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English JUSTICE — or Lack of it.


This is the documented record of my fight against the fraud and the subsequent single-handed (without a lawyer) Court battle which was infested by the incredible injustice / fraud by the Court, President Judge, Police etc …..

(Photo above is the photocopied Law Books I studied overnight for the proceedings. Law Books such as the White Book (Supreme Court Rules) etc were in the public library, just next to the Lincoln Inn where I conveniently stumbled.   And the Litigant in Person can access the millions of Precedence in the library of High Court as well, provided if we can give exact direction to the keeper.)

This post is about the Court battle I experienced in the High Court and the Court of Appeal in London as a litigant in Person (= without Lawyer = Which was said to be the first ever the case proceeded in the Appeal Court by a Non-English Litigant, in the 250 years English Legal history).

The trouble was caused by a Japanese woman who escaped a deportation from England through the back-door, Dublin to Japan after an Immigration raid to her work, Nikkei Travel.   (Nikkei desperately needed her to come  back because the woman had 300 business clients in her hand.) 

 While staying  in Japan, this woman Emiko Fujita fraudulently registered the marriage by falsifying the paper by her own, so that changed her ID and get new Passport under my family name, then came back this country.  (I was a regular customer of Nikkei so that they got my Japanese address which happen to be the same area of the woman’s home in Tokyo thus she could conveniently use the same Local office to register the marriage.)


The Marriage was Registered on 3rd of March.  The woman must applied the the Passport  in the same day  as she took the flight on 13 of March (Friday) (Passport needs to have 10 days to issue) = How tightly fixed in exact timing !

(Note, all the flight was in the Club class.  Leave from the back door and came-back  from the front door = everything was fixed beforehand ! )

After came back, the woman didn’t

go back to Nikkei Travel who financed her plot, instead, she started to work in Griffin Tour as the manager of newly created Japan section by keep working in her maiden name, while took 300 Japanese Business Client from Nikkei to Griffin. (= in consequence Nikkei bankrupted.)

When I heard a rumor that the woman got a VISA as my wife, I gave an  inquiry to the Home Office — and amazingly this was their answer.


(With my amazement, they said that I was a third party.   Even on the paper, I was the Husband.   And I was the victim of the immigration fraud of which they has to police.  (Please note, until the High Court Judge Dobry gave a quick Divorce on 19th Dec’ 1991, the Woman was my wife under English Law.  And because they refused to give me the information of where about this woman was, the Japanese Police couldn’t take any action.)

One year after the false marriage registration (as her immigration status  was secured) the woman went to Japan to register the Divorce by falsify the  paper again. Though, the Japanese ex-judicial Divorce was not recognized under English Law, the woman took the Divorce Proceedings while expecting me out of this country.   But unfortunately to her,  my fright to Japan was delayed, so that I received the Court Notice of the Divorce Procedure.— “What ?   Divorce ?   I haven’t married.” 

Still, as the woman started the proceedings withholding her address, (It indicates a lots of false story)  I had to contest and defend my name. (Otherwise I could be seen as an accessory to the immigration fraud.)

The lawyer here said, in this case, it needs a Japanese Lawyer and English Lawyer with a specialized interpreter. And a deposit of £300 to start.  What a hell.  Forget it.  If the English can do it, I can do it too.  And as a Japanese, I can handle Japanese Law as well.    Why not.

As a contested case, it was Proceeded in the High Court  though, it was needed to have 11 hearings such as the application to transfer the case to the Japanese Court, since the Jurisdiction of this marriage was in Japan.  And the English Court couldn’t believe such fraudulent marriage was possible.  (They thought I was lying and even ignored to see my Passport which showed that I was not in Japan to participate such marriage, let alone sign the paper.)

So that, at the trial, on the Cross-Examination, when the woman admitted that she bought (purported to be) my name seal which was used to fabricate the marriage application, from a stationary shop, the High Court Judge Dobry was astonished = “The Name Seal can be bought from a stationary shop ????”

 Yet still, the proceedings was utterly infested by a loads of fraud.  Such as :


This was “The note of Judgment” from the Preliminary Hearing.   It was quoted by Judge Dobry, completely opposite meanings as you can clearly seen.

Since the woman was ordered to prove that the registration in Japan was valid, she invited an expert evidence of the low lecturer, Mr Nijima.


In here, Mr Nijima was Cross-examined by me.  And his answer was that “The Marriage was VOID” then, what Judge Dobry said was “Voidable Marriage loose all the subsequent qualification” ( such as new ID, VISA —)  though,  VOID marriage loose the subsequent qualification, not Voidable Marriage.  Judge Dobry’s word clearly showed that he didn’t know the difference between Void and Voidable.  (If not he try to mislead me to agree with Voidable marriage. In Voidable marriage, Marriage would be annulled but the acquired ID, VISA will remain = the woman can escape from a  Deportation)



So, Judge Dobry used one of my evidence and said “That the Marriage was certified by the Mayor of Ohmiya” — But that paper issued by the Mayor of Omiya was to proof that the witness of the marriage Registered by the woman was not existing. 

