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Cicada ?

I don’t think we can see a cicada in this country —– other than a its tiny cousin called Froghopper. —– still, I never seen such highly decorated costume on them ! = I was very impressed !

The photo left showes the size on millimeter scale = about 6 mm. Note the size of her hind leg that was where her nickname Froghopper came from.

While tidying up the desk I found a small dead insect among the dust. For most of the eyes, this small bit may not have any significant meaning though, I came from the country where the noise of cicada singing fill the air of sommer all the time (even in Tokyo area) I wouldn’t miss “I know you well” —– the insect was not exactry a cicada but a kind of froghopper. Still, they got the typical same shape.

So, the 25 mm 110 Instamatic Camera lens, reverse mounted to the can which can give about x6 magnification = the result wasn’t too bad for a cost nothing junk —– (may be I should give a helicoid focus on top for a ease of focusing.)


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