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Self — Subconsciousness

With the incredible advancement of the technology, medical science etc, now we are becoming aware what is the Self in totally different aspect. (Though, those stories were based on the net news, Youtube kind = second, third source.  Take this lightly.)

With the forefront study of the monocular biology and the brain science using MRI kind of scanning = observing the activity of the brain, in relation to the internal flora of the bacteria, virus, even the parasite in our guts, are becoming clear. —— Why guts and the brain is linked ? you may say, = those organism in our guts are making many chemicals and those are circulating in our blood and reaching, affecting the brain, and the emotion, even high level decision-making and the behavior pattern.

You might heard the story of the parasite who manipulates the brain of ant to go top of a grass, in order to be eaten by a sheep, then lay their eggs there and it will be spread by the sheep’s droppings then go into the ant again = So, this cycle will be repeated and continues. —– those organisms can produce quite sophisticated chemicals, enzymes which can manipulate even our brain’s thinking and the emotion.  Though, who designed this incredible system is nothing but THE mystery.

Our mood, emotion which affects our thinking, behavior could easily be influenced by those chemicals, brain transmitters, hormones. (Though, we may not know what IS the condition of “Without” = co-havitating bacteria and its chemicals could be the NORM of our existence.) = Remember, “Mitochondria” in our body-cells, they are in fact, just co-havitating foreign organism = we didn’t create them = they got their own DNA !

Long since, we human has been using the term / words, such as Guts Feeling, Intuition etc = we can not clearly know but only vaguely feel the effect, the invisible influence or resulting deep mind, which we call “Subconsciousness” —– IS in reality, a result of the balance of the neuro hormones include the chemicals from those bacteria, parasite, and not much to do with spirituality.  So, true Self could be a product of the bacteria or parasite you are harboring in your guts.  Sound great isn’t it ?    😀



Throw a stone

The words here “Throw a stone” is a metaphor or a symbol indicating that there is a meaning behind of such action — in Zen term, a Direct Transmission.  Why Direct Transmission ? — Because the words couldn’t convey the meaning behind or such meaning would be lost if it was expressed in the words. 

After many years, I suddenly realized that Lord Buddha never spoken about the Concept or the Idea conceived in the mind other than in the metaphoric stories.  His teachings were doing or show what or how to do.  And never explained what its action for or meanings of it.  So that, the Disciples were guessing or making their own interpretation if not their own understanding. —– The most of the scriptures were such kind of interpretations or guess-works and very little real teachings of Buddha was recorded because of very few could manage to catch the meaning behind, let alone describe them in the scripture.  (So that, the Buddhism has been surrounded by the mountain of buzz-words created by a superficial capturing such as Selfless, No-thinking, Mushin, Dedication, Self-sacrifice, Detauchment, No-greed, No-emotion, No-fear, Mindfulness, Middle way, — etc etc.)

In deed, Lord Buddha didn’t teach  the meaning or the intention behind of his teachings.  BECAUSE to explain such meaning WILL destroy the teaching itself. (It was recorded in the scripture typically as “Unanswered Questions” =  the abstract, imaginary notions such as an idea of  SELF or theoretical existence like an Infinity, were completely ignored by him.)

—– Do something, JUST do something without do other than DO, = such as to take a bicycle and ride, and go shopping.  When you do such riding, you ARE not thinking how to ride, how to push the feet or take a balance = because, you do it without any conscious “Let alone any conscious of I’m DOING the bicycle ride” = In fact, you ARE doing it without your SELF.  AS this IS the evidence of that the SELF IS not exists, and the idea of the SELF was a creation of your conscious or IMAGINATION.  Since the SELF is not exists, the notion or its word is not exists either (in other words, they were INTENTIONALY created to deal with those notion.) = Therefore, it IS not possible to explain the idea of “There is no SELF” = you can’t explain this without using the notion or the word SELF other than you yourself realize that you ARE riding the bicycle without the conscious of SELF.  Lord Buddha taught his followers to learn it through the action (or a kind of repeating practice — mind you there wasn’t a bicycle then.  😀 ) —– still, how his teachings was successful or succeeded was quite questionable = AND as he was aware of it, he had to leave the very last words “Don’t take the other’s words, learn it by YOURSELF” —– The history of the Buddhism showed nothing but the silly misunderstanding or more precisely the lack of understanding among the followers since then.   (I’ll show it with the most typical sample of “Middle way” in the next post.)



