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3D View ?

3D Test-001

On the second previous post, (to those Tri-color Photos) Photographer Karen

(drawandshoot) put a comment wondering what would happen if those picture 

 was seen under a 3D glasses.

—– My understanding of 3D image was, that if our each eyes receives the image

of slightly different viewing angle, our brain Re-configure them into one 3D image.

(but 2 different images has to be the images seen from the position, horizontally 

shifted about 2″ ~ 3″ distance = in short,  like the images seen from our eyes  😀 )  


So, I tested it —– to see what happened ?    

The crucial point of my Tri-color Pinhole images was, each Pinholes were separated

 less than 2 mm. = It’s mean, the difference of each images in Sky, Pink, Orange 

colors were very small, almost identical. —> therefore they didn’t make 3D.  

Funny thing was, the brain (my brain) seemed to have a big difficulty to comprehend 

the images which got Sky and Pink in the same time.  —> So that, a moment to moment

the dominant vision Left or Right changes = suddenly the images changes Sky to Pink

or visa versa. 

(If you are good in 3D view in aerial photo kind, try the top photo here, = to see

Pink photo by the left eye and Sky photo by the right eye.  Actually, as each eyes seeing

different photo, this color change wouldn’t happen but more likely the brain sees

mixed colored image.    But if you try to see, such as this one with 3D specs (if you have

one, or use color gel) you may seen the phenomenon = dominance of Right or Left brain

changes.  =  This must be our brain’s defensive response.  Like our left eye is connected to

the right brain = a kind of evasive action to limit the damage when our head got injured.  

There couldn’t be a possibility  of one object having two colors in the same time = it’s  

mean, eye could gotten wrong, otherwise visual cortex got wrong —> hence the brain is 

testing the system by rapidly switching and changing the channel.  Interesting isn’t it ?



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