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Exploding Battery

It is a well-known fact that the battery could explode and even start a fire.  I’ve seen many exploded battery, still never encounter a fire started by a elec’ device = When its fails, such as a short-circuit or a component failure, it makes a big bang (exploded electrolytic capacitor may make a lots of mess = blow out a chemical) = the circuit was burnt out therefore no more power to start a fire. (so far)

The photo here above was a Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery which has been exploded with big bang  (= blow out the hydrogen gas) !    The battery itself came from Lidle with a price of  £2.99 for 4x AA (said to have 2500mAH !) —– We can’t expect a quality from such a price but the manufacturer needed to get lid of the dead-stock which was rejected by the good vender or brand, even for a scrap price — still I didn’t anticipate an explosion.  I’ve seen many coin type battery exploded but this is the first time to see AA type exploded in such severe way. 

In this case, I was near by and disconnected the charger from the main at once.   But if it was happened while I was away, it could be rather dreadful to be happened ! (Don’t leave the battery in a charger while it was ON not attended.)   Be careful.    Prepare for the worst.


Reset the Canon body


It seems, when people use Sigma lens on Canon DSLR camera, sometime this trouble would happen = the camera start to show this sign and the lens stopped to work despite the other Canon lens was still working.

Even though the electronic contacts between the body to lens were clean and perfect —– camera just stop to recognize the lens and block all the functions. — As a matter of fact, there may not be any trouble exists, still the Canon body stop to function (as it was programmed so = to give a hard life to Sigma.   😀  ) 

Don’t panick.  You (and your Sigma) would be OK !  The remedy to this kind of trouble in the most of the electronic gear is the same (= same as your PC). = Just reset the gear / Switch off and restart.  In the Canon DSLR case, while that Sigma lens was mounted on the Canon body, switch off and take the battery out — after a while put the battery back and switch the camera on. —– You see !    Have a nice day.  Have a good shooting.


All mighty Good

 It said to be 500 years since Martin Ruther cause a revolution in the history of Christianity.  In the time of authoritarian Catholic, Martin Ruther started to preach, to communicate with the God in the common language, not in Latin.  (Obviously, even all mighty God didn’t have a multi lingual capability then !)

In the 13th century when western Christian mission arrived to Japan, they found that the Japan was the most awkward place to preach. — Japanese asked to those missionaries “If your God was such all mighty, why he couldn’t come here by himself while speaking in Japanese ?”  Of course, those western monks couldn’t answer the question. = So, they failed to convert Japan into Christianity and failed to make it into a colony, so even now, the Christian population in Japan is only about 1%. (Though, I’m not sure this figure include Muni as a part of Christian population.)


Puzzling Cherry

Seeing this picture, very few of you will noticed that this is in fact a quite familiar place.  In deed, I’ve shown the photos of here in my blog a lots of times if not over hundred.   This is a very corner of the green patch I described as a flower meadow in my blog in the past three years. 

Why I’m fussing about was, the wild cherry trees growing here, now having a full bloom.   What’s wrong ? —– Nothing wrong.     But I just wondering how those cherry trees came here.  What I dubbed Instant flower meadow was created by the local residents on June 2014 simply by spreading the seeds of the meadow plants.   So, I guess that, those more than ten cherry trees, all about the same size, looks the same variety, must be started to germinate here then as the same lot. (= not accidentally brought by the bird as an individual seed.)   So, they all together are now three years old siblings and having the flowers first time. 

In the past, I was thinking that those small trees were the seedlings of the nearby Multilayered Cherry tree.   But now a fraud was exposed !    The bag of the “Meadow Flowers Seeds” were adulterated with cherry seeds = and its right or wrong have to be strongly questioned.  Ever growing those cherry trees wouldn’t go together with the idea of a flower meadow. —– May be closer to the real nature and its cycle of the plant though, those wild cherry were too obstructive to “The Meadow”.  They are not expected to grow in a garden patch of a council housing estate here.

The particular cherry itself was a rather primitive wild cherry.    So, I want to see this flowers have cherry fruits and eaten by the birds.  (then spread to other locations. —– would it really happen ?) 

