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Google Horror


I’ve been using Android Tab let as a mobile photo book

to show others the photos of this blog, such as

” Modify the lens. and its Optical effect” which is easy

to show but almost impossible to verbally explain.

— With security precaution, I registered my device in

different name and to have different Mail address. 

With obvious false name, no hacking, no virus ever come

here, neither Google/Android gave a sit =  no possibility

to make money out of this address = hence it’s been quiet

untill few days ago, when I  needed to read my mail out

 London, using my tablet.

2-A09A5365= suddenly the usage rocketed up.

Frantic activity toward my Email

account, address list etc etc.

Those so-called APP is not what

I wanted, neither installed by me.

Still, Google says “You agree to

our policy” though, what they 

says the policy is nothing but an

outrageous extortion.

We might have compromised to see

some AD on the side, but never agree to

give a permission to spy all the mail, and all of our

movement. — (You know, your secret naughty USB

dongle would no longer be secret = could even be

reported to the Police.  Be careful !)

You can see what they says –> go to Settings –> then to Apps


Hungout APP


Horrifying isn’t it !   Are they insane ?  Ever had common

sense ?  — I try to uninstall the App, deactivate, and

empty the data without success — while I was working,

instead to succeed removing those Spyware, the address list

“Contact” was disappeared !  = (Tit for tat)


Very  very  Funny.  😀

Google has been making a friendly face and try to appeal with some

amazing invention etc —– though, that IS their cover-up mask.

 And those Apps are their real intention.    Using their internet

 dominance which can reach any corner and the well-developed

AI system to aautomatically read (even read the image) and spy

= they are going deeper into our private life,— for making

more profit !    But they’ve gone too far !

— A remedy or a measure against such situation is = Instead

of Android, use Linux, or to have a small MS device registered

with funny or useless name and use it to connect to the Net = 

It would be enough for mailing, watching YouTube, small

download.  Use other PC which is not connected to the Net, for

heavy work (design, compiling, analysing etc) in business,

Industrial use.   Address list shouldn’t be kept in that satellite

device = type one by one each time = it would be a life in the

stone-age though this IS the safer way to keep one’s life

in peace.  (I don’t think I’m a paranoid —– I just don’t

like a big cooperates arrogance)

A09A5523Then the real horror started = As those APPs automatically

checking the activity, mail contents etc, etc, and keep

updating, the data traffic become enormous.  

Past 4~5 years, my use of Net (read news, mail and blog)

needed only up to 3Gb/month but with Android APPs,

the data traffic swelled to 3~4 times. = This is yet another

Extortion / Highway Robbery isn’t it ? !


***** A remedy / evading action I found was, 

1) Re-start (Format) the Device by Pressing start button

over a Minuit.  Then pretend to start as normal =

2) While ignoring “Their request to Authenticate“, 

3) Press “All menu button (6 Dots in a circle)

4) and go to where ever you want to do = such as

Google Search of the Blog and read it 0r take

pictures etc etc.

5) Where ever, when ever they ask you to Register,

Give your profile = Just IGNORE all of them.

(In the settings, USER = leave the user as Owner,

don’t touch it.  (Without Register,  or ignoring what

ever they asked, the Device works perfect !)

6) Biggest disadvantage was= can’t use Email other

than use in a false new account.

— With those operations, the Device was regarded

as an orphan and become out of their target =

NO download of their App hence no update =

the usage become purely what was used.






THING(S) — 物から事へ

In Japan, a buzzword used over there in these days seems to be

“ The things to Have” to “the Things to Do” = ( 物から事へ ) as I’ve seen many times

in the opinions of many columnists or writers. —– It sounds well observed, well said though,

wait a moment, in reality, this is only a superficial yet another buzzword to the mass,

who wants to be seen cleverer.


On the beginning, the idea was conceived that “Unlike a function, fixed in a

device, the Apps in the latest gadget would be chosen and used by a consumer

= this is the fundamental change of the character to be a device = device

which is [A THING to be] to [A MATTER what to DO with].

To change a consumer as a mere passive user to active Doer.

—– IS IT ?


In reality, this is yet another sales drive of the manufacturer. = Just a buzzword.

Instead to sell a device with the designated, pre-planed function, but selling additional

so-called App is to save a cost to invent and develop the function by themselves but taking

them from the clever developers all over the world.

Hence, such as iPhone can sell App from their App shop, creating even more profit without

spending their developing cost.

And giving a false impression to the user that they are the commander and a

user to use the device which has unique combination of the Apps.


A Thing, which got value in  itself is a precious metal or precious stone, otherwise

something with sentimental, religious value,  which is in fact a value in the mind.

Other than those, everything else are related to our action, what we do with it.

A stone can drive you to throw it, or use it to crack a nut (even chimpanzee does 🙂 )

Even with a mono-functioned Sound-recorder, some are using it to record music, others

using it for news report. What has been recorded, and its variation is never the same to any

other device.   The evidence of what the one DID, a reflection of one’s life.

The matter is not to have a device but what to DO with it. = the situation is always

the same, not happen today in Japan.   And what caused its “What” is all came from one’s



If any changes in the mass tendency in Japan exists, it was not caused by the change of their

philosophy, but simply they got one already (market has been saturated) or

no more spare money left in their pocket.   As simple as that.   😀

And the simple answer is, whether have or have not, if want to DO, JUST DO.


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