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Time to close

Posted in 8150 Story, Fate / Providence by yoshizen on July 30, 2020

Since a massage of WP appeared on my blog which was saying “Start earn the money” I stoped to write new post. —— Zen blog earn a money from its blog ? = What a laugh. 😀

In such a moment, remove all the post at once to forsake everything. Though, not so much Zen like practise, before the blog deleted, I copy and pasted all the post into a Word PDF one by one —– with a kind of wishy-washy feeling or a thanks to the 430,000 hit by the readers and hundred of followers. (What to do with those PDF in a SD card = I may think later, one day)

—– (But, there may be nothing, what so ever called blog or web = who need to bother such things when nobody exists who is bothering.)

Anyway, this blog started in a coincidence, it’s mean there was no deed or needs but a karma. And in such a case, other coincidence such as an end of EE broadband term which showed the omen of 8150, must be the notice of that this is the time. —– (Heaven is watching here. 😀 )

Yet, one more thing to mention, that I may need to upload a last post (in English and in Japanese) for a week to tell that the sudden turn toward the Mahayana Buddhism seemed to be occured by the teachings of an apostle, Tomas who came to the southern India 2000 years ago. ( = not because of Naga Lujuna brought back the scriptures from the Dragon’s den. 😀 )


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