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The late Cherry (or Ex-Cherry ?)


It’s not nice to say “used to be cherry” —– so, Ex-Cherry ?




A woman said it’s not fair, they got a full bloom every year —– m m m, rather tricky to say any word here. 

(Those photos were taken by a lens from a toy camera on Nikon Z7 —– It was a single plastic lens, equivalent of  28mm, F13,  fixed focus )


Sweetest Cherry Photo (so far)

Tele-soft Cherry-1-A09A8225

Those photos were taken by a lens came from a Tokina Wide-converter and

its converging part of the lens has about 160 mm focal length, I call it Tele-soft.

In fact this lens can have a quite sharp image when an Iris was placed and the

spread of the light was centered — otherwise, its F4 equivalent of optics

produces beautiful soft Bokeh.     As the lens was mounted on a bellows, it is

quite awkward to use still, it can easily make a good close-up image as well.

Tele-soft Cherry-2-A09A8210

Tele-soft Cherry-3-A09A8200

Tele-soft Cherry-4-A09A8203

Tele-soft Cherry-5-A09A8196

Tele-soft Cherry-6-A09A8219

Tele-soft Cherry-7-A09A8220

Tele-soft Cherry-8-A09A8194

I hope you appreciated to see them.   

(Honest ?)  🙂

PS : I didn’t use any filter or PS digital manipulation at all

—– only clopped and the brightness was tinkered on Picasa free program.


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