Kill the SELF

If any Buddhism sect or their instructor told about “Self denial” or “Kill the Self” kind, they are a sham.  It was not what Lord Buddha taught 2500 years ago. 

(Lord Buddha taught “Selfless” through the practice though, as he didn’t explain the meaning or its intension, it was not necessarily understood by the followers. — Because of the SELF and its notion was not exists, it was not possible to explain. = Can you explain “Self is not exist” without using the word “Self” ?    😀 )  

In this situation, could anybody describe what about or significance of the teachings, or the meaning of practice which taught Selfless. = Hence, no description even in Agama. Because the matter was not to understand what the meaning of the word “Selfless” but become able to do the practice without thinking without emotion. ( = completely detouched, which mean without EGO ! )

There are many stories of Buddha’s silence or No-answer.   All those questions which was ignored were about the imaginary things, such as infinity, eternal, after a death, perpetual soul kind.   Because all those are the imaginary things = deluded by the “Self” which is not even exists.   Why bother answer it.   In fact, Lord Buddha’s silence = stop talking meant to be a message as strong as to kill the person.

Have you heard a very lucrative investment scheme of the Poca-pinta (10 poca-pinta is about $1) in the Pintaland, where you can buy 1 Kg of Gold for 1,000 Poca-pinta.  But to make a deal, you have to send $1000 into a Net Account first. = I don’t think you ever did because no Pintaland exists nor Poca-pinta. Naturally nobody uttered even a word Pintaland = because even the word “Pintaland” is not exists. —– Same as this, When the subject is not exists, no Lord Buddha ever talked about, let alone gave any answer related to it. 

By the way, were you aware to be the person who read this stories of Poca-pinta here. Was that YOU ?  And did you know the reading was done by your eyes.   In FACT, everything has been carried-out without you noticing it = “without noticing” ?   So, WHO read those ? —– Since when you were small, you’ve read the texts millions of times and now you can do it with no intentional intent.  You can capture a flashing message without reading it but just from its overall pattern.  Since, you DO it automatic, without conscious.   When you became Self-conscious, because of your EGO, “Me me me” you try to assert YOU and it IS only the situation you try to be Yourself.= Otherwise, in a normal condition, YOU/SELF is not exists.   And to read this, you don’t need to have your SELF.  Likewise, you can live your life without SELF.  It’s mean without having the ugly conflict of the EGO against EGO.

In the first place, Self wasn’t there unless you intentionally made-up.  Since, Dharma itself has no Self.

“The person” fist created “SELF” then clung to it =  because of own EGO, Me me me, — and made the life awkward.   Then try to kill it because it IS too awkward to live with.  (How silly.)

Aren’t  you doing the same ?  (You don’t need to pay an effort to kill the SELF, simply just live in a natural flow, there isn’t any SELF there as Dharma hasn’t one. —– It’s mean, You don’t need to struggle even with this blog = just read like as a casual gossip, though 100 times = if there is any truth, your intuitive wisdom will find it out.  If not just forget.)  😀


PS : One point shouldn’t be forgotten,— to give up a drink, woman etc and become a follower of the Dharma. — You may see it is a sacrifice and the denial of the happiness and pleasure of the SELF / Me.  Or, to get the excitement of a sports and a health, spend the time and money for the training — wasn’t that a price to pay, or a sacrifice, denial to the Self ? .  The matter IS which you value positive ? 


