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Karma – Fate (2)


(Photo above left showing the back of the ticket on the mirror)

On the surface it may looks just a personal story though, I realized

that this IS more like a public demonstration of the “Karma at work”.

The photo above right was a letter I received some days ago which

showed that notorious number 8150 (= said to be the Sign of Haigorei)

Though, this letter has no strong significance to my life =

So, it is just an indicator lamp.  Showing that the system is ON.

But what IS such system all about ?    It is the system of the controlling

mechanism of the world / everything within, including the man’s Fate.

2-E'Docu-A09A4746Photo above left was an One-day

Ticket of the London Transport

which is showing the same 8150.

The date was 19 Feb’ 1992 =

the deadline for me to lodge the 

460 pages, x6 bundles of the

document to the Court of Appeal.

(refer to the Court Order, left) — since I received an “additional Order” 

from the High Court on the morning of very day, I went to the Court Office

to have an extension of the deadline. (Which I got 2 more weeks, and spent

£ thousand more to Re-Photocopy to incorporate that additional Order. =

since the page number has been shifted, they needed to be Re-Photocopied.)

(Obviously the conspirator try to make my appeal Out of time though,

the rule is the rule = Court office had to extend the time-limit.)   

Can you believe, this has been done by the English High Court themselves !


For a part of my Stock-taking operation, I published the papers of

the Court battle about a month ago.  Then somebody who read the

post, tipped off me a crucial info’ to incriminate the opponent. 

And to find the name of the person I met then, I found this

One-day Travel-card stacked on my old diary.

All the life’s occurrences (even if it’s looks utterly a coincidence) ,

was in fact caused and placed by the Karma, and all the flow of the

life was observed by the Dharma = even my movement has been

watched by the Dharma.

(= so, the number 8150 was posted on the back of the ticket to tell

me “I know what you are doing. Carry on” —– If they want me to

stop, they could have staged an accident to destruct me.)

===This is not an imagination of the nuts. ——- Can you tell,

who could possibly watch all of our life/movement/action and

able to adjust even a number on the ticket.

(My 8150 story was just a hi-profile example to demonstrate 

the existence of the Karma and the Dharma.) = What else ?

The most important matter is not the display of 8150 but having

those occurrences next by next, the troubled matter seems to

find the breakthrough and converge into the better solution.

(So, keep watch the space and see what happen on the end.)

(You may not figured out the sign/number of your case yet , but

surely they are there, otherwise how you were born as you ARE ?)



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Yet another 8150

Posted in 8150 Story, Belief system, Dharma, Empowerment, Fate / Providence, Order of Universe, Selflessness by yoshizen on September 16, 2010

Among the regulars of the Dorkbot gatherings, there is a creative programmer Jagannathan,

who has presented semi autonomous, self interactive moving pattern of enigmatic images before.

On the Dorkboat, he performed an electronic music composed on the spot, jammed with Alex Mclean.

On the boat journey, we talked about our resent activities, since our idea to put his organic program

to combine with my strange kinetic design hasn’t been materialized yet.

I told him about my Youtube images with its key word Kinetorori.  To google Kinetorori, it led to both

Yoshizen blog and my Youtube channel.

Along side the Youtube video clip / Cupidon and the blog Kinetorori,  inevitably he stumbled upon

8150 story.  Which lead him to read a post ” Is Dharma directing us ?”

In that post I was asking the reader to check their Number.  So, he checked his Bank a/c number ——

Bang ! —— He discovered,  his Bank a/c number having this fatal 8150. ——- Please read

the comments on the post. ” Is Dharma communicating us ?” (To search, type in the box and click )

Later he said on the Email, Shocked and amazed by this.  And as he said on his comment, he is

having this only a Bank a/c number since he arrived here 10 years ago. —— does it mean,

the Dharma did know  from the beginning,  we are going to meet —- or the person who got this

number are destined to meet together?

Jagannathan is not a Buddhist but he believes Brahmanism.     Still, what so ever human make up the

name the ultimate power over there is the same entity.    All of us are under the rule of this power.

And, in deed we were watched by it.

