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In law trouble


While browsing the Net, I encountered a kind of board where people put their story or accusation, complaint etc in their life.  People may also dumping their frustration or showing off their successful plot or revenge etc as well.     M m m —–  Then suddenly, I realized that there is one of the life’s heaviest paradox of which I’ve been able to avoid as a single monk. 

While growing up, whether as good boy, bad boy or good girl, bad girl regardless, whether they got any qualification and gained any good social skill OR NOT, almost of all in equal term, they get marry or became a in-law of the husband or wife.   Then naturally, the drama starts between those newly joined members and old families.    Elder brother’s wife may take advantage to be a senior position and bully even steal a things with an excuse of I just borrowed it as in the same family and just forgot to return etc. etc.    The more audacious win.   Even if it was an obvious crime, Police is not very keen to intervene the family matter = giving an impression of free to go.  (If Police try to prosecute, suddenly the witness change etc, because of the pressure from the close ties etc. etc. —— Police knows those entangled emotional situation too well etc. etc. )

You may choose your spouse but you can’t avoid your in-law.    Unlike to get a job, you don’t need any qualification or intelligence to become in-law as there is no test or interview.   Even worse, so-called commonsense may not to be shared by others neither no enforcement.   They can say, that’s who I am, its my right to be me.    So, hell opened. —– And the very hell is where they thrive.   They grab what ever they want and getaway in a midst of chaos.  

For introduction, or a match making party, at least a kind of selection of school or society, still in reality, most of the people find their spouse mostly by chance without knowing any detail of the person let alone its relatives.   And suddenly those people may come to your room with spare key.   Asserting that they have a right to demand and do so as a relatives (even if they are only in-law).

Their logic is, as the declaration of human right says, everybody got the equal right to claim their share of happiness.   Especially among the same family, the happiness and the wealth has to be shared equal.  Therefore your expensive jewelry also belong to me etc.   So, I don’t need to ask you because, it IS mine.   Don’t you understand ?

Everybody got an equal right to get marry to almost anybody yet still, all the trouble might be caused by “who the person IS” which has been almost out of scope when he or she start their relation (they were hot in love and believing nothing else is a matter, don’t interfere us). —– So does, anybody has a freedom to choose own life-style as it is their own business and their right — Then suddenly the floodgate opened as a in-law.   It seems it is a most convenient excuse to an uneducated EX-hooligan to start bullying, make the younger in-law to easiest target.   —– If you see the hi-school  boys, girls, in the town you may understand how such in-law was going to be mass-produced.   —– it’s a trouble isn’t it ?    To have the individual right and the freedom and the peaceful social harmony in the same time seemed to be impossible.   But, that’s what the world is.


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Citron bath on Winter Solstices (for Monkey)



>>> http://www.jiji.com/jc/pp?d=pp_2015&p=latest-jpp020507192

To make a Citron Bath on Winter Solstice is a Japanese tradition.

It was regarded to be good for the winter health.

So, why not to Monkeys too.   🙂


Citron-Bath in Winter solstices Day for Capybara !

Japanese Mountain Monkys enjoying hot spring bath is well known.

So, how about Capybara enjoying hot bath in the winter.

And today is the Winter-Solstices, the day Japanese makes Citron

bath to keep good health. = So, Capybara enjoying it too.

This is a Park in IZU ( 2 hours journey south-west of Tokyo ) but

quite few Parks keeping Capybara around Tokyo and all of them are

having a hot bath in the winter time.

(People can watch them without offending, nor Police concerns)  😀

—– It was originally discovered when the zoo keepers was using hot

water to clean the area, a Capybara accidentally found it’s nice to

bathe warm water’s paddle => then it was accustomed to all of them.

Japanese Zoo-keepers just followed what Capybara wanted.   😀

—– Peace for the people over there and to the Capybaras alike.   🙂


Cat’s Story / Haori-chan

When the time to give a birth came, the pregnant Mother-cat come and rub her head and body

against my leg.   That is their expression of “I beg you” —– I spread a bath towel on the sofa

and lightly give a massage to her tummy.   Then she start to push out the kitten next by next.

So, I take each kitten to her face for her to lick the new-born.

But some time (1 in 5~6), a still-born kitten came out.   Once, there was a very hard deliver of

over-grown kitten.   Only the head came out, I knew the trouble, and I pulled it hard.

