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Too Early Magnolia

Early Magnolia(1)A09A3860

When I saw this Magnolia, I was even annoyed by it.

It is definitely wrong — gone too far.

Early Magnolia(11)A09A3964

Cherry can flower earlier but not this variety of magnolia.

Normally, this tree flowering after the Cherry — in May.

Early Magnolia(3)615-001

Without a reason, I have strange soft spot to ancient plants.

 Cycad, Tree-fern, Horsetail, Ginkgo, Yew, Monkey-puzzle, Magnolia, Lotus, etc.

Early Magnolia(12)A09A3969

For them to survive hundreds of millions of years,  they must

have a supreme wisdom printed in their gene ! —– I feel awe !

Early Magnolia(4)A09A3857

So, what’s wrong with she in this time ? ? ?

Early Magnolia(5)A09A3868

Those fuzzy images were taken by Wide-angle Pinhole on Canon 5D Mk-III.

Early Magnolia(13)A09A3967[]


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