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When people talk about  Nature and  Nurture,  those notions are regarded to be the counter idea.

But in reality,  they are entwined  inseparable factors.

Now a day,  nobody denies  the fact  that the Gene combination affect one’s development which even

include the one’s psychological disposition and behaviour pattern.


The most obvious but most overlooked fact in this field is, ——— that the Child is Nurtured by

the Parent who is having the same Gene like  their  Child.

Except the adopted child,  a half of the boy’s Gene come from the Father,  and the Gene which makes

a baby to a man, came from the Father’s  Y-Chromosome which is identical to the one  the boy got.

———- Assuming the Father behave under the tendency of the Gene set,  and the boy is growing up

seeing his ( Role Model’s ) behaviour pattern,  while boy himself having  (at least half of )  the same Gene

which giving the same drive to behave in the same way.

So that the reproductive process’ two key factors,  Nature and  Nurture are working toward same direction.

—————— I’m certain,  this is the common knowledge,  when the person reached to the age of 40th

everybody discover (whether the one feel comfortable or not ) how he (her) is a faithful reproduction of

his Father or Mother,  not only the physical appearance or voice but also the posture and the mannerism

or the way to think and handle the things as well.——- ( Rough Father’s Child tend to be rough too )

Even if you are not aware of this,  your wife or member of family knows this.

Which part is Genetic and other came from unconscious learning is hard to tell —– since it is entwined.

(So,  the scientists are studying hard for the Identical Twin,  but the one was grown up in the foster family

—— it is in deed, very interesting field )——- So far, mostly peculiar story of the twin come up to the news

such as, the twin grown up different family without knowing each other,  yet still having had identical life.

It seems, The Karma is a part of the Nature——- fixed on the time of the birth. ——- Does this mean,

CAN’T WE escape from the KARMA ?

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