Tanbo-Art — Godgilla

Tanbo Art Godgilla-Jiji-A09A6478-001

Well, Tanbo Art mean Rice field Drawing = the drawing was made

by the different color of the rice crop = it’s mean, each crop was

planted exact position months ago.   And each colored crop was

pains takingly developed and the seeds has been kept over the years

by the local farmers — only for this fun.   (Still, with this Drawing,

it’s made this utterly non assuming local village “Inaka-date,

Aomori prefecture, famous and attracting thousands of tourists.)

So, for this year, they created Godgilla !  (Photo from Jiji news)

—– This almost like an obsessive dedication and the pains taking

attention is nothing but the Zen Practice (though they, the farmer

themselves may not aware of it at all.) = (Zen Ethos has been so

deeply sublimated in Japan, people does not necessary know why

it has to be done in that way, for what reason.  Yet still, as a custom

or tradition, it has been kept and practiced exactly the same way

hundred of the years, it’s forming the collective belief, the Ethos.)


One of the International research found, that the Japanese are the

most “Atheist” like people (doesn’t believe God or Buddha exists)

still, they all believe the fate or the punishment from the heaven.

= it’s mean, the teachings has been such deeply sublimated, hence

the words or the title figure has been completely forgotten still

the mind has been shaped down to the unconscious level.

(You may not aware why you were offered disposal chopstick when

you were invited their party / diner = they feel the chopstick is not

clean once you touched = So that, Japanese doesn’t eat like Chinese

or Korean from the same bowl but take the food to their own small

dish, avoiding a chance of the chopsticks touch others’.

—– The teachings of Right-Wrong / Do-Not Do were

deepen to the unconscious mind / chemical level.)

= So, once they were convinced and started to DO, there couldn’t

be any doubt or hindrance, down to unconscious level —– Do 

grow the best rice or make a strongest sword. = Just do it.

And do it without the self conscious, (it’s mean, no Ego or Greed

= mind is free) the result would be the best.

This is the Zen.


Takumi (2)

A guy asked me “So, you say the supreme quality component

could be made by the empty-headed robot ?”

“No, that is not true — I needed to explain more”.

The matter of the use of tool in Mushin is the last stage of

the production. Other issue there (if any) has to be resolved

before hand.

—– There is the fundamental difference of the worker’s

mind-set in Japan.    Western or westernised society, the

people has individualistic mind even on a factory floor,

and in the same time the ways to work in the production

was fixed by the manager down to the small details.

So that the worker’s mind was “Just do what was told and

anything beyond the instruction is not MY business = I only

need to mind my own interest”.

But Japanese worker takes his/her work as a part of his life.

He feels the responsibility and the pride in it.


—– Even on a fully computerised automated CNC machine,

such as the change of the cutting bits and its maintenance

affect the final quality.    And the person working with it

everyday could see the difference but how to deal with this

matter wouldn’t be the same in Japan and the west.

In the west, the worker there may ignore as it is not his

responsibility or just report it to a technical staff.

But in Japan, the person working with it and changing

the cutting bits can give a very deep observation and try

a minute adjustment.   Or, the person working with the

machine many years may have discovered the tendency of the

production, such as the weather condition affect the quality 

= and may have found even a measure to compensate it.

As I said, the Japanese worker has the attachment to the work

= even if it may not as heavy as a “Sense of Duty” still keeps

an eye to the work and able to see what is going on.

And the crucial point IS their mind can see the difference

and conceive “What could be done” because they could see

what would make the work/result better. (Same as Kaizen)

(By the way, I got a Degree in Industrial Sociology and a work

experience in Honda while working with 1000 ton press.)


In Zen Buddhism, this mind-set was called Mindfulness.

(though, this word is the most misunderstood word in the west.

— western people think “Mindfulness is the concentration of

the mind” but in Zen, it is the completely open mind without any

other notion but see the work on front of the eyes. = It’s mean 

when you ARE working with the machine, see that work.  

