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Flower Patch by the Vibe-lens

Flower patch-Vibe test-02-A09A9993

I found a nice flower patch —– so, I took the pictures with the Lens Vibrating

Device for its first field test.   Yet there is the fundamental paradox, shake

the lens with vibrating motor to get painting like soft image but not as such 

to give too much blur, while flowers were blown by the wind and a holding 

hand shakes as well. —– So, some were successful but others were shaken 

too much still, as long as picture looks interesting, it’s OK.  🙂

(Lens used were, Modified Canon EFS Zoom 18~55mm IS-II,

Tamron Zoom 70~300mm, Canon 5D Mk-III)

Flower patch-Vibe test-01-A09A9954

With normal view, the flower looks like this.  🙂

Flower patch-Vibe test-03-A09A9955

Flower patch-Vibe test-04-A09A9999

flower patch-Vibe test-05-A09A0024

flower patch-Vibe test-06-A09A0009

flower patch-Vibe test-07-A09A0039

flower patch-Vibe test-08-A09A0045

Flower patch-Vibe test-09-A09A0036

Flower patch-Vibe test-10-A09A0042

Enjoyed ? —– or disturbed ?    Ha ha ha.  😀


Karenisque Photo – 4


In a local park, some  corners were left uncut, therefore the plants in those

patches were quite wild though, they may not completely  natural and

some colorful garden flowers were there.


As it was much wider set-up,  meadow can be captured in distance and

may able to have some atmosphere.


But this time,  lens was the most ubiquitous 24 mm ~ 70 mm Zoom and

giving multiple-exposure while shaking the camera.

(Some of the multiple images were merged together in camera otherwise

multiple images appeared. = So, all the pictures here are very messy.

(Don’t worry — Some likes it lots.   🙂 )









 When multiple images were merged together, with sheer coincidence,

funny pattern appeared in the picture. (Left hand side — concentric circles ! )






Giving the camera random shock to avoid monotonous blur

—– was the result of good deal of practice !  

Now I’m a qualified “Photo Blurrer” you see.    😀  😀


With some distance,  it was easier to adjust the tone to create some depth.



Karenisque Meadow – 3

Karenisque Meadow-2(1)A09A2263

Previous post “Karenisque Meadow – 2”  was shot by the Homemade Lens with

its unique soft halo.   But, of course Karen was not using such lens and the

softness of her picture was created by its blurr and a bit of tinkering —– it’s

mean the original photo has to be shot by a sharp lens.

Karenisque Meadow-2(2)A09A2262

So, this is a normal shot of desolated flower meadow.

(Lens was pretty sharp Leitz Elmarit 35 mm F2.8 on Canon 5D Mk-III)

Karenisque Meadow-2(3)A09A2293

Then during the exposure, whole camera was intentionally shaken to

make a picture blurred. (Here, Softness was made using Google Picasa.)

karenisque Meadow-2(4)A09A2294

Karenisque Meadow-2(5)A09A2296

Karenisque Meadow-2(6)A09A2297

As a water painting like image,  those blurred pictures aren’t too bad.  

I like Opal like flaky color though, they are no way near to Karen’s image.

There is no depth and the atmospheric air here which I have to work further.   🙂  

(Original photo has to be a good landscape picture with the air of depth.  =

Blur or softness may give an etherly touch though, softness alone wouldn’t

make a good photo, and the digital manipulation makes  the image “Graphical”

= remote from Photograph.)


Karenisque Meadow-2


Among the photo-bloggers in the WP sphere,  Karen McRae must be one of

the most distinguishable creative photographer.

When I first encountered her photos, woods under the snow, I found a peculiar

invisible “Air” in her photo, —– somewhat behind or beyond the image.  

Not only that, she often experiment and showed incredible new “View” of

rather mediocre subject —– such as a road-side grass from a moving car.  =

In fact, I’ve dubbed her blurred  photos of grass as “Karenisque photo”  🙂  

(Blime, [Karenisque Photo] was listed in the Google now)

How she could make rather plain view of empty grass field to an artistic image

with a depth of air is a mystery to me.   —– but at least,  why not try myself.

(But I shouldn’t forget, Karen is a painter too ! )


Spreading to the horizon, the empty grass field — is out of question in London.

— still, why not, that desolated flower meadow ? 


In deed, shake the camera is easier and cheaper than driving a car.






With shaky camera, inevitably the image would be blurred

—– though, it wasn’t necessary true.  Since the Homemade Lens has

fixed F4.5 equivalent of Iris opening, even with lowest ISO setting, I needed

to see the light well dropped to the 1/15 ~ 1/4 shutter speed level.  

= It was 8:00 evening.   🙂  ~~~~~ Whatsoever the technical side,  the results

were no way near to the Atmospheric Karenisque Image.  

Her subtle still impacting image creating skills are miles ahead.  🙂

(Of Course I wouldn’t anticipate to clack the secret of her creation which she

achieved with almost obsessive effort,  by me tring 10~100 times guess work. ) 


Green Karenisque Photo

Karenisque Green(1)A09A0697

If the camera was shaken while the shutter was open = image get blurred.