(Another witness was a man called Umezaki / 梅崎, addressed in Kent — since both of them supplied their name seal, they must actively facilitated this fraud.) The meaning of that document was clearly shown by the accompanied translation still, as the trial was only a fixed formality, a farce, judge didn’t even read it. (May be because that paper happen to have a largest official seal on it.   😀 ) Not only those fraudulent practices, but lords more, such as Tampering Transcript (In one case, there were 2 versions of the transcript = The other version was after examined the Tape and the wording was corrected. —> to make the evidence)


The letter from a transcriber said that the words were “unintelligible” about a part of recording where the woman confessed that She did it (registered marriage) because her employer told her to do so, was not possible to transcribe.

= Incriminating evidence was concealed.  (Still, the original tape is there.) (In the same Court room, the same person speaking to the same Recording System, in comparison to the “Cross exam to Nijima” above, how this could be happened ? The recording of all 14 rooms of High Court  was made simultaneously by the Ampex 16 channel Multi-track recording system on 1″ recording tape, and the part copy of each session was given to the transcriber in a casset tape.  = It’s mean, Recording

Department of High Court could make a jammed copy on request ! (whether requested by a bent Judge or by a money, was yet to be discovered. This IS the Fact.) Or Petition was amended without a Leave (Court Office took it even out of time   <== there was a letter to show), Broke the Statutory Law (too Obvious)  etc etc.

The Trial was set to 19th of December (6 Months ahead) on the day of Election of American President = so that non of Japanese Media could come to the Court. (which was what the other-side conspired.   😀 ) 

Judge hasted the Cross-examination when the woman admitted that She did it because the Employer told her to do so, saying that a short of time. Though, the Trial has been further listed for next day.  And it was used to grant the Decree Absolute to the woman to escape with yet another marriage and the name change.


Because it was Toooooo obvious fraud, I instantly appealed(All the Law book said that there was no FRAUD EVER taken place in the “Honorable Ancient Court” = It’s mean, my case must be the first ever the case of Fraud, Exercised by the Court with the documented hard evidences in the 250 years (now it must be almost 300 years) history.   Since, they are fully aware of the implication, they try to suppress this Appeal with their full force.  (Mind you, Trial was 19th, and the woman get Decree absolute in 20th, then the Court got into Xmas Holiday for 2 weeks, and the Appeal has to apply within 2 weeks, still, the Court open on the 31st only half-day.   I prepared all the documentation and finished the business on that day  🙂 )


And this was one of their dirty tricks.  = On the last day for lodging the 6 setsof the Bundles of Document (Paginated  6 x 460 docu’,  Skeleton Argument, etc.) I received an Order which was an “Order of no order” = first ever issued on the 250 years legal history, after the lapse of 5 months !

If this useless paper was not incorporated in the Bundle, Bundle was defective and the appeal would be struck out.  Of course there couldn’t be the time to RE-paginates and RE-make 2700 pages of docu’ in few hours.  (They expected me to get “out of time”.)  I took the “Newly arrived Order” to the Appeal office to RE-schedule the deadline for another 2 weeks. —– Still, I had to pay thousand more £ for photo-copy. (Mind you, I was out of business, and not received ANY support  = I didn’t know, that the Japanese can get Legal Aid and Social Benefit too !  I only survived by selling my equipment.)

On the end, the case was listed in Appeal process.  Since the fraud on the case was too scandalous, the President of High Court came out to suppress the case.  When the Appeal was made and the matter was known to the whole Judiciary, may be to cover up the scandal, Judge Dobry was put to retirement at once.  (This Judge was a specialist of the development deal kind where the big money was involved = but not familiar with the matrimonial law as you’ve seen above.)


And those were what the President uttered !10-A09A4738

Of course, President couldn’t go into the detail of the Evidence.


When the Evidence, the Marriage was VOID. —– how High Court Judge Dobry could make it Valid Marriage and gave a quick Divorce ? So, those were the last talk in the Appeal Court.


They might be expected me to violently blowup though, I knew it was a farce = so, I was smiling “Pardon?”  “Why not ?” = Their biggest mistake was that they (and the Other side) didn’t know that I was the ex-member of the Alpine Club and  a born Zen Buddhist = strongest mix for the Perseverance.