You might be noticed a phenomenon, that the most of the cherry blossom doesn’t have the siblings under the tree.  First of all, not all of them makes cherry fruits, let alone good to eat fruits. Because of them were created only for the sake of beautiful flowers, and often those variety was infertile.  Especially the most popular cherry in the world, Somei-Yoshino was originated from just one tree discovered in the Somei village in the west of Edo (Tokyo) 150 years ago.    From that tree, all the Somei-Yoshino were artificially propagated by grafting one by one.  ( But now, with the limit of the genetic strength, the Somei-Yoshino is coming to their end, and the nursery had stopped to produce any more Somei-Yoshino, following a direction of  the Japanese Gardening Association.    It was replaced by the next generation “Jindai Akebono” ! —– You can Google this story.)

So, the under the Somei-Yoshino tree, there even a single seedling germinate.

PS : ————————

Puzzling Cherry-DSC06483Now its middle of June.  I found the cherry fruits on that Puzzling Cherry !  (Quite modest size and the taste wasn’t too bad.   🙂


When 3 Artists come together

There was a gathering with 2 Cinematographer / Video Artist = Mr A and Mr G.  Basically Mr A was curious about my homemade lenses etc.

It’s a visual artist’s habit.   They tend to grasp the world with their camera.   Then try to compile a poetry or report kind while using intentionally picked up material in the convenient order (and sometime made-up a false story.)   Since I brought my wire Dragon as well (Demonstration model), Mr A who never seen it kind was rather puzzled of its mechanism. (I guess, video camera’s eye might make small wire structure even harder to comprehend.)     Any how it’s a his business / expertise.  Something funny about this gathering was, since all three were long running artist, and got own style and the concept, each of us was shooting their camera in their own pace, without telling what he IS shooting or aiming what.  (So, when their footage come up, I might incorporate them into this post or make a link to their Post or Youtube.)

Mr A was shooting rather heavy weight video camera and Mr G was using 8 mm film cine camera.  (And I was using Nikkor 24 mm F2 on Sony A7R)

(I have no idea what they were shooting.   😀  )  While going through the same environment, we three may make completely different scope.

I wonder, are they making a kind of human drama ?   We are seasoned enough, to talk on the Film, not on the mouth.   (We no longer believe blah blah but the resulting solid image.)

They were 2 of the ordinally shot though, put them in this way might give you an impression, “We are walking towards the doomed future”.  (= that’s how the trick of the political bias works. “Donate the money to protect the earth, before it become  too late !  😀  )

The area in question was socially rather interesting place though, political Art never work. (Because, the art is the matter of emotion —– emotional power always makes mistake in the social movement.)


Robot with Leiz (?) Lens


Among my camera collection, the most peculiar one must be this Robot camera with a Leiz Xenon lens.  Leiz lens though, it was made by the Taylor Hobson.  Taylor Hobson is a British optical, precise engineering company, so why British lens was sold as Leiz Xenon Lens may have interesting story. (You may find.)  And the lens was made for Leica camera and further modified to fit this Robot camera.

  The name Robot came from its spring driven automatic shooting mechanism.  And this particular model has double length of the spring which enable the whole 50 shots in one charge of the spring.  I think this camera was designed to be used on the scientific or military front in mind.  = such as that the camera was mounted on top of a microscope or under a wing of a spying aircraft where the shutter was triggered by a remote cable.


The camera was very well designed and solidly made (= heavy).  Film was loaded to the double cassett of which the film slit will be opened for a smooth winding of the film when the back cover was closed.  36 exposure film (about 1.5 m long) can have 50 shots with its square (24 x 24) format.

robot-leiz3-a09a693480, 90 years ago, 50 mm lens with F1.5 was an exceptionally bright lens and as its optical design was protected by the Taylor Hobson, no way else, Leiz needed to buy it from them. 

Leica lens can be easily used on the Sony A7 camera with a simple and cheap (about £5) adapter. (Photo left)

There are funny mix of the British-German conflict.  The distance scale was in imperial = feet, and it goes down to the closest distance 3.5 feet.

On the test shot on A7 camera showed quite sharp image = it convinced me, that the military reconnoissance people desperately wanted this lens on a Robot !


On the photo above left, about 70% to the right, you may see faint red spot, and that part was enlarged on the right photo.


And the same shooting of the same dried Rose on 3.5 feet distance. = photo middle was F1.5 fully open and the right was F6.3. —– Whether the softness on F1.5 was caused by the aberration or internal reflection (ghost) was questionable.   Still, somewhat common with the Zeiss lens’ softness isn’t too bad.  And I’m quite happy with it.   🙂


Tim Lewis exhibition


Last night there was an opening PV of Tim Lewis exhibition at the

Flowers gallery, Cork street, London.


