawings,

how her almost whimsical free blush strokes able to capture such vivid and also

realistic human figure. —– What is the secret of her creation ?


To my comment and a notice that I want to re-blog —– she gave me her reply ;


I’d be flattered Yoshi. I guess, I plan in my head a bit to make sure the figure will fit on the page

(mentally count out head size both vertically and horizontally, but really loosely).

Then see the movement on the spine and extremities. The force takes over.

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t   🙂


—– As she said, she might have given some consideration to the size of the

head etc. = here the thinking stops, then “the Force takes over”

To see her blush work, there is no hesitation, its quick movement some times creates even

the paint splash or drip. (in another piece) = blush and the hand moves perfectly spontaneous.

So, —— in such spontaneous blush stroke, look again the drawing above, = one blush stroke

perfectly depicted the body-line to the round bottom. — I guess, here not only the

direction of the blush movement, also it involved certain control of the pressure to the blush

and its twists, which determine the width of the line. (though, only a guess — I know the way how

to use curving chisels but not necessary the drawing blush 🙂 ) — all in the moment of one stroke!

This phenomenal control was done by the invisible Force, not possible by a human thinking.


Spontaneity mean, there is no intentional control or thinking. —– This is nothing other than what

Lord Buddha taught = the state of Selfless / Mushin, therefore “The Force takes over”

= this Force is what Buddhists call the Dharma ! (or the Rules of the Universe)

The moment when the blush and the subject meet, the tension and the heat created

on that moment, drives the blush wild. = and creates dynamic impressive piece.

(consideration or useless thinking such as what others or market may think etc. spoil the tension

and the heat, hence makes the piece dull)

But Elena got perfect freedom not bothered by useless thinking, and I guess, when her blush was

driven by the Force, even she, herself may not able to control = blush got its own mind and move

almost automatically.    That is how she creates such impressive work = It’s wild, as it was driven

by the Force of artistic nature. 🙂     That is what the art of Elena stands out.


By the way, don’t get me wrong, I’m not implying Elena’s work is anything to do with Buddhism.

Far from it, the state of Selflessness is one of the inherent human psychological nature.

Buddhism applied it to more general aspects of the life.   Not only the superb blush work, we can

achieve the superb life with it.  = Quite similar to that Love is not because of the Christianity, but

they applied it to much deeper spiritual level.

Zen Buddhism pushed the potential of Selflessness to its extremities.  

—– That is what the Zen Buddhism is. 


Elena has acquired this state of mind while drawing / practicing again and again,

probably  tens of the thousands of  times.  Hence, the Buddhism using the same way of

the approach = practice it again and again until the hand started to move automatically.

= Hand moves automatic = without thinking = without self conscious = Selflessness.

In the  Selflessness, invisible force takes over.  This force is the Dharma. = Under

the control of the Dharma, phenomenal freedom and the result can be achieved.

This is how the  Selflessness in the  Zen Buddhism works.


Spanish Art

Spanish Art London(1)A09A3004

Last evening there was a PV of  Spanish Artists’ Exhibition in Lewisham,

south London. —– Since when I was captivated by the Surrealism Art,

the images and the extraordinary creativity of the Spanish artists were

almost an enigma to me.  I never be impressed by a twist of thinking kind,

but Spanish often conceive utterly inconceivable vision in their

subconscious, long before it become clear image. 

So that, when I saw Sacra da Familia Church of Gaudi in Barcelona,

before my jaw dollop, my hair stood.  = where  imagination came from ? ?

—– The photo above is the typical sample of that kind.  = What a hell !

(It didn’t resort any known figure or style still, utilizing the character

and the possibility of the material to fully express the image = if it was

a stone or wood carving,  such wired distortion couldn’t be created !

— So,  I bought one of black piece,  second from the left on the photo 🙂 )

Spanish Art London(2)325-001

Photo left is a tree made by colourful fabric, so, it has flowers

and a bird on top and so on. =  Rather stale staff  though, as

it is colourful nice decoration,  at least it was photogenic !

