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Posted in Zen by yoshizen on October 17, 2020
It was about one hour before the sunrise. The one shining in the sky must be Venus.

I have no idea what this lens was for or where it came from, still it was a kind of converging lens, so that, it can make a kind of lens to take photos.

The lens has about 22 mm focal length though, (despite it got converging and diverging two stuck lens structure) having a very strong chromatic aberration (hence this lens was called CROMA lens). And while mounted on a 17~31 mm focusing helicoid, the lens can focus from infinity to 10 cm (about 1/2) close-up.

Normally, the lens shows a good image around its focal point area though, this lens has no sharp image anywhere at all but shows “beautiful” chromatic rainbow. = How nice ! 😀

It seems these are the most un-sharp images, I ever seen among my homemade lenses. — in my experiments, the most of lenses showed a somewhat usable image, but except in this case. —– still, you can use un-usable image in somewhere.


NZ-C Lens

Posted in Zen by yoshizen on October 10, 2020
(Do you think, if this picture was sharp, does it has more value ? —– only few picture needs to be sharp, because we appreciate its atmosphere, not a detailed information)

Among the bits and pieces of disassembled Nikon 18-200mm DX Zoom lens I found a lens group working as a VR unit. Optically they are a 70 mm relay lens = can be used as a small converging lens, with its iris control.

Mounting on the 25~55 helicoid focusing ring, this lens (I call it NZ-C lens) can focus from infinity to 20 cm (about 1/2 close up) and the F-aperture is equivalent of F4.5~36.

(F-aperture can be controlled (roughly) by the front ring — Fully open F4.5 to somewhere middle=about F11 = I can count it from how much drop of the shutter speed)

Though, the image quality was dreadful. Ha ha ha. (The photo left was F4.5 and the right was about F11) — (Further stop down to F36 doesn’t impeove the image any more)

Yet the close-up which is using only the centre of the image was not too bad, and the off the focus bokeh was very soft.

The left was fully open (= F4.5) and the right was about F11. It’s hard to tell, the soft bokeh left was the out of focus bokeh or a coma aberration. 😀


Eyes to Eyes

Posted in Zen by yoshizen on September 24, 2020

In here all the photos were taken by the 110 Pentax 24mm lens on the Sony A7R4 camera, and the photos were a part enlargement of the original photo. (Showing the quality / resolution of the lens and the image sensor)

I don’t think, the WordPress wouldn’t expect me earning the money over those images. Ha ha ha.


Like a Net Provider EE or Plusnet = What a rotten world !

Posted in Zen by yoshizen on September 2, 2020

Once I said, I left the blogging, though, as the letter from EE showed the number 0581, which was a warning from the Heaven “would be a trouble” = it turned out to be really a trouble. = I found it is necessary to let you know.

Since EE said that the end of the term is coming, I looked around and a deal of Plusnet/Unlimited Fibre/ £21.99/M seems to be fine, So, I ordered them on the 12th of July, but an Info’ from Plusnet saying that the following payment will be £23.99. —– I sent an inquiry “How come ?” to them. (it seems, £21.99 was only for an eye-catching decoy) Then they became a stone dead silent. Their all 3 telephone numbers answering only “Welcome to Plusnet. For Broadband Press 1, If you want to speak someone Press 2 —– then cut off.

“Customer service link”of their Net-site goes to this ! ! ! Can you believe ? ? ? This must be the most absurd page I’ve ever seen on my life. = “Complaint mail to the Plusnet support / Customer service is going to 404 of own company ! = This is, what they are formally displaying on their site. (In the same company, the head doesn’t know what the hand is doing ! or worse, “everybody is happy with Plusnet, because there is NO complaint. (All the complaints were completely suppressed ! ! !) = Brilliant Job, but wasn’t that a Chinese practice ?

(Still, their robot answers were kept coming with the inquiry number) (but no answer or following mail were ever made = empty gestures to fool the eyes)

During the time, when take-over of Plusnet was not taken place, EE kept providing the connection till 26th of August with increased (£34 instead of £22) charge, which was taken from my Bank account.