Despite the kinetics is rather odd in the art world, quite a number 

of visitors filled the floor and they were curious to touch and rotate

the gear —– and amazed to see how the things move.  🙂


Some of his creations are pretty small but, some are big. 

Still overall concept is always the same, like grand dad made

a toy for a small boy.  In the digital techno age, his creation

stays stubbornly analog and rather rustic and moves purely

for the sake of move. 

Normally, the things move for the purpose of something

= (nature or economics never waste the energy)

car moves, in order to take the driver or passenger A to B. 

The machines do their works.  Apple had to drop because the

gravity pulled him.  But Tim’s Machine moves only to show

its movement.  That’s all.  They were made just for the art.

= So, the visitors seems not a kind of Geek or Otaku.



The exhibition was addressed by the curator, Ann Elliot who 

saw “His work is beautiful” but only wonder the mechanics. 

(Photo above, from left = James (gallery director) Ann and Tim)



Tim (photo middle) and his kids playing with Dady’s toy !

(I would say, he must be much happier than playing with Pokemon.)   😀



People kept talking and talking — even outside (it was a hot day)  🙂

—– The most of the photos here were taken by the Pinhole, either with or

without Fisheye adapter.

Sharper photo was made by a Hand made Toy lens on Sony A7R camera.


Godzilla of Cicada shell

CowPPkXVUAAnrr8--- Godzira

This is the photo of Godzilla sculpture made by the empty

shells of Cicada.

It came from  >>> http://hayabusa3.2ch.sc/test/read.cgi/news/1470180555/

I don’t think I need to explain what it is. 

(and so far, I couldn’t find who made this)

Anyhow, I’ve just dropped my jaw = lost a word.   😀


My Dragon sculpture made by wire was just a 3D version of the

line drawing = not much new.   (and this one as well)

—– Though, to conceive the idea to make Godzilla by the empty

shells of cicada seems to be far beyond of human imagination and

more importantly, it was not an empty crazy performance = the end

result IS an impressive art piece.

Our human mind could have even more area to fly further.




(Dirty) Battle on the Net

With a stereotypical crèche, we are implanted a myth that we are

bombarded by too much information in the net environment. 

And we can find ANY info’ by just clicking. 

—– DO you believe this ? —– As a matter of fact I did too.  

So, as my tablet as a mobile photo book, I’ve been explaining to

the new friends what I’m doing and told them “If you are

interested in, just read the blog itself.  And to find my blog, the

easiest way is just google < yoshi, Zappa> you can see this fish-eye

photo of Zappa and the links to my blog on top of the google page”

= So far it was a good instruction — I thought till few weeks ago. 

Then I met the same man and he said “I couldn’t find your blog”

— ? ? ?   = We realized that, (as he was using a browser  MS’s

Internet Explorer and its search engine Bing) on IE  the information

related to Google were completely missing

= On Bing, you can NOT find any WordPress blog, such as a search

term, not only <yoshi, Zappa> even <yoshizen blog> NO information

of my blog coming up there at all. (even after 10th pages)

Since I don’t like bullying MS (with their monopoly), I’ve been using

Fire Fox from the start, therefore I was not aware this trouble. 

(You can test this easily = You see the Search box in the Tool Bar 

on top of screen.   When you move the Arrow there, The choice of 

Search Engine, Yahoo, Bing etc will appears = Try each of them

with the Same Search Term)  

Obviously, MS is so desperate when facing their fortune is

slipping away = try to destruct Google in any mean.

(They haven’t reached the Point “If you can’t beat, join them” yet.)

It’s an ugly battle going on.

(Incidentally, I found that to search through the browser Opera was

not recognized by the WordPress = the count of the reading of the post

was not appeared to the WP statistics. — I have no idea why.

= I noticed this, when a man told me that he has read through all the

“Photography post” which got enormous number — still, nothing

appeared on the WP stats count.    Then I found he was using Opera.)