I gave a thought for Jagannathan’s life —– then I realized a crucial point that is (as he described

in his email)  after he experienced the trouble of his program  Pirated, he decided to publish them

as open source  ” Instead to spend the time to encrypt them, better spend the time to create

something new,  which gives  more freedom” ——- abandon  the ego and greed and

give-away his creation, brought him more freedom and strangely more wealth and stayed in health.

—— this is the very paradox in the Buddhism which I described many times.

So that, the greed-free honest attitude in the life is the key factor, as his life style is far from ascetic —–

having a wife, likes cider and he confessed, its hard to stick with  Right-hand Zen. 😀 —– Still,

Selfless, Ego-less free mind may made him spiritually stand out.

Programing is a laborious work for perfection  ( if not perfect, it doesn’t work at all  🙂 )  and

even for open source free program, if it is not creative and useful enough, nobody give a sit.

And now he started to wonder —— is this, because of him being protected by the Dharma too ?

( Fascinating isn’t it —— or is it Spooky ?   🙂  )


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What is BUDDHISM (2)

Posted in Belief system, Buddhism, Enlightenment, Mushin, Zen by yoshizen on July 6, 2010

Belief system is a peculiar existence.   As the word, System imply,  it is a huge complexed  system of the

abstract  Idea.   Since,  it consists hundreds of thousands of lines of program,  it is hard to comprehend in

short summary or clear image.  So that when new comer or young person was interested in to know or

join, the person was attracted by the so-called beneficial effects or most likely the false image.

As a social phenomenon,  its out look or proclaimed form and reality is never the same.


Under the name of love / Christianity,  how many war and mass killings were happened,  and  25 years

long  Sri Lankan war against the cyanide capsule carrying Tamil Tiger fighter was fought by the supposedly

peace and calm loving Buddhists, not mention about the so-called  Muslim terrorists.

As a nature of ideological notion,  people who believe and practice its religion always say ” Oh, it wae

done by not real believer,  we never justify killing ” —— exactly same as ” Oh, it was not real Communism “.

Ideal  *****ism  is always somewhere beyond,  yet still the people who practicing it

always says ” I’m a true believer”  with formidable authority in his face.  😀


After 30 odd years  ? ? ?,  still I’m not sure how much I learned about Buddhism,

if  there are any at all. ———- Fundamentally,  is it Buddhism ?   Who said so ?

If there is the BUDDHISM in the World,  show me.  I want to see it.  ( I’m not talking about

a Mandala poster which you can buy in the Camden Market £5 or twisted leg sitting etc /  The Form )


Long time ago, a Master of Aiki-do,  Mike of Watford  said ” Oh, you got very strong Chi ” —— though,

I was just toppled by him after 10 minutes stalemate.   Yet,  I have no idea what the Chi is —– if it is there

at all,  it’s there as a part of me ( without my permission  😀  —– as I’m not practicing  Martial Art ,  if it

looks like Martial Art it is a misconception, it is just the way how I move )

Same as this,  it seems  I’m living in Mushin,  all the daily chores  were carried out almost automatic,

some time I feel a  De-ja-bu  ” Waite a second, haven’t I done this already ? ”  I’m not aware the Mushin.

So,  I have no idea,  is this practice of  Mushin is anything to do with a kind of good luck, such as I don’t get

ill (after 35 years live in this country,  I still don’t have registered doctor ) or if I need to go somewhere,

it is always blue sky ( may be I don’t go out if it is rain.  Ha ha ha  😀  —— ask Dorkbot or Space Hijackers

people about this phenomena ,  yet it might have been just a coincidence ).

So,  neither  I have any idea,  whether  Buddhism  is anything to do with those phenomena which

I described as 8150 story.   Is it a part of Buddhism ?   Or am I just a nut.

( Still I would say if it is a part of Buddhism,  it is not too bad to see the guidance is visibly posted )

———- As  I didn’t know such things could be there, as I never read nor no one told me before.

So,  I’m anxious to hear from the person  ( Master ? ) who knows all about Buddhism and

Enlightened say how the Dharma appears on front of us or it should be.