When you ARE walking, let your body WALK = DON’T think about

the work while you ARE  WALKING. 

— And see you ARE Walking but DON’T think how to walk.  😀  


In Judaeo-Christianity, the followers await the salvation = go to

the Heaven “after the death”.

But the Buddhists hope to reach Enlightenment = get Enlightened

while we live.

Lord Buddha’s teachings was “when you die, it’s the end”

—– so, while we ARE still alive we have to come close to the

Enlightenment as close as possible.  

Therefore, Zen is the way to DO the best, to achieve the best. 

This IS the mind-set of the Zen and this mind-set has been deeply

sublimated to the Japanese  = If you work with CNC machine,

achieve its best.    If you make sword, make strongest sword.

If you are a sword-master be the strongest killer. — and to be

the strongest sword-master, don’t think but JUST  KILL.

—– So, this mind-set IS the mind-set of the TAKUMI and

no wonder why the Japanese Takumi could achieve to produce

the component no one else could.

(Now you might be realised that was why no routing after the

disaster in Japan and having the least crime rate in the world.)

Have look the lotus flower, it IS flowering out of muddy

water NOW = it’s no use, to dream a promise in the heaven.

We have to live best, NOW in this moment.



Enigmatic ?

People says that the Buddhism is the enigma.

Well, if the person says it’s an enigma, the person knows it half.

Half ? —– Yes the person already learned half of it !

It’s remarkable, despite the Buddhism is in the enigma.

Why it’s in enigma ? = Because the Buddhism is not teaching

the crucial matter in the words.

Why ?

Because, to learn it without the words is crucial, therefore

it wouldn’t be taught or explained by the words.

So, to know the situation and able to describe its Enigma is a

sure sign of that the person did come half way. = It’s great. 

Well done.

(The point of this was described in this post.) = and as the story

tells, it’s point / secret was not clearly understood even by the

Lord Buddha’s closest disciple Ananda.

—– Because the teachings of Selfless or learning of selfless has

to be done in Selfless  = It’s mean without the person aware of it

= couldn’t be told / couldn’t be heard. = Once you consciously

heard the word / explanation, your conscious / Self become

aware of it = it IS a breakdown of the Selfless.

Lord Buddha taught Selfless in this way (could anyway else ?) =

so, the Buddhism was seen to be an Enigma.


Hence, you have to learn Buddhism / Zen in a Selfless way = it’s

mean you just do the practice until you get the Selfless state =

Mushin (Mind of no-mind). 

And when you become able to live in the selfless way, you are

NOT conscious of your state, therefore you can NOT able to

observe yourself = you can NOT describe it in the words.

= So, you don’t know what it IS, nor others know either !

Everything stays in the depth of Subconscious.

Therefore, the Buddhism stays in Enigma.

—– IS it clear ?  (= it’s a paradox isn’t it !)  😀


Test of Selflessness (The most important Post)


Meaning on the Hand


Well, this is the Post diverted and became its own from the previous post.

Hand is a body parts which got second highest concentration of

the nerve after the eyes.  And especially we human got our hands

best developed among any animals, we have best and the most

delicate control of them.    So that, not only its dexterity or the

physical function, its acquired the mean of expression as well. 

We can read the meaning of what the hand is telling or symbolizes,

and the eyes tend to follow what the hand is expressing.  

(I mean not only F**K or Peace kind of sign but also more delicate

mood of its operator as well.)  🙂  


Among the Buddhism, Tantra sect having not only their Dharani

(magic words) but also quite complicated form of the hand sign

(or finger twists which the followers do the same — and they are

showing off it each others “Look I can do better than you”).

It’s hard to guess where it was originated, = each

Buddhism Figures are showing their unique hand sign.

You may search their meanings or each name in the Wiki  though,

I don’t think it would bring any worthwhile understanding of the

Buddha’s teachings.   They are just the cosmetic style.