You might thought, the English Judicial System were well developed which keeps the JUSTICE in check, though far from it, the reality was the opposite, it IS the System of Fraud and the Cover up.    For instance, there is no checking, policing mechanism (because, they say there is no fraud, no crime = no need to have such mechanism) — in my real experience, When other side changed the Petition, but in the same time,

obligatorily leave (which was written in the Statutory with a word  “SHALL”) the time for me to change the answer was not given (because it will delay the trial = delay the Decree Absolute = delay the Re-Marriage before the woman’s VISA expired.) 

(The other side Council Dethridge didn’t know this Rule existed) Against this fraud, I took the matter to the Judicial Review — What the Judge said was ” We have no Jurisdiction over the High Court”. (I should have applied the “Confirmation of Statutory-right” instead.)

In the Court of Appeal, there is no Recording of the Argument = only the Judgment will be made = NON of the Evidence, or argument will be appeared on the record. Only the matter which Judge refer (such as what  the President aforesaid above “not necessary for me to go into the detail of the evidence” = In TRUTH the EVIDENCE was completely opposite.

= In this way, the fraud of the High Court Judge Dobry was whitewashed.

The history couldn’t see the truth since they see only the published record. ( This IS why I’m publishing this story with the evidence.)

When one of three Judges in the Appeal Court, Lord Nolan was appointed

to be the top of “Comity for the Public Standard”, I faxed those papers to 

the Private-eye Mag’, Paul Foot, follow the advice of Mr. Charles Kimber of

the Socialist Worker’s news Paper.


Then that day, the evening of the 6th December, somebody knocked my door. When I opened the door, a guy grubbed my neck and head-batted me.  It seemed the neighbor called Police, and I was ambulanced to the Hospital. 


And I wake up a coma 24 hours later. The attacker said to be arrested on the spot and the assault was admitted by the attacker.   After discharged from the hospital, I went to the Police and gave a statement.   On that time,  what the Police said to me was “Unless you drop the charge, I’ll put you behind the bar”  and they said  that they are preparing the evidence and waiting the medical evidence (of the attacker) from the Doctor.  (As I didn’t do anything, I knew it must be a tomato-ketchup fake.) 

But as nothing happened for a month , I went to the Police to question.And this was what they said.


There was an interesting speculation, Who organized this attack = Who told to the other side —  the sudden death of Paul Foot, wasn’t that a consequence ? 

(If it was not him, there must be a sleeper in the Private-eye = Last defense of the establishment who had check the Fax from me. — and alerted the Other side.) In fact, even after this, the stories went on and on.  I complained to CPS, Police complaint Authority, Lord Chancellor’s Dept’,  MPs, PM, Liberty, Amnesty Int’  etc etc.  And I received amazing answers from them = I may continue the story.

(I have a recorded tape of the Prosecutor saying “I saw the Attacker’s injury” “Police admitted no such evidence”  “Oh, was that your injury ?”   Bloody hell. How the experienced Prosecutor mistake the Japanese to English (?) face.) BBC Joshua Rosenberg knows this case, Chanel 4 (Fiona Chesterton ) said “Very disturbing but, we don’t have a time for this” and I met Michael Mansfield QC too.)

Do you believe, IS there any Justice in this country ?   When I met a journalist of the Independent News Paper, first he laugh at me “Mr Imamura no such things in this country” then while seeing the papers, he became pale.  He pushed back the papers and said “Sorry I have a family.  This must be the Free Masons”.

I know the name of the Free masons behind.  His ancestor was one of the founder of the  Oxford Uni’ and the family plaque is in the Westminster Abbey.  He was a fixer to go between with big company deal, or land development kind and fixed Emiko to other man as well — where there might have been a link to Judge Dobry.

—– work in progress

* People who read This, made a loads of WHY?   and WHY?

The woman and Nikkei might have thought, it’s OK to “just” use my name (even if married, when divorced soon it’s only on the paper = nobody know, no harm would be done = and it was the easiest mean to change ID) it’s OK to Yoshi as he was the most soft person. (Nikkei’s logo, Ad etc was all designed by me.)  But once the Registration Fraud was committed and Passport was issued, it was the point of no return. = Criminal record and never able to go abroad for life.

Woman became desperate, might be used her body (she was notorious = 300 clients) to get help.  Fortunately or Unfortunately that Mason was hooked through one Japanese Co’.  As a last resort, she must asked the help for Court battle to them. And getting even deeper, involving more and more higher people.  While expecting, “Yoshi will disappear from England, avoiding to pay the Cost or once beaten-up, therefore any evidence of fraud would be disappeared with him” kind of false hope.

But for me “Nothing to loose is the strongest stance” I just kept fighting.

Still, that Mason etc are no longer live = must be safer now. And why I published now was that the authority got interested in this case = If I disappeared, it is too obvious and could cause a diplomatic row.

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