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I got quite few typical round flower like Fire-work photos of film

time, somewhere.   but nothing special of such ubiquitous photos =

no interest to find the photo from bottom of the box.

Instead, I just clicked the shutter and found the expected exposure

(ISO 200, 1/2 sec, F-5.6) was correct, when I saw the Fireworks

over my window.  —– Then, I set my camera (5D Mk-3) to 5 frames

Multiple Exposure.)    So, this is the end-product.


Those Fireworks were just made by locals and seen over the roof, 

so, nothing grand at all, still it was a fun to watch. 

And the Golden Rule to make a humble subject looks rich =

give multiple exposure while shaking the camera, worked perfect.   🙂

So, it was my Bonfire Night.


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