= After all, the core of the teachings was, to reprogram the brain to

jump the process in the Emotional Region in Limbic System, where

the notion of Self-interests = Ego / Greed / Desire  were induced.

It is the same situation to learn ride a Bicycle = reprogram the Motor

Region of brain to learn the body-balance on the bicycle = intellectual

understanding of “How to ride” wouldn’t work, but physical practice.

Lord Buddha’s last words in his death bed to the disciples was

“Don’t believe what others say or you head, but learn it yourself”

—– This episode signify

(1) His teaching could not be understood intellectually but only 

a practical learning of the body and the mind could materialize.

Such as,  you been reading this blog without noticing WHO is

reading this — ?   = We are living without noticing the SELF.

Unless we assert “Me Me Me” Self is not there.

— With a practice, you will get a technique to apply this mental

mechanism to do the subject which was awkwardly entwined with

your Ego, without Emotion and without the so-called Self.

(2) The reason why

Lord Buddha had to say it in such a precious, last remaining

moment was that his disciples has yet necessarily mastered it.

—– And this fact explain why the Buddhism and its teachings of

“No-Self /Anatman” (No soul to Reincarnates) was misconceived

and mixed up with the Hinduism (which says Reincarnation) since

such early days.


When we saw a hand and feel what sort of meaning it’s saying,

— we can feel but it can not be interpreted into the words.  

Our hand express unconsciously = and we read it unconsciously.

= they are out of the lexical comprehension.   —– The most of

Lord Buddha’s statue having the hand sign called “Semui” (in

Japanese) which said to mean “Don’t be afraid” — Can you see it ?

I can only see “Oh, what a big hand !” —– 😀 

—– You have to see it by your eyes.  Not from the stories.

Otherwise, Why You need to bother be a Buddhist.

To contact with all the fresh stimuli with your naked sense will

keep your brain young.   🙂



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Can Zen change a person to Liberal

Very fundamental question — Can Zen Buddhism change a person to be more

open-minded liberal personality, or a person who IS open-minded, come to Zen ?

= in other words, that person has been born to be a liberal by own Karma already.

Zen or Das Kapital may have played little role to make one’s direction, only gave

an excuse and a cosmetic to the life.

— In my early post, I wrote, I came here by coincidence though, from the start,

I was born to be a son of Zen priest.   Like it or not, Zen family has the Zen principal

and such atmosphere anyway.   So, standing here as I am, was that because of

nurture or my nature IS questionable (pointless) question.


In scientific theory, decision making in the brain “which one to choose” or “do I take,

or not” was driven by the the Dopamine reward system = choose correct direction

would be rewarded by the seclusion of the Dopamine = so, feel satisfied and happy.

—– But, this selection, “Which choice would be rewarded” was not necessary

rationally decided by the data book’s logic.  

We might thought, such as the choice to be a Liberal or Conservative kind is highly

intellectually complex matter therefore it must be concluded by the big data-book

(thus lots of experiences and the learning required = So that, a long practice of Zen

would affect) —– though, contrary to this, a Gene affecting the person to be Liberal or

Conservative as one’s nature, seemed to be found. (was what they says — can be true !)

Can genes make us liberal or conservative?

Aristotle may have been more on the money than he realised in saying man is a political animal,

according to research linking genes with liberal or conservative leanings.
Or, to be precise, a specific variant of one gene that would seem to exert greater sway over women

than men.   Working with 1,771 university students of Han Chinese origin in Singapore, researchers

compared answers to surveys — including one tailored to hot-button issues in the city-state — with

the presence of a permutation of the DRD4 gene.
DRD4 is one of several genes that determines the way dopamine — a crucial neurotransmitter, or

chemical messenger — is released in the brain.
What they found was a robust link between the presence (or not) of the variant and a split between

liberals inclined to decry inequality, on the one hand, and die-hard conservative wary of change,

on the other.
The association between political attitude and DRD4 was highly significant for females, and less so