When the whole body came out, the Mother-cat screamed.

That kitten was pretty big —- may be over 400g but I couldn’t save him.

Cat's Story (B)473-002

Among the 3rd litter, Haori (of cause, named later) was the most miserable kitten.

In fact, she was yet another (almost) still born.   I just took minuscule odds and revived her.

= As in the most of the case, kitten seemed to have drowned by the amniotic fluid, I shook

the body, head down to drain the water, and insert a small paper stick made out of toilet

tissue to the nose of kitten, for sucking out the water further.    And massage the body in

a warm water while blowing the air into the nose several times. —– in minute or two, three,

the kitten started to move. = Voila’ one life was saved.

(— Sound, and looks may awful treatment though, I’m not intended to play “Tender Buddhist

posture”, —– if the matter was to drain the water, I needed to use centrifugal force, hence

shake the kitten’s body in Karate speed —– To drain the water from a drowned human by

putting the hand into the throat, it neither be a nice picture, nor revive a person in hypothermia

in the mountain, it is more of the battle field operation than a “hart warming tender story” =

What-so-ever, my practice was very effective and altogether 4 out of 6 kittens has been saved =

this is the fact.  

Life is not for talking an imaginary sweet story, but just go through hard act.     Just Do.

Cat's Story Haori (3)471-001

Revived though, Haori was still the smallest and weakest, hence couldn’t compete with other

5 kittens on the milk-sucking battle.    I’ve tried as many times as possible, by taking other

stronger kittens off from tits and gave it to Haori, still, it was not enough, and needed to give

her supplement but, ordinary cow’s milk caused her diarrhoea and needed to buy special

“Kitten formulated Milk”.

On top of those trouble her eyes had infection and having eye-glue stacked on her eye lids.

When Mother-cat try to clean her eyes, she chew-off the dried eye-glue, but in the same time

her whiskers had been chewed-off as well.

(Poor Haori-chan, photo left ! / Photo right, Haori and Pino)


A month past, when all the kittens started to change to the solid food, I trained Haori to eat

Kitten-milk-powder mixed with cream-cheese. Then cheese mixed with cat’s food but Haori

refused to eat cat’s food. —– (One theory said, that the baby (kitten) acquired the taste

(= what to eat) through the minute chemical in the Mother’s milk —– like Haori, who couldn’t

have enough milk from the Mother, hadn’t developed the taste for cat’s food.)  Therefore,  I

had to feed her frozen Coley Fish (lightly boiled) mixed with cheese. —– sound very special

treatment though, nothing special to Haori herself.   It was her norm and she just grown-up

to an ordinary cat.  (She didn’t grow Golden Fleece.  🙂 )

She behaved more or less the same to other cat but not so interactive, just sitting and 

watching out of window or me. = only not ordinary was what she was eating.

Cat's Story Haori (4)472-001

And because of her expensive diet, she couldn’t be adapted by others.

In addition, another cat, once adapted by other family had came back, because she, Pino was

a too clever trouble-maker.   Such as to jump to a door handle and open it etc. she was the

expert to open and sneak into anywhere, hence made a lots of mischievous.   (= get inside but

couldn’t open it from the inside then shit there, kind of trouble. 🙂 )

(— Though, I could anticipate what she is going to do, hence such as to make the things on the

shelf to fall easily, she instantly learn and never attempt it again.

So, those two, Haori and Pino were the cats lived with me longest, and left many wired stories.


Dog mourns the loss of Friend Beaver

This is a Youtube clip ” Vella (dog) mourns the loss of Beaves (beaver)”

I was told to watch.   And I found myself I can add anything to say.  

So, just watch and give a tear or two for them.


When I was living with cats (mind you, with up to 9 of them) I even

bemused how they can read my mind.  

And able to know when I was coming  back, all together waiting

behind of front door.  (looked like a gathering of tadpoles.  🙂 )


The video clip seemed to be uploaded today, and it said to be

when the friend beaver,  Beaves was suddenly found dead,

the mate Vella came into really deep mourn.  






It is 3-11 again.


It’s already 2 years since. It is the past though, still over 315,000 people in Japan

forced to live in their temporary accommodation, many of them are still not able

to find a job with various reason, it’s mean for them nothing is over yet.

And we couldn’t forget over 2,300 peoples are still missing.


Zen doesn’t give a sit to the past.   Though, the trouble is, this trouble is

still very front of those people suffering = it is a burning issue on their hand.