( Though,  I suspect,  there is no such things like an Enlightenment,  that’s why it is Dog Sit )

And this is why, what Buddha taught was so grate and power full ——- there is nothing to

think (nor teach) about,  just do and live.

99th POST / Seal of Approval ?

It is a bad habit of an ex-sociologist.  Just watching the ongoing phenomenon and analyzing, try to see

if any tendency or peculiarity persists in this blog here ?

Stumble to my blog, the people type search terms then it may link up to my blog, end up here.

( Wittingly or unwittingly.  😀 ) —— Lots of people were misled by the Googled  list  “xxxxxDo”  which

was intended to represent  Ken-dou, Aiki-dou, Sa-dou  kind of practice,  but seemed to be mistaken as

a hard-core porn site ——- must made them hugely disappointed.  😀

The most peculiar search term and a person end up here was ” Trespassing  Buddhism ”   How interesting !

This suggests, either the Google’s automatic key-word linking program defined me as a trespasser or

somewhere in the Net, there is someone’s description talking about this blog as a trespasser.

———- In certain extent it may be true.

After I left the gate of  Eihei-Ji Temple,  I never asked any monk to lead me through the path-way.

( Even though in many occasions,  I questioned them of their teachings Why ?  But I found no Master.)

So, I had taken practices to attain  Mushin myself  while observing how the brain works with it.

So that, I might have parachuted to the sanctuary of the Zen, without coming through the traditional

path-way or  front gate.  Thus any monk found me standing in the sanctuary wearing flashing LED

Disco Pants, must thought I’m an intruder. 😀   Though, it was just an arrogance of them who is thinking

they are ” The establishment, monopolizer of the Buddhism “.

But ( I use a metaphorical words I’ve used somewhere else before ) Room A’ is not a monopolized

sanctuary, it is the open space as the Mahayana Buddhism stands.  —— Any how  Room A’ has no wall

or roof, easy to come with parachute.    Ha ha ha  😀

From the state of Mushin, I started to walk the path-way back ward, like a  Reverse Engineering

to see how the system works and why the engineer has designed it in this way.

So, why  Buddha and  the past  Master had to teach in this way ? — Luckily the hard ware / the Human is still

the same Human as in the time of  Buddha, having same nerve system, brain structure and same physiology,

therefore the phenomenon  which  Buddha had observed, could be reproduced and analyzed  today.

And of cause, those observation in the 21st century have to be explained in the knowledge of 21st century,

otherwise it wouldn’t convince the people today. —— Buddhism is not just an ancient wisdom and

can not stay like an ancient wisdom. In deed, Buddhism is not an ancient mystery, but it is a

finely tuned technique to re-program the human subconsciousness and its perception.

As Buddha ordered to his disciples, we too have to think ourself, but as a man in the 21st century.


After I started this blog,  when the Broadband

malfunctioned,  the Dashboard failed to show

stats’ graph,  instead,  the space showed its

Flash Player’s  plug-in  URL ( Photo  left ).

Seeing  this URL,  I was shocked like hit by a lightning.

” Good Heavens, 8150 again.  Buddha is watching this blog.  There is no escape” ——-Since then,

I’m still alive, didn’t get cancer like others who betrayed me and  able to keep blogging in the same way,

and here, a significant mile-stone 99th post.—— its mean, it was not a  warning shot or a  halt.

( I wouldn’t go to ” It is a seal of Approval ” though —- it might be. Otherwise why Dharma  bothered  this ? )

Please read a post  ” Confidence to be Here “. This 21st Century  interpretation of  Zen is right.

Hence Dharma and Buddha is watching us. ( Me and you, who is reading this as well)


PS: —————–

( Unfortunately, this 8150 is my last conundrum, this is the last mystery which I couldn’t find  21st Century

explanation —— it’s just following me / yet still, other than Dharma, who else could do this ——- ? ? ?

As a matter of fact, until I saw this 8150 sign appeared in my URL in Youtube and here, I was a bit skeptic

about the implication, as it could be just a coincidence though,  Youtube and this Blog URL are not random

occurence, but specifically belongs to me.  I was convinced that they are the intentionally targeted sign.

