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River Thames (on the Greenwich)

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River Themes(1)A09A2577

Those are the photos from the last week Shooting session

— or walking with camera in Greenwich.

River Themes(2)A09A2578-001

River Themes(3)A09A2591

The center of the photo, the tallest building is the Canary wharf, and

right hand side there is the Millennium Dome.

River Themes(4)A09A2608

River Themes(5)A09A2615

The camera was Canon 5D Mk3 and the Lens was Pentax 15mm F3.5


Future Cinema in Dockland

Last weekend,  there was a cinema event in the Dockland,  near Canary Warf.

My friends in the production team of the organizer Future Cinema  invited me to see it. 

As it was setup in the theme of Holy Wood films it must be a fun.

Lots of audience ( participant ? ) came with their guise of film character.  A cute girl, said to be 11 years old

attracted the eyes of the others — A guy in commando style asked her ” You are under-age girl aren’t you ?”

” Under-age for what ?  I’m not here for sex or drink.  Ha ha ha ”

They are my friend Francesco / stage designer’s gang / DJ,  Audio engineer etc etc.

—– thanks goodness,  they are pretty decent people.  (so far)

In fact,  it is a party —– have a good time,  booze,  chattering —– film screening was just a pretext.

So, —– What’s wrong ?

And this is the pretext = film screening —– though,  I don’t care the film whether the Boy was

lost or not —– anyhow it is just a film,  not in reality.  (sorry about  😀  )

I was more interested in the huge 35mm film projector.

As everybody has seen the same film before,  we went to a bumpy-car ride.  It was much more fun.

( Especially for the people of [the Italian Drive] )

Then took a merry-go-round,  round and round, round.   It is the tendency of the creative people,  they

are the hyper-active jokey people (in another word naughty) —– thanks goodness they were not drunk.

So,  it was a fun-full day (and evening  🙂  )

Peace  !  ( Yes, in deed )


Equipments used here :  Canon 5D  Mk-2  /  Nikon Fish-eye Lens 16mm f3.5   /  Pentax  15mm f3.5

Manual focus with F-aperture Priority ( AV ) setting ( with exposure compensation)

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