So that, today lots of gathering has been held to commemorate the lost lives,

or protest gathering against the nuclear issue, but more importantly those people

working to take care of victims are doing their job same as yesterday.

(and has to do tomorrow as well).


Some relatives of our Alpine Club’s member or their friends had been directly

affected though, the rest of us, fortunate enough not to have a hand burning are

exchanging the mail or gave a thought on their blog.

The words quoted in my friend’s blog “We are grateful still given to be here”.

(In my given life, I was rather lucky happen to be here, not under the Tsunami.)

So, my burning issue on this moment is, this very life given to my hand here.

Since the moment when I was given this life, my hand is burning.

(I know it will keep burning until the moment it cease off = Nirvana.)


So, if I were allowed to join the pray,

Peace to the people who happen to lost their lives,

and to the people who is still suffering.



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YOU or Potato ?


Have you ever seen a bean or maze seed dropped to the garden, sprout.

Or did you ever planted vegetable such as potato, even a carrot in a soil and see them

shoot up. — Yes they are alive in deed.   Still, we do fly, boiled alive and eat them.

Don’t make an excuse, they don’t have a sense, intelligence or feel pain = who knows.

(Have you ever been a Potato to make a first-hand report of being cooked alive. 😀 )


We are all living on a margin of thin blue line of compromise and

dependency.  We are just be here on borrowed time on probation.

So, don’t preach others with smug face, for conservation or environment what so ever.

= (Before preach, get rid of your cotton pants which was made by forcibly cultivated,

harvested and processed cotton flower,  and stop eating vegetable which was grown for

money in a field where tree has been uprooted. )  = Guilty party keeps mouth shat  😀

In other words, there couldn’t be any quiet peaceful life = life is inherently noisy and

filled with all sorts of bothersome trouble.  That’s what the life in Samsara is.


Zen wouldn’t make you noble.

Zen teach you how to cut onion, potato (not mention Lemon :-)) efficiently without any

hesitation or wobble.  (So does to do the business.  Make you Just Do It.  🙂 )

And the Buddhism teachs you who you are = no different from a potato, yet still very

unique one.   (I didn’t say you ARE Potato if not very close — a man of half potato must

be genetically very very unique = I never seen one though.  :-D)

Therefore, Buddhism makes you absolutely humble and absolutely confident to be YOU.

(as one of guilty party which is natural.)  No one is perfect or innocent = What’s wrong?

Wrong is, to imagine you are right, while wearing cotton pants and live in this world

still believing that you are right,  is only in your imagination which is called delusion. 

—– By the way, I didn’t say if it was a sheen nylon French-nicker, it would be OK,

though I don’t mind to see one.  (As I’m one of the guilty)    Ha ha ha  😀

(To live in Samsara is heavy enough, yet still, how heavy unnecessary load called Pretense we are carrying.

Still, some people preaching, wearing a mask of Pretense is they called Decency, and keep Pretending it  😀 ))

Let all those heavy load to go, is what Buddhists call  [Enlightenment] !

(Its mean, if you are a Potato, DO live a life of proud POTATO

IS the Enlightenment ! ! !

= Even a Potato can get Enlightenment,

why not an ordinary man on the street.



Is Charity Self-sacrifice ?

There was a search term = [is Charity self-sacrifice ?] came to my blog.

I think I’ve talked about those matters many times yet, it might be better to clarify them again.


In Zen, there is no notion of [Charity] or [Self], let alone [self-sacrifice].

They are the notions exist only in the Mind, away from the situation. (It was deduced

from the memories = stacked mind with accumulated knowledges from the past 🙂 )

Charity is not a separate notion from one’s deep mind (in fact, whether Mind itself is exists or

just an intellectual hypothesis = artificially abstracted idea —– is an interesting argument)

or in the subconscious.


Lord Buddha explained “ Nothing stays = only appear to be there in a moment”

in the context of the entwined mechanism of the Dharma as

the Karma = relation of Cause and the Result resulted.

The reaction, which is away from the thinking and we call as a Charity = it is in fact “it is nothing

but a prevailing Dharma” was explained in the post [Compassion and Charity in Dharma] (link)

By reading it, you must be convinced that the Charity is not the act of the SELF, far from it,

it exists because of NO-SELF in the first place.

NO-SELF, still the one was acted in such a manner — Who acted it = Dharma.