for men, said the study, led by Richard Ebstein of the National University of Singapore.
Women, it was also shown, tended to be more conservative in general.
The results are bolstered by earlier research based on people of European descent that found similar

patterns around the same gene, according to the study.
In the long-standing Nature vs. Nurture debate, it was long assumed that social values — and

especially political ones — were rooted in family upbringing, education and class.
But a growing body of evidence suggests, in the words of the researchers, that biology can’t be ignored.
A landmark study published in 1999, for example, of twins separated at or near birth showed a

marked strain of heritability for ‘conservatism’.
The brain is wired with several distinct dopamine pathways, including one related to the risk-taking

— arguably a parallel to the liberal-conservative dichotomy.
From an evolutionary standpoint, risk-taking is a complicated business: in some situations, it may

enhance one’s chances of success or survival, and in others it may spell doom.
In the study, the researchers used standard questionnaires to rate conservative or liberal tendencies,

making it easier to compare with earlier efforts to uncover links between genes and attitudes.
At the same time, to adjust for cultural variations from one country to another, they also devised a

survey based on local issues known to divide opinion in Singapore along political lines.
One set of questions, for example, asked the students — half men, half women with a mean age of 21

— to take positions on sensitive environmental and animal rights issues.
The correlation with the genetic variations was especially strong on these points.
Our results provide evidence, Ebstein and colleagues conclude, for a role of the DRD4 gene variants

in contributing to individual differences in political attitude, particularly in females.

(2015/08/06 12:34)  from AFP-Jiji Press

So, I may born to have a fancy variants of DRD4 ! —- have I ? ? ?


Zen thinking — [Void] in the real life

After years or months I don’t remember still, I suddenly realized a significance

of the words in an episode in the Agama Sutra.

(= I described it in the post [Three times Buddha] )


“Thinking without thinking” sound  Zen like approach you may think though,

it is nothing fancy at all = 90% of our thinking was actually done in this way.

With utter annoyance of the philosophers, this fact was revealed to the mankind

when a Brain Scanner was first introduced = after all, we, the most intelligent

creature on the planet is not necessary consciously carrying-out our

thinking process.  —– (We only conscious of it’s process after it was converted to

the lexical code on the last moment.)

The reality is, when we say “I think”, in fact, the most of the thinking has been

already done a moment ago without us noticing it.

 And in the almost all the case, so-called  “My Decision” was actually made

out of our conscious. 

So, “thinking without thinking” is in reality “thinking without noticing that

I was thinking” = we are in deed always keep thinking or our brain is always active

yet simply we are not aware of it.    So that, not only an obvious “work-out to solve

an arithmetic problem kind” of conscious thinking, even so-called meditation is

nothing but a practice of “latent thinking process”and often, our brain find a

connection, even an answer from completely unrelated matter. (Very creative !)


There was not a significant issue I was facing, or even an important question =

therefore it was not “posted” in my mind = just there as one of the memory, yet,

a passage in the scripture was suddenly highlighted and gained the significance.

= A ha ! I found it’s here.

(Answer was always given when we are not intentionally seeking = When 

our mind was free — or in the state of Mushin or in the Void, suddenly

the connection was made.  —– some time in the bathroom.  😀 )


Lord Buddha told the horse trainer “Stop speaking is the same to kill the person”

(Please read the post.) —– this is not just an action on the mouth, but the hole

mind-set = In the mind-set, the person became a landscape hence no longer

recognized as a person.    So, its existence is “Exists as not Exists” = this is

nothing but a state of “Void”. = In deed, this is the very core of what

Lord Buddha’s teaching was, and what all about the Zen Buddhism is.

To detach and free the Mind and see the Void and by freeing the mind,

it enables us to see the dynamism of Karma and the Dharma, hence enables

to live with Dharma moment to moment.

—– This is THE paradox, “By detaching the view and emotionally free from the

subject, thence the mind can see subject even more in it’s details”.