On the end, when a patience of tender Zenist run out, I gave a notice of cancellation to Plusnet on 12th of Aug’ = suddenly deaf Plusnet became hyper active = sent me their router in the same day, (Oh! They can DO the work too.)

and started to say that my net was connected. (unless they formally notify EE, the connection couldn’t be changed) (They must be thinking that “Soon, Net ignorant soft old Japanese would wear out and accept even a fraudulent charge, and beg to have the net connected”

I went to the EE Shop, explaining the situation, and asked any good deal they got ? A staff said that for a “new customer” (mean, I have to leave once) there are deals like £22/M or £26/M. —– So, I took the £26/Fibre which should come with Free Evening and Weekend Call though, the man said that even to receive a call it’s needs to pay an extra £2. (Strange! when the Line-rental was paid we can use BT telephone anyway if it was connected to net or not) And he said, I need to set-up my New Email account and its Password which he made them by himself. I thought, it sound fishy though, I needed a documented evidence = I gave my bank account number (which can not to be accessed from the net) and contracted the £28/M deal. (Then I got all the details printed out)

—– (My Anarchist friend = Net hacker said, “An Email Account with known Password can be sold to the Net fraud star hundreds of pound = that’s how those international money hackings were carried out through somebody-else’s account”)

—– though, EE’s Phone number for cancellation was not “Recognised by BT”

and the other staff of EE shop said “Come again a week later for cancellation and mean time Wi-fi of the coffee shop on the corner may help you !”

Then, the letters I received from Plusnet were even more absurd. In the letter, they said that they will send me the final bill from the 12th Aug’ to 28th Aug’ even though, Plusnet has never been connected here. As EE said on their 14th of Aug’ letter, the connection was provided by EE till 26th of August. (After 26th, there was no connection at all = even a shadow of Plusnet was seen. = Plusnet has to prove it by a log of the net activity.)

And the another letter of Plusnet was saying that they will refund the cost which occurred by the failure of Plusnet taking over the service from the EE on July. (They need to patch-up their failure preventing a legal action.)

A company who doesn’t know what they are doing, still running a business handling the customer’s millions of the pound. How horrifying.

And the most annoying things were, that the EE was owned by BT, and Plusnet was owned by the EE ! What’s going on !

And even more dubious story was, when I told them to cancell the order, they asked me to pay a cancelling charge £58, saying that was for my usage duling the testing time (within the 14 days). = Are they expecting us to test the broadband without using it ? How amazing = when I said to them (EE customer’s service) they withdraw such charge = they charge in any case in any excuse !

For the sake of the consumer’s protection, the Ombudsman of Ofcom should take a look into those activities.

(Now, I’m sending those story from the WiFi of a caffe.)

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Time to close

Posted in 8150 Story, Fate / Providence by yoshizen on July 30, 2020

Since a massage of WP appeared on my blog which was saying “Start earn the money” I stoped to write new post. —— Zen blog earn a money from its blog ? = What a laugh. 😀

In such a moment, remove all the post at once to forsake everything. Though, not so much Zen like practise, before the blog deleted, I copy and pasted all the post into a Word PDF one by one —– with a kind of wishy-washy feeling or a thanks to the 430,000 hit by the readers and hundred of followers. (What to do with those PDF in a SD card = I may think later, one day)

—– (But, there may be nothing, what so ever called blog or web = who need to bother such things when nobody exists who is bothering.)

Anyway, this blog started in a coincidence, it’s mean there was no deed or needs but a karma. And in such a case, other coincidence such as an end of EE broadband term which showed the omen of 8150, must be the notice of that this is the time. —– (Heaven is watching here. 😀 )

Yet, one more thing to mention, that I may need to upload a last post (in English and in Japanese) for a week to tell that the sudden turn toward the Mahayana Buddhism seemed to be occured by the teachings of an apostle, Tomas who came to the southern India 2000 years ago. ( = not because of Naga Lujuna brought back the scriptures from the Dragon’s den. 😀 )


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Empty Town

These photos were taken by the Pentax 110 Auto 24mm lens mounted on the Sony A7R-4 camera, while I took a shopping tour to the centre of London through rock downed empty street. (When I need to get a soy source, I have to go Japanese food shop in the centre.)

As you might have guessed, the advantage of this lens is its small size = almost like a body cap. Together with small mirrorless camera, they easily slip into my pocket. Why do I need to use heavy big lens instead ?


Cropped Image

These are the photos taken by the Pentax 110 Auto 24mm lens on the Sony A7R-4 body, on my shoping tour to the centre through rockdown London street. Though, the images were heavily cropped —– as if the image was discovered in a corner of the original photo.

Despite its humble origin (came as a £5 junk) the pentax 110, 24mm lens I got, gives quite sharp image, hence, able to give quite usable image even after a heavy crop. So, some of the picture may looks like a telephoto image. ( 25mm lens image cropped to 1/2wide and 1/2hight would be an equibarent of 50mm lens image, or 1/4 x 1/4 would be a 100mm telephoto image.)

And the question IS, how many people in the world need to have the hi-lesi photos ? —– My photos in this blog are about 1200 x 800 (500K), even though the original image from the A7R-4 was 60M (9504 x 6336) —– in the other words, 9500 : 1200 (1/8) , 6336 : 800 (about 1/8), the image cropped down to 1/8 x 1/8 shouldn’t have any trouble on the apparent quality of the image. As we are living with the image originated from the dream or bague memory as well, images may not needed to be pin-sharp or forensicly detailed.