(Still, real tree in the nature teachs us 100 times more.  😀 ) 

Photo right was created by the same artist of top photo, Maria.  

Strangely, I felt quite strong spirituality here.   M m m m ???

(Something common with their traditional religious paintings)

Spanosh Art Londo(3)324-001

As many of familiar faces there, some were not seen years, so,  lots

of talking as well — they said there is a good Spanish wine though, 

I don’t drink alcohol or plastic bottled water, —- I rather wished to

pick a grape or strawberry kind.  😉

Nevertheless, it was an interesting evening, worth visiting there.


This is their Info’ :

—– The exhibition “Take It Or Leave It” organised by SAL

(Spanish Artists in London)

at the Art House Gallery, 140 Lewisham Way, London SE14-6PD.

Private view on the 29th of May from 7-9pm.

The exhibition opening dates & times are the following:

Wednesday-Sunday from 10-6pm

Friday 31st of May from 6-7pm special event with

invited musician Iggy Rathmann

The exhibition includes installation, painting, photography
& sculpture from the following artists:

Maria Alvarez Echenique, Trinidad Ball, Marisol Cavia,

Loli Cardenoso, Silvia Ramona Estevez, 

Manuel Noguera & Natalia Rivero.

Curator Manuel Noguera has written about the exhibition:

Their creations explore the incredible possibility of what their artistic

voices can say to others. They celebrate the diversity of the many ways

that creativity and artistry can be revealed to those who view them.

A voice that expresses our feelings through the work that we produce.

This voice is unique to each one of us. Our creations are expressions of

our concerns & beliefs, our fears, or our deepest hopes.

They represent a personal journey through life that uses a

universal language, art. —– Take it or Leave it.”


Apocalypse ? —– What Apocalypse ?

At City-A09A1521-002

According to a kind of interpretation of Mayan Calendar, last Saturday, 21st of December suppose

to be the end of the world !  —– How exciting !    If it happens, the most spectacular scene must be

seen  on the landscape of sky-scrapers = so, I went to the City.  In fact, I went there together with

another video artist,  Funki Porcini and Tallbastard. —– Funki needed to shoot the night building

whether it is in ruin or collapsing on front of the eyes, otherwise just standing as usual  😀 

And while he was shooting, I cricked few pictures.

At City-A09A1513

The top photo,  Snowdrops was the kind,  I least expected to find here.  —– But, expecting only to

see them in a kind of nature, might be just an arrogance of the mankind = for them,  like a rocky

mountain and the thin soil on the rock = city-scape can be just another nature for them. 

As I didn’t expected,  likewise, people may not noticed this flower = hence never disturbed her =

being left her own,  Snowdrops could thrive !!!  ( This is what the Nature is. = It’s the Dharma )

At City-213-001

At City-214-001

At City-215-001

At City-216-001

At City-217-001

—– It seems,  the world has survived intact and the Xmas is coming yet again  😀  

So, to everybody who is going to celebrate it,  “Merry Xmas”  🙂

—– For me though,  a matter, winter solstice has past,  was  much more significant,  as

the sun is coming back !  = It’s getting brighter  🙂


Principle and Reality

Oh, holy Mackerel.     Is it Palm Sunday ? ! —– It must be April-Fool.

In principle, I don’t buy a calender. —— May be not such a principle but I just don’t buy.

Regardless whether a calender says it or not, the days come.  Next of 31st March is definitely 1st

of April.  In that case, why DO I need to have a calender.   It is a waste of money isn’t it.   😀 😀

In a principle to be a Buddhist, I should be a humble, poor man, hence not spend a money for non essentials.

A calender comes in this category. —– Therefore, I hardly know when is the Easter.  Ha ha ha 😀


Without having a calender, how do I know, this is the Palm Sunday = because the Radio said so.

(I don’t have TV) And I’ve been wondering, why BBC Radio 3 plays such as J S Bach Mathieu Passion. ? ? ?

Then blimey, the so-called Easter said to be coming soon.

