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F and M — Cats story ?

They are the photos from the Fortnum and Mason’s X’mas decorations taken by a homemade “Fragmented Lens” ( few exceptions which got dark surroundings = 110 Pentax 24mm Lens) on Nikon Z7.

I’ve been seeing this gentleman always on this doorside every X’mas time (except last year) = he is the another fixture of the Fortnum and Masons shop for ages.

I’m not knowledgeable enough to tell what breed of the cat they are nor able to tell about those angels —– still, I hope you to have a peaceful merry X’mas. 😀


Fall or fallen

I’m still using Canon 5D-MkIII — for indoor copy work etc. So, this one by their 40 mm lens.
But, this one by 110 Pentax 24 mm with extension ring on Nikon Z7.
To annoy you, this photo was by W lens-B on Nikon Z7.
By W lens-B
By W lens-B with extension ring.
Also W lens-B with extension ring
By 110 Pentax 24 mm lens with extension ring
Also by 110 Pentax 24 mm lens with extension ring

They are rather lazy shooting. Sorry. 😀


October Moon

This photo was taken by 110 Pentax 24 mm lens on Nikon Z7 and it was heavily cropped and enlarged. I don’t like the noise in the Nikon Z7.

It was this early morning —– very very early 4:00 morning, I found a moon. Strangely you might say, this was the first time I saw a moon in this phese = because, to see the moon in this phese, it has to be very early morning.

Yet still ? ? ? —– I wonder why ? Why I haven’t seen it before ?


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Few more photos of last Heisei days

Last Era-DSC_9013

I’m living in England though, still it is the last moment of Heisei Era for me.

I’m a Japanese, yet I’m more like a spooky kind than an Anime generation.    And never be a Gamer of Gandam kind.

Or a dirty old man ? —– It’s quite a questionable.  

Then I found, the local Iceland shop was closed. —– I don’t think it’s anything to do with the end of era in Japan.  (Don’t you think, this is THE good lens = instantly giving 50 years old atmosphere to the picture !)   😀

And found that the Small White Elephant Cafe was also closed. (Before the end of financial year ?)

Those photos were taken by the homemade ZM2 lens or Pentax 110 24mm F2.8 lens on the Nikon Z7.

On the end Japan got their new name of the era as Reiwa (令和) —– long live to them.    🙂   🙂   🙂


It’s a season — isn’t it ? ~ ~ ~ Oh, really !

——————————————————————————————  orz (the Sun is coming back)   😀

😀  😀  😀


Then, the night was happened to be a full moon. (or, full moon ± a night or so) = Full moon on the Winter Solstice wasn’t too bad.

Many years ago, there was a Winter Solstice night party on the hilltop of the Cristal Palace park where used to be an anti-development protesters camp.  And as I was a kind of ex-hippie / a kind of anarchist / anti establishment activist etc, I joined the protesters.  Then, I became a fire-chief / axe-man preparing fire log etc and specialized to make something, repair the tools, sharpening knife etc. 

The said party was held few years after the camp was evicted by the 200 riot police and quite few ex-members came together to celebrate the night with big camp fire. Many of them brought their own music instrument = play music, sing a song etc etc = it was a beautiful night. (Air was very cold, fire was very hot — so and so)  😀

So-called protest camp was organized and kept by the loose membership who was a local activist, fun-loving anarchist, many escapee from the family / school,  drop out jobless etc etc.  In reality, half of them were almost professional protesters. (well-known expert in the treetop house, underground banker, scaffolding structure, electric wind generator, pedal power, organic toilet builder etc etc )  —– As the camp was supported by the local group etc, there always the supply of food and drink = somebody cook the meal and there are many tent, underground banker, treetop house to sleep = its a nice camping experience for a person who got tired of busy life, and a nice freedom away from the family for young people.

(I wouldn’t branding those young people just as a bad boys, bad girls who is seeking easy excitement.  Since I met quite few who came from a disfunctioned family, desperately seeking a listening ear and an advise while facing their turning point in their life. —– I’m sure, for some people, live together with very unusual people under very unusual circumstance, it must be a unforgettable experience / event, which would shape their later life.)   I also met the same faces from the Newbry-Bypass camp who loves free life while moving camp to camp.  (Same as the house boat people, living free without paying the tax. = Refuse to be entwined into the “System”)

As an ex-alpinist, there was no problem for me to sleep in a tent or tree-top house, still, I kept commuting while walking an hour go and back everyday, because eating hot cooked meal was OK but other than that, everything was too filthy especially a kind of sexual orgies was utterly out-of-question, regardless some of those young girls were quite pretty and friendly. —– So that the members said to be still thinking that I was an undercover, as I never touch the drag or girls, neither being a gay, or drink even a beer.   (People doesn’t like a clean person.  It seems that the comradeship developes out of sharing the dirty gilt.    😀  )

—– so, looking back the days, it’s a strange feeling “Are those people now in their 40s 50s and having square life with own family and kids ?” I would say, Or, Really ?


Then the next (22nd) morning. = Multiple (x4) Pinhole saw the new sunrise.  orz   😀

Often, it is important to take a view outside of the main stream. —– You may say, main stream mean common sense though, quite often, so-called common sense has been manufactured by the media / the establishment / system.  And most of the case, the system operates by the criteria of efficiency / productivity, much more than a human needs .  But time to time, we can discover our real needs is not lay inside of the productive process by tinkering the broken “Product” = the life in the camp might have taught those young boys the way how to find the alternative which is much closer to our needs.  Then, to become parents, able to tell their kids, the way to live in their own way.

Really.  Is it better ? —– Why you chase “Better”? = It IS exactly the way to chase the efficiency / short cut.   Longer walk tells you more, and you see it on the day, you actually walked. (Like a details of the place to what you can see from the car.)


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