Still, if the shutter duration was very short (fast shutter speed) and made

the length of blurr short and negligible,  we can accept it is sharp enough.

(So, when you shoot moving subject, use higher shutter speed = image was

not still though, our eyes may not able to see such detail and think it sharp.)

Karenisque Green(2)A09A0686

But when the image showed a lots of blurr, we see it different.  Intellectually it

wouldn’t make any sense as the subject though, we see it a kind of sign,

unknown symbol or illegible message. 

—– We just open our mind while abandoning to think what it IS. 

Karenisque Green(3)A09A0727

Karenisque Green(4)111-001

Karenisque Green(5)113-001

Karenisque Green(6)114-001

Karenisque Green(7)112-001

Karenisque Green(8)A09A0699

When you see a blurred photo like this, you might thought that the camera was

vigorously shaken or twisted.  Though, in reality, it was made by a small wobble

of the wrist when shutter button was pressed, that all.  If you put two rulers or

something straight from right hand side center of rotation to one streak of  light,

you may measure the radial angle of the movement. = It’s only about 3 degree !

(Still, it is a combination of the movement, the shutter speed and the lens

focal length. = if the shutter speed was longer and the lens (Zoom position) was 

longer, the brurr would be much more.)  

Karenisque Green(9)115-001

Karenisque Green(10)116-001

Karenisque Green(11)117-001

Karenisque Green(12)A09A0846

When I was in my Uni’  I had  free access to our Photo dark-room and able to do

all sorts of Photographic experiments.  And on top of this, I had access to the

engineering workshop of the Technology Dept’ not mention their skip was filled 

with discarded materials and the broken machines = I could make all sorts of

things, while using even big engineering machine.  

So, when I wanted to try blurring effect, I made a Camera Rotating Bracket  

which can rotates the camera at the center of the image and corners —–

then I realized that to make rotating blurr does not need to rotates the camera 

but just radially wobble the direction of the lens.  (It’s the same, to draw a circle,

you don’t need to rotates a pencil with caliper but just move a pencil circular.)

Karenisque Green(13)A09A0873

But shake the camera straight is a bit different from rotates.

How fast is depend on the shutter speed and the pattern of subject.

Just try and see the effect.   (And try again and again. )  


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Karenisque Flower Photo

Karenisque Flower(1)A09A0648

Here again, those are the photos created, while the camera was shaken. 

Karenisque Flower(2)A09A0644

Anyhow, as it was not for scientific, critical needs, photo or the visual image

doesn’t need to be sharp and clear. Hence, the Impressionist’s paintings

has been appreciated on the wall.

Karenisque Flower(3)100-001

Photo above top was made by a bit of off focus,  

and the bottom photo was made by a shake.   🙂

Karenisque Flower(4)101-001

You may not know that the photography can be a good exercise too !  😀

Karenisque Flower(5)102-001

So on.  It’s a good twist Sir !

Karenisque Flower(6)A09A0714

Karenisque Flower(7)103-001

Karenisque Flower(8)108-001

Karenisque Flower(9)104-001

Karenisque Flower(10)105-001

Karenisque Flower(11)A09A0822

Karenisque Flower(12)106-001

Karenisque Flower(13)107-001

Karenisque Flower(14)109-001

Karenisque Flower(15)A09A0710

If you can’t attach Pinhole on your camera, still want to take other than

an ordinary sharp, well focused photo, why not try shake your camera.

They are THE Photographs too !  (Why not.    😀 )





Among the WordPress photo-bloggers, Karen of Draw and Shoot is a photographer

I’m following more than 3 years as she is the Photographer who can capture

the air beyond the image can tell. 


So, I want to learn from her a lot though, art is not a kind of faculty we can copy

but we have to born with, still, some of her technique such as intentionally blurr

the image or make it out of focus, could be  somewhat superficially mimicked.

—– anyhow, those are the first attempt to learn.  🙂

(Shaking thousand times, there could be a moment to discover a secret.  🙂 )







Of cause, even making identical image doesn’t mean able to create the same art.

(anyway, I don’t have the same woods or the river, not mention the same snow ! )

—– buying the same camera, in order to take same good photo like a famous

photographer — is a well repeated joke.    And using the same technique doesn’t

make same photo is “strangely” true !


Many years ago, I set-up the lighting and a model to teach portrait photo to the

students of  St. Martin’s.

While shooting, I found a tick on the model’s expression, so, I asked a student

“Hey give me the camera, let me click” and took a photo using her camera.  

I did twice of this during a session.  — When the film was developed and a contact

print was made, the other graphic student of  St. Martin pointed out those two

photos which I took, saying that they are looks different. (but not know why.)

The same lighting, the same model sitting on the same chair.  Camera and the

lens was the same and on the same film, still the differences were clearly visible.

= If the photographer couldn’t make such difference, better go to another 

profession.   And the art student who couldn’t distinguish the difference

among the shots, better change the school.  


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