Afghan Cooking

I took picture of my Afghan friend’s restrant kitchen and their cooking. It was quite a fun. 🙂

—— [Taste of Afghan] 215-219 Rye lane, Peckham. London SE15 Tel: 020-36310310

This is the Afghan version of Nan. It’s huge. And it was baked in the Afghan style huge Tandori oven. Which will be served, hunged upright in the AIR ! —– (I don’t know if that was because their stomach was huge or else —– I didn’t ask. 😀

So, this is it. It was somewhat Mixed-meat full diner — for 5 guests ? (IT may cost about £50 —– I don’t know if £10 for a person was expensive or not.) Anyhow, they are well cooked and taste very good ! Though, I don’t remember any of those cooking’s name. (In fact, I expected more spicy hot. —– I’m a man consuming West Indian Hot Chilly Source, one bottle a month)

In here, I used LED right, instead of flash right — because I wanted to capture a vibrant sense of “being here, while they are cooked” with a movement. — as they themselves must have taken ordinary still photo by their own camera, I wanted to show my way using slower shutter speed for some pictures.

(Lens used was Canon EF 40 mm F2.8 Pancake lens on Canon 5D-Mk3)


Sony Extension Ring

To prevent the close contact, the postman left a percel from China outside of my door while shouting Your Post = I got an Extension Ring delivered today.

To have an even closer shot, the Extension Ring is a pretty handy device. You may find such ring for Sony (10 mm and 16 mm set) as cheap as £15 on eBay. And depend on the lens used, you may get quite a close-up photo (the shorter the focal length the closer you get —– though, depend on the lens, the closed image might be pretty bad unless you stopped down the F-aperture a lot.

With such a cheap price, I bought 3 or 4 set of Sony Extension Ring. Since, I discovered, not all of them are good. Some loose bayonet make the joint wobbly (only 0.1 mm wider gap of bayonet makes it loose) —– even worse, some of them stack solid (only 0.1 mm longer bayonet claw can block them disengage) = To separate the camera body — Ring — Lens, I needed to hack-saw the ring and with sheer force, I ripped off the Lens ! (Photo above right two = used be the DG-NEX Extension 16 mm ring = the left over after a hack-saw job.) The trouble is, you discover the trouble only when you HAVE engaged the Lens – Ring – Body. = Then you realised that you got the trouble of stacked bayonet. —– Because of the internal mechanism of the bayonet, we can’t see which part was blocking the ring to rotate back.

This IS what made in China meant. On the eBay, you may see many “Sony Extension Ring” with different prices —– Give close looks = The ring came from only few original manufacturer, then, different vender selling it in a different price. = Expensive doesn’t mean good quality. Manufacturer seemed to sold off bad lot for give-away price then, corrupt vender sold them in the net, expecting most of the customer never bothered to complain for £15. —– So, on the end I bought plastic one = Easier to hack-saw and when I needed, easy to brake-off before the lens or the camera body brake. (Sound dreadful isn’t it)

Those potos were taken by the Sony E 3.5 / 30 mm Macro lens with Extension Ring on A7R-4 body (see a photo above, before) Right hand side image was a cloped enlarged part of the original photo left.

So, when you are lucky to have good working Ring you may get quite nice close-up photo —– especially with such A7R-4 / 62MP image sensor, we can clop the image for even higher magnification scale. (Otherwise, such as x5 ~ x10 magnification needs to have quite a hard work — and a specialised expencive Macro Lens.)


ー休話---何? 何故? Ikkyu ? ? ?




有名なケシの実(実はからしの実らしい)を求めて走り回ったキサーゴータミの話でも、別に彼女に「走り回り教の奥義」を授けようとした訳ではなく、何故かそうする事によって彼女の心が無心に達し子を失った悲嘆から立直れると言う副次的効果を与えたのである。何故そうなるのかは説明できない = 従って教外別伝であるが, 結果は正しい。



=で、その脚色伝説化されたものが「ー休とんち話」であった。つまり、内容の教義ではなく外箱の扱い方に禅仏教の教えがあったのである。(延々と歩く事の内に無私無心を体得する = つまり方便の副次的作用で大脳にプログラムされるものが禅仏教の目ざしたもの、解脱、悟りだったと言えるーーーで、これは言葉では説明できない=実践で体得するもの=当然不立文字となるし、固定観念、妄執を解脱すればトンチの馬鹿バナシも涌いて来ると言うものだ)笑



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