Unlike Xmas, the exact date of Easter is always drifting = it’s a headache, especially before, suddenly, all the

shops were closed, as they say it’s Easter —– What a hell, I don’t care Easter, I need to buy a bread. 😀

—– So, for a wise precaution, I have to make sure, in my fridge, at least something to eat is there.


Principle or just a mean man’s habit, it often cause a conflict with the reality of the world.    He he he.

—– I don’t care Easter, is a principle though, in the same time I got so used to listen Baroque music,

especially J S Bach’s.   In my view (or should I say, my ear ? ) Bach’s Mathieu Passion is one of the

zenith of the human musical culture = just a combination of the sounds in a sequence, how such

purely sound stimuli can make a person to tear. ? ? ?

I don’t care and not necessary believe the whole story of the Passion, and unlike Dr. Albert Schweitzer’s

view of him, Bach may not necessary wholly committed Christian ( such as a fact in reality, he composed

Mass C miner, in order to seek a position in Roman Catholic ) —– still, (regardless Protestant or Catholic )

he knew what is the Spirituality in the human mind and in the ear = Sound of the God is

beyond the argument of the Christian sects.


From the principle, or a posture to be a Buddhist, I should find something Buddhists Music though,

there are virtually non.  (the President of Mitsutoyo Co. Japan is a profound Buddhist, and organizing

International Buddhist’s Music Competition though, I haven’t heard any music from its event)

Virtually non mean, of cause there are some, such as Nen-Butsu Wasan (念仏和讃) or

Tendai Shomyo (天台声明), name but few though, sorry to say they are in musical term, not listenable.

May be only the exception is the one composed by Takemitsu (武満徹), using Tendai-Shomyo in very

powerful contemporary music style —– yet, I have heard its broadcast only twice in my life.


Leave the Moslem, as they prohibits religious music (still, their secular, so-called Arabic music has

literally Arabesque universe of rich music culture —– their rhythm automatically drives my body).

The Hindu has such great tradition of religious music which gave an influence and flourishing in the

Indonesian Gamlan music too (incidentally some Gamlan tune were even imported to the Okinawa (沖縄)

music = some use of chromatic tune are unmistakably Gamlan !)

Whether they are religious music or not, Jewish music is one of a basis of the western music.

—– yet still, where the influence of the Buddhism, of its music tradition has gone in China

and in Japan. —– was there any prohibition, or repentance of music in the early Buddhism ?

To keep the music kind away, —– was it in the teachings and in their principle ?

Didn’t Lord Buddha sang a song with followers ?

(Imagine, Pope singing popular song. Doesn’t he?  Didn’t he ever ? — I’m sure he got his real life as a human.

Enjoying a wine and singing loud   😀 )


Historical facts showed, at least the musical instrument from India had reached to China and to Japan though,

it seemed it was only as a fancy goods = not accompanied by a musician, hence no music came together.

Such as a string instrument called Piipa (琵琶) in China, Biwa in Japan is the same Veena in India

(incidentally, it is the origin of Lute in the west)

In China and in Japanese traditional performance, a story teller use this as an accompanying instrument.

( In Japan Hei-kyoku (平曲) or Heike biwa (平家琵琶) and Chikuzen biwa (築前琵琶) is an old tradition,

but now kept by only handful players —– how sad )

How sad is my principle.  Though, in reality, I play its tape only as an sample sound when I have a

conversations with friends.

And in reality = regardless whether I’m Japanese Zennist or not, I listen and deeply appreciate

J S Bach’s Mathieu Passion = in this very moment it was played by the radio. (come from Amsterdam)

( The sound of Mathiew Passion, but in Miku Hatsune version is in this post (in enbeded YouTube ) )

If it is a good music just listen it.   There is no Dogma in Zen.

If anybody having fixed view, the mind has just stacked ===> free your mind.

If the song and dance is such bad, Dharma wouldn’t have created the musical tone

in the first place.  Don’t you agree ?    Ha ha ha 😀



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