= Because, the mind is not stack in a small part of the subject or fixed view, but

it is seeing the subject in any point and from any angle.

= this is the very Clear Eyes to see the Truth.

And the way to gain the Enlightenment.





Szondi Test

Szondi Test-A09A0897-001Those few days, here my blog got sudden

spike of twice as much access. Apparently,

the visitors were coming to see the post

“Szondi Test”.

I don’t know why though, my guess was

that somebody might have talked about

the Szondi Test referring to my post,

somewhere on the SNS.

Though, as I don’t do any SNS (because of

No Face****, I can’t click “Like” and my Twitter accounts were  

created by somebody-else, I have No access) = I can’t check what’s going on there.

So, wondering, is there any talking going on ?  —> I Googled and

realized that now there are iPhone App, Android App of Szondi Test exists ! 

People are always interested in Self Psychological Profiling Test = It is a reflection of

strong Self conscious / Ego and in the same time yet another sign of rack of Confidence.

It is a funny paradox, the stronger the Ego, the Psychological Insecurity is even stronger.

(The trouble is, they don’t know who the Self is ! = therefore, interested in

Psychological Test.)   So, in reality, very few people has strong Ego with firm Confidence !

(save the case of utter idiot. 😀 )


When Szondi Test was conducted under well controlled environment, and the person

having the test has no priory knowledge of “the Test” = test will show very accurate

assessment of the personality.   Though, as it is the test to chose the faces of Like and

Dislike, once the person become aware what kind of choice would make what result,

it would be easily biased with a pretense.

Originally, Szondi Test was designed based on the phenomenon that the person can

intuitively know the other person who got the same psychological tendency and

prefer the similar person.  (the words [Like] or [Kind] are typically showing this =

“We like similar kind” hence “Feather gathers” 🙂 )


Whether it is a looks or an inner “Type” they are created by the Gene configuration.

We are seeing the most typical case over the Identical Twin = they are not only

looks the same but also having the same voice, same way of speaking etc etc —–

even the fate is often the same.

Interesting recent study shows that, the married couple, if both of them got the

same type of Gene configuration, is less likely separates or divorce.

And the most intriguing phenomenon must be the “Genetic Sexual Attraction” =

Brother and sister (often the twin) who has been separated on the birth, growing

up not knowing each other’s existence.   Then in a seer coincidence, encounter

each other, and fallen in love and get married without knowing that they were

in fact, a brother and a sister.

= The same type of Gene configuration strongly attract each other and we know it

intuitively.    (In the US, there is an organization of those hundreds of families.)

So does the Szondi Test, it is based on our intuitive sense to distinguish “Like Kind”, 

because our psychological type is also created by the Gene configuration.


A funny question is, able to sense the other’s invisible Genetic Sign, why the person

couldn’t find who he (she) is ? = Because, the most of us couldn’t assess ourselves

without the Ego and the conscious thinking  (= wishful thinking or self-blame kind

and always try to justify otherwise make an excuse)

= that is where Buddhist’s approach comes in.

To judge the photos of the Szondi Test, there is no information hence, photos has to

be seen purely with intuition alone.

Same to this, to see “Who the Self is ?” the person has to see the self as if it was a

detached landscape.   (I mean, see the self as a visual image, not in a drama of

verbal description = relative position and the posture is more important than the

conversation which has taken place there then — then you may start to see the

pattern of “Who you are” among the thousand of memories.)

Some of the people strongly believe the Free Choice and the dominance of Nurture,

hence against the Determinism though, we all knew, often with almost an annoyance,

how we were caste by the birth = Gene.

We can easily copy or mimic others (as Nurture mean) and speak brah brah, though,

the posture when we try to act still reveal Who I am <— See This !


Still we also know —– supposed to be the same Gene configuration (as it’s from the

same parents) though, how often the Brothers are so different and argue each other. 🙂


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