Around the Buddhism, there are hundreds of recorded mysterious stories, though there was no convincing

explanation ever given, and non in any mantra, even Buddha gave no answer —— still everybody

knows, it is exist ——- it is nothing but a  headache though, have to accept if its comes and this might

be the sign of my Karma and the duty which  was assigned to me to do,  and why I was born. )


PPS: I haven’t explained here,  what 8150 mean.  If you are interested, please click a category above,

8150 Story and scroll down to ” Is Dharma communicating us ? ”



Well,  KINETORORI is my Email name.  As  Youtube  is now own by  Google,  to have an account there I

needed to use the same User name.  (This is to avoid Spam and Fraud. —— it’s no use to defraud fake person)


On the time of Rickshaw Gallery Exhibition,  I’ve shot video image of my work / Cupidon.  And I was going

to put it to this blog though met some technical complication.  I found it is easier to put it into Youtube first

and embed its URL into this blog.

But,  when I put it to Youtube,  the URL appeared as —– http://~~~_0518Q_AZ-o   (you can see this on top

of the screen,  and about this number,  please refer to a post  “ Is Dharma Directing Us ? )

I was shocked  ” Oh dear,  Buddha seemed to hate this ”

—— so,  instead,  I put still photo above which doesn’t blow-up condom. 😀

(If you click a link,  you may see the moving image and URL in there )


Then  next morning,  I saw some junk mails and one of them was from UNISEF asking  support to help

children in Africa.   And I noticed their phone number is  0800 158 3694.  And I felt again  ” Oh dear ”  but

this time I took this sign to  ” I should do the donation to them “.

How the same group of the number  8150 making Positive or Negative response ?

It is in the subconscious intuition.

It would be OK for the Cupidon to blow-up condom at an Art Exhibition as the visitors may not connect the

piece and maker to the Zen Buddhism  😀

Though this blog is about Zen Buddhism.   The same joke would seemed gone too far, therefore it was a halt.

If we were notified  ” I’m watching you ” it’s even herder to go against the common sense. (Be a good boy  🙂 )


The Exhibition at Rickshaw Gallery was happened just as a coincidence as I met the owner of Gallery at

the Royal British Sculptor’s Society.   Then at the Private View of Rickshaw Gallery,  I met the owner of

another Gallery / Unit-24, just round a corner of the Tate Modern , and she invited me to exhibit in her Gallery.

Everything has happened just as a sheer coincidence,  but what so ever,if I were invited,  I just accept and

deliver at my best  (Most of my works are pretty jokey,  so, they may not necessary an Art which I don’t care

—– still definitely they make the people to smile and they like good joke.)

May be Buddha likes me to make people smile,  it would be a cool breeze in this harsh Samsara,

hence he is making those coincidences.

So, just be here natural as we are.   And follow the natural flow of occurrence.

Don’t think too much and struggle.

Its good to be a Buddhist.  Don’t you agree ?  



Is Dharma Directing Us ? / 8150 Story

By writing this I might be punished though, as Buddha himself said to have prohibited

(in one of the earliest Scripture which was apparently written down from the memories of his words) saying, Never show off,  Never show any Miracle or Magic.

Miracle mean a kind of phenomenon demonstrating a super natural power. —– Though, my parents had been giving the advises to the others,  predicting what would happen over them and advising what to prepare.—— Incredibly those predictions were so accurate, and even a MP had been asking the advice such as the result of the Election, when my mother told, it will succeed, he succeeded and told, it will fail, he lost the seat of the Parliament. ——Funnily enough,  they didn’t use this practice to predict like a lottery win saying, it will not work to anything for an own gain as it got be done in absolute selfless state, its only works to help others.  The prediction to my exams of the Hi-school and Universities were all spot on.  Still I thought it is a mambo-jumbo and it driven me to the science and technology side where everything is visible and logical.


After left Japan I didn’t communicate with my family 2 years, drifting east to west following the wind, as I thought I was a free agent.  Though, when I happened to return Japan, and heard from my brother ( who believed, I was already dead ) that my mother did know and told him, time to time, where I was and doing what, with incredible accuracy,  I was utterly horrified,  as somebody is watching from above and know everything, even reaching to the other side of the world,

we are inside of the Shakyamuni’s palm,  we can never been a free agent.