(Later, I tested the Opera my self while downloading it to my PC and

found = its depend on the condition when it was downloaded = sometime

work, other time not — try download again and check the function)

= It seems, strange battle is also going on behind the scene.  😀

(There must be the heavy negotiation of license, money etc etc) 


Prince William on Gay Magazine

will cover small

After the discussion, HRH The Duke of Cambridge made the following statement:

“No one should be bullied for their sexuality or any other reason and no one

should have to put up with the kind of hate that these young people have endured

in their lives. The young gay, lesbian and transgender individuals I met through

Attitude are truly brave to speak out and to give hope to people who are going

through terrible bullying right now. Their sense of strength and optimism should

give us all encouragement to stand up to bullying wherever we see it.

What I would say to any young person reading this who’s being bullied for their

sexuality: don’t put up with it – speak to a trusted adult, a friend, a teacher,

Childline, Diana Award or some other service and get the help you need.

You should be proud of the person you are and you have nothing to be ashamed of.”

Attitude editor Matthew Todd says: “During my time as editor of Attitude I have met

parents whose child has taken or lost their life after being bullied for being LGBT+

or just perceived to be LGBT. I am very happy that the future King of the

United Kingdom agrees this must stop and I would urge parents in particular to

raise their voices in their communities to ensure that every school protects

– really protects – all children.”

This issue of Attitude magazine went to press on Wednesday 8 June, just days

before the devastating shooting in Orlando which saw 49 LGBT+ people lose their lives.

Attitude sends our most heartfelt condolences to those affected by this atrocity.

Around the world, LGBT+ people experience hatred and violence every day.

Such violence does not exist in a vacuum but snowballs from intolerance and bullying

that begins in classrooms, too often comes from politicians or religious leaders and

is often not treated with respect by the media.


(You may see the original article here)
Being a photographer (or used to be) I have/had many friend who was
happened to be a gay.   Most of them were such as a hair stylist, designer
etc who was working in the creative industry —– but on the business,
(I mean photo shootings) no such things are the matter I neither care.
(Still I appreciate their gentle attitude and the care for the details.)
I myself is a so-called straight = only had relation with opposite sex
but, almost 30 years I haven’t touched a woman (only a shake hand).
(I would say “Enough is enough, no more thanks” = fundamentally,
sexual relation was designed to be quite unfairly = pleasure, the woman
can get, is comparable to have a trouble to have 10 months pregnancy
and the child-birth.  In comparison, a man’s pleasure is to release a shot,
still receive a blame etc etc of trouble. = What is the point to have one.)
Though, in the society, “If a man doesn’t have a woman he must be a gay”
= It seems, the people couldn’t think the third way.
When I was a regular of the Club, Fridge, Brixton, London where they
had “Escape from Samsara” every Friday — I was there for 5 and a half
years as I had free entry and the free drinks — since I was the best dancer.)
The club also had the gay-night = “Love Muscle” on Saturday night (but I
didn’t like the atmosphere = I stack to Samsara.)  Still time to time gay man
came to Samsara.  Though they are the very flashy people (wearing SM
string costume, exposing their bottom kind) I didn’t care at all, (it’s their
business, not mine)  When I was in the club (in fact in any club) I was there
for dancing, not for socializing, I didn’t speak with the cloud but only to staffs
(so, some of the people mistook me to an under-cover drug police, security,
even the real owner of the club !)  Then one night, a man with a SM costume
hugged me from behind and shake his thing onto me.  I twisted his arms 
and throw him out.  A member of the Samsara organizer, took the man inside
again saying “I’m a gay since I was 16” “I don’t care it’s your business”
“I have the exactly the same right, no to be harassed by the gay”  “OK, if you
don’t like I stop to come here — see what would happen”  — after I stop to
go Fridge club, strangely, every Friday was rainy, and the club floor became
empty.  6 months later Samsara bankrupted and a year later, Fridge was sold.
So, I don’t care who ever, what so ever your sexual orientation kind = leave 
me alone and I’ll leave you alone = Don’t expect me to treat you special.
Everybody born with their own Karma = So, everybody is different — AND
while finding somewhat common, we ARE living together by the “Majority”
consensus = Minority IS always there. Behind of 51% Majority, 49% of almost
the same size of the Minority is there.  If the Minority is asking the same right,
what is the point to have the Democracy.  The system was designed and
working when each part was functioning in cohesion.  To keep in coherent,
the part or person has to compromise otherwise the system disintegrates.
It must be the headache, when the each part of the system behaving
differently (out of cohesion) still asking  the same right and the same
treatment of the perfectly functioning system. (System is in debt already
still the person “speaking” friendly words while living above the system
looks nice — to the untrained eyes.)
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