This is the Core of the Buddhism. = Acting moment to moment in its best, as

the Dharma IS, hence create the life as total is, What the Buddhism IS.


Not only the situation, (situation is a mare face or appearance of the Dharma driven by the

Karma concerned) but also ourself is dependent to the Dharma (or we are the Dharma itself),

in moment to moment = hence there is no fixed notion of the Self could exists.

As Self isn’t there, but the Dharma = There can not be the sacrifice of the Self.

The person was just acted according to the Dharma or as the Dharma IS. =

To help others is not a sacrifice of the ONE, but simply it was needed

by the Dharma. (hence, the Dharma acted using the hand of someone)  🙂


Therefore, it must be clear, there couldn’t be Charity or Self-sacrifice. If any of

those kind of notion exist there, it is a pretense derived from the knowledges

and a Self-conscious vanity.


So-called charitable act to donate money to the Sect is just a system of sucking.

In most of the case, so-called founder of the Sect is not a holy man but an entrepreneur.

= that how those Sects became so rich and the leader became a millionaire, driving Mercedes

while leaving the followers in poverty.

Yet still, if you need to donate a money, it is in deed self-sacrifice and the

waste of the money :-D.

Since, the fact shows, = how many years the Sect there ? === has they changed the world ?

Where the money donated by the peoples has gone 😀

—– to see and hear what the Dharma says or requested you, IS the matter,

not what the sect tells you.

And to see the Dharma, you need the eyes of Mushin = Mind of No-Mind )


Do a charitable act in Mushin is easy, just do it = it’s your spontaneous reaction.

(If it’s needed to have second-thought = it is not the matter of charity but the business project

= you have to asses the return in comparison to the investment = this is not Buddhism  😀 )



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Compassion and Charity in Dharma

When we saw somebody lost a balance and seemingly fall, we just give a hand to

hold the person. ———- why ? ? ?

Give a thought. —– Why do we need to give a hand to this person ? Why this guy shouldn’t fall ?

Why with my hand, why not other’s ? —– This guy even might have a Karma to fall here, and

hit the head and to die. —– Or, is it to prevent a messy situation developed and don’t want to

see bloody scene ? = are ALL, in the THINKING.


But without any thinking, instantly we just stretch a hand to support the person.

Have we ever taught to hold a person to prevent fall ?   Who told you to do so ?

= Without any knowledge, without any thought, WE JUST DO IT. = WHY ? ? ?

Because it is in our nature. Instantly see what is necessary, what is right and good.

So that, Lord Buddha explained that this is the Dharma which, we were born with.


There is no word on the beginning.   So we needed to invent a word for this phenomenon, as

[Compassion].   And after started to notice this, started to talk and teach brah brah brah.

Without we know its whole mechanism and details, we knew it’s there of which we named

DHARMA.   And we knew, it is functioning without we think nor even noticing it. = in other

words, it is there, in the same time it is within us.

—– If we start to think, it is not necessary rational nor beneficial for us.

—– Why, do I need to help this person.   Yet we automatically do it. = don’t need

to think too much. = better leave the matter to the hand of DHARMA.


And this is what all about the teachings

of Lord Buddha.

His teachings are all not about to reach the Darma, but to eliminate the obstacles

which prevents the Dharma prevailing. — such as “Why do I need to help other = Ego”.

Has it any benefit for me to do this ? = Greed”.

“Oh, this person is falling, —– should I help but how = too much useless thinking to waste the

time and make it too late

= So that, the core teaching was to eliminate the useless thinking = without own

thinking we can react to the situation = it’s mean, we can do it without SELF

= Self itself is not exists.  ( He just pointed out the facts and its explanation,

same as the science = anything fancy imaginative stories were added by others)


Natural flow of inspiration doesn’t necessary having a convenient order or structure.

Lord Buddha’s teachings must be given as his wisdoms, situation by situation on the spot.

The structure and the classification, listing and the numbering must came much later = after

the teachings were written down as the scripture.

Trouble in the Buddhism teachings are, the person who compiled it didn’t necessary understood

what the [Mushin] is or knowing the effect of having the Dharma in him.

Therefore, he only guessed and listed up each description of act from hear-say.  