Even though demonstrating those powers,  it seemed my parents were not punished.

So, it would be safe to tell even my story. —–(Still, if this blog suddenly stopped, you know I was dead)  Though, my stories together with so much so FACT, could still be a sheer coincidence, as it couldn’t be replicated or statistically scrutinized,  since the life is only once and couldn’t repeat the same again though, in order to avoid any doubt I’ve been keeping all the facts  with the original exhibits.    🙂


As I wrote before,  this Blog started in the chain of sheer coincidences,  I realized it must be directed by the power over there, which the Buddhist call  Dharma.   I thought, this might be the time I should  write about what I found in the Buddhism.

But in the same time I had a hidden hope, as the nature of the Internet,  I may able to ask the reader who practicing  Zen, to report me their opinion if they too witnessing the same phenomenon, which may prove in numbers of facts, that the Dharma is indeed there and working.


To my fellow Zenist.

Please look around your life and check the numbers where ever they appeared.

Bank account, Card No’  Phone No’  Friend’s Phone No’  even a No’ on a shopping Receipt, etc etc.   Is there any pattern of the combination of numbers repeated ?   Such as in my case,  they are the 8150 but in any order, like 8510, 5801- – – – all 24 combinations.

For instance,

* My Bank Account is;  0518xxxx

* My Transport Pass:  xxxx1508xxxxx

* Voda Phone Topup Card; xxxxxx0185 xxxxx

* My subscription number of Electronics Magazine Elektor is  118056

* When I wanted to buy DSLR, I noticed the Post Code of Canon Japan is  146-8051

And the Lens No’ of the Macro lens I bought together is  41805 – – –

* And an Electronic Component Manufacturer  ALPS  who I’ve kept using as they are

pretty close to my family home,  their Post Code is  145-8051

* A  Japano-Brazilian guy who stayed in my place before he went to Japan.

He sent me a letter from  Iga-City  which Post Code was  5180834

* When I needed to buy a Printer, Epson R300, I found the Algos Catalog No’ having this 8150,  so instead I bought Canon, then I found the Box sorting Code of this Printer was 5108

– – – – – – – – I can continue this even hundreds more.

(Since I found the production No’  1058- – – – – on the sugar packet,  I reduced its intake to a half)   😀


This number follows me where ever I go.

——( I’m not necessary feel comfortable, it’s a real Big Brother )

It is not  simply a good or bad Omen  though, it may indicate  ” I need a lot to do with this, Be careful.”

I have number of friends who got this in Phone No’—-they are very good friend and having contact many years and I’m keep giving advise, still never too close,  and strangely they are all left over f the group once I was associated with (such as the art group).

———- So far I never found any another set of the number repeatedly appear as a pattern.


A man who  said to be a Numerologist saw this number and told me

” In Japanese reading [ 8150 ] can be pronounced as  Ha-I-Go-Rei 背後霊——Its mean The Spirit Behind.

Spirit is communicating you”—–m m m, Sound pretty spooky !—–(you can search < Haigorei > in the Net)

———I wondered, am I obsessed, or Nuts ?   But I didn’t choose the Number, they just came and happened.

The local Iceland shop having their shop code  0158 —–if it was the case, it seems Dharma did know that I’m moving into this town before I did. ——–Yet still, can such things exist ?  Or is this happening to anybody who is living selflessly ?

If this is the case,  The Dharma is with us or we can not escape, as we are the part of it.


So, if anyone noticed the same kind of phenomenon in your life please tell me.

(Of cause, it doesn’t necessary to be a number game, could be anything peculiar caught in your eyes, as Buddha found this Dharma  without seeing Phone No’ Account No’  there must be another clue)  Of cause, the one would say “Dharma is on front of you, To see it, is the matter of your eyes”

———- though it wouldn’t make the very answer.


PS : In addition, I put two more very clear cases happened since after I put this post.

<<    https://yoshizen.wordpress.com/2010/06/09/cupidon-by-kinetorori/  

<<    https://yoshizen.wordpress.com/2010/07/02/99th-post-seal-of-approval/ 


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