So that, in the Buddhism Scriptures, each duties were listed

as if it is an each discreet mind and act. (List of DO and DO-NOT)

(It was like a man who doesn’t know the Dancing, to teach How to Step and

How to move Hands all separately without accompanying music  😀 )

In the state of the mind = in Mushin, Compassion, no Ego, no Greed, no

Wrong intention etc etc are in fact, just one mind.  It is an inseparable one state

to see the good or better at once, which also controls action or body movement.

( So, the Best Judgment, Creativity or the Mastery Skill are all bore-out from this)

Though, it couldn’t even be observable by the person. —– If it was in conscious

of the person, such as “ This is a compassion” = it is a sham and just a pretense.

This is the reason why being in the state of  Mushin and in Ichijo is so crucial.


When your hand spontaneously hold the person,  it was a real compassion and

the prevailed DHARMA.



Talk with Cats = What is MUSHIN

Somebody said “Hey yoshizen, you are utterly nuts, how you can talk with cats ?”

—– Quite often, when I saw a cat, I call him (her ?) “wu Nya” 😀

And lower my body or crouch and say “Oide, oide” (it’s mean, “Come, come” in Japanese.)

So that, my friend who happened to be with me, say “How this cat understand Japanese ?”

or “Can they understand Japanese ? Hey, don’t be silly ” —– then, those friend

was surprised as he saw the cat is coming to me and having their head scratched.


So, I said to my friend “Of cause, they don’t know what that Japanese mean.

But, do you know, the cats can read our mind ?” “Oh yes, I know they can”

“So, this is it. It doesn’t matter what language I have used on my rip, but my mind,

in fact deep down to my subconscious level, I’m expressing the friendship message

as the same kin.  Cat understand this message like a mind reading”


If you remember what I wrote in the previous post, you may be confused by this description.

—– “Deal with cat in Mushin”. —– What the Mushin mean here ?

THIS IS the most misunderstood point in the Buddhism and in the concept

of Mushin and the SELF.

Open your mind, don’t think anything, empty your mind, brah brah brah ——.

They are all just the words, only described the superficial appearance and its observation.

Yes it is true. There was no thinking in the brain on that moment, hence it seemed the mind

was empty. —– still, full function of the body is continuing.

Tea Master is making a tea, Sword’s Master is fighting, I was calling the Cat. = all

those actions were carried out in Mushin.


Lots of amateur Buddhists and Sham Monks or so-called Instructors, Practitioners are believing

and teaching that the Mushin is a kind of special mental state occurred only

when sitting and meditating.

—– Forget the Buddhism for a while. (Before talking Buddhist’s mind, you better know what

the ordinarily mind is 😉 ) = Remember what people say “Talk from your Heart”

It struck our Soul” “Selfless Love” etc ==== You can understand all those words straight,

what it’s mean. = In fact all those words are describing the same psyche in our deep-down mind

= the pure human emotion in our subconsciousness, without any intentional thinking

= away from political, psychological manipulation, self enriching maneuver or egotistic thinking.

People can naturally feel, talk and act without having any those intentional artificial thinking.

—– Where those Thinking come from, and where those psyche described as

Heart, Soul or Pure Human Emotion come from ?


Complexed highly intentional thinkings are all bore out of our highly intelligent Cerebrum =

large Brain.  But Heart, Soul and Pure Humanistic Emotion are come from our

Old Cortex and Limbic System.

(Which is common, even with cats, hence we can shar the same psyche. 😀 )

Mushin = Mind of No-Mind is the state of the brain, when all those Thinkings in the Cerebrum

were stopped (or suppressed, abandoned what ever the word. And an advanced Zen Master can

stop even the process or Emotion in the Limbic System as well). = Still, some subconscious and

basic function in the Limbic System can be maintained and continue its process.


Likewise, the Self with its Self Conscious Thinking together with its Emotion could

be disappeared, still able to maintain the integration of the body and its function.

= Thinking was stopped still, subconscious is aware the situation.

In fact, subconsciousness knows the situation far better, because Limbic system

is directing and controlling all the data flow in the Brain.  The Cerebrum is only

converting some of those data into the words and to the visible conscious.

(This is why the argument, what is the SELF and whether it is exists or not was started.

And the typical Mahayana Expression [It exists as not exists] was invented).

Consciously conscioused SELF is clearly be seen, but subconscious is invisible. 

You can hear my word to a cat “Oide, oide”, but you can’t hear the signal

in [Z-band] channel hidden there.   (Unless you too a